Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Teasing Verity!

This first offering is but the briefest of tastes of what this new and exciting podcast is all about.  Listen!  Be tantalized!  And “stay tuned” for more very soon!

FYI, the website is still taking shape, so check back for more fancy updates.  Plus we’ll be on iTunes soon!


Download or listen now (runtime 1:51) [audio]

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  1. Willow said:

    Hi, just wanting to welcome you to the world of podcasts and I hope it all goes well for you! I don’t tend to care what gender the presenters are in podcasts but I do hope including your podcast in with the others I listen to gives a greater balance in views. I am female but I have a pretty balanced group of males and females around me into Who.

    I am a (sorry to use the word) Classic Who fan who happens to also love the re-launch. I started watching around 3 years of age (back in the early 70s) and my experience is that there are many female fans of the show but perhaps we do not feel the need to let it take over our lives as much as the men folk do! Although I do spend time crocheting Doctor Who related “things”. LOL

    I think Matt Smith is a wonderful Doctor (very Classic) and I look forward to your take on him and the new companion. Oh and the new look TARDIS.

    I’m also Australian; so it’s nice to hear one of us will also be part of the podcast!

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your welcome, Willow! We’re hoping that Verity will help redress the balance so that the world of Doctor Who podcasting is a (little) bit more reflective of how many female fans are out there, doing their thing. Hope you enjoy listening.

    Tansy (the Australian one)

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