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VerityEpisode77This week we’re talking about the “kids” in the TARDIS. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we talk about the Doctor as a father figure and orphans in the TARDIS. So how does the Doctor do as a parental unit? Is he a trustworthy adult-type? Or as childish as the youngsters he takes in? Or does it vary by era? (Spoiler: it varies!) And as this is the year of the companion, we spend a good amount of time chatting about the young(ish) orphans themselves.

What do you think of the-Doctor-as-parent and the young’uns who travel with him? Let us know in the comments!


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Scientific Secrets

It’s giveaway time again! The fab folks at the BBC will send a copy of this fine tome (which features our very own Liz!) to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment below to enter! One comment per person please. The contest ends June 24th. I’ll announce the winner here in the comments and on Twitter. We’ll contact the winner via the email address they use to comment (or to pledge via Patreon).

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VerityExtraIDOScienceIf you thought our previous installments of In Defense Of went off the rails, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! Join Deb Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we do our best(?) to defend some of the dodgy science (and non-science) of Doctor Who. It’s about as nonsensical as you might expect.

And be sure to enter to win a copy of The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who. Remember, if you’re already a Verity! patron, you’re automatically entered! If not, leave a comment over on the giveaway post, or become a patron before the contest ends on June 24th.

As for the comments here, please take a crack at defending all that “science”–or just laugh at our pitiable attempts.


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VerityEpisode76This week’s topic is one we’ve touched on a bit, but we thought it deserved its own episode. Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy as we talk about companions who were also soldiers (or soldierey or soldier-adjacent). Naturally, there’s a lot of UNIT talk, but there are more soldier-companions than you might think.

What do you think of the military companions? And how do you feel about the Doctor’s ever-evolving reaction to soldiers? Let us know in the comments!


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VerityExtraFatalDeathAs promised, we weren’t quite finished covering Red Nose Day shenanigans! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we discuss the longest, most involved, and most important(?) Comic Relief special of them all, “The Curse of Fatal Death”. What did we each think of Mr. Moffat’s first turn at writing televised Doctor Who? And what was it like seeing it for the first time back when we thought there was no more Doctor Who on TV ever?

What about you? Did you see this sketch back when it debuted? If so, have your views on it changed over the years? If not, what did you think seeing it out of context? Let us know in the comments!


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“Curse of Fatal Death” – Behind the Scenes (part 1)
“Curse of Fatal Death” – Behind the Scenes (part 2)

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VerityEpisode75They may not be the most unloved companions, but they’re the ones you, the listeners, didn’t want to hear us talk about. Join Deb, Erika, and Lynne as we discuss the companions in the bottom 1.5% of our listener poll. Why do we think these companions ended up here? Do they belong? Or do we think some of these characters should be rated higher?

Did you vote in the poll? If so, did you vote for these companions? If not, why not? If so, why? Let us know in the comments!


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VerityExtraRedNoseIf you’re reading this the day it drops, the US is having its very first Red Nose Day tomorrow! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we explain just what that means and why it relates to Doctor Who. (If you live in the UK, that part may be a bit obvious.) We chat (and disagree–of course) about each of the Red Nose Day sketches that are (sometimes only just barely) related to the Doctor and his universe:

2007 – Catherine Tate & David Tennant

2009 – SJA: From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love

2011 – Space, Part One and Time, Part Two

2013 – Call the Midwife/One Born Every Minute/Doctor Who Comic Relief Sketch

If you’ve watched and enjoyed any of these, please consider donating to Comic Relief, either in the US or the UK.


Bonus links:
The Catherine Tate Show
Ronnie Corbett
The Frost Report
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Call the Midwife
One Born Every Minute

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