Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


At last! An honest-to-goodness regular episode–and a very special one, as we have five of our six contributors on board at once!  Join Deb, Erika, Liz, Lynne, and Tansy as we talk about Matt Smith’s third Christmas episode, the new companion, the new TARDIS, the new opening credit sequence, the newly-re-alive Strax, and much much more.

What better way to start 2013 than chatting about Doctor Who?


Download or listen now (runtime 1:00:48) 

Comments on: "Verity! Episode 1 – The Snowmen" (26)

  1. Ray Adamson said:

    Quite an accomplished first podcast.Enjoyable and thorough discussion of the Snowmen without ratings blather.Good work ladies.Particularly interesting observations about the duality of Clara/Oswin in the stories she has featured in to date and the close friendship between Vastra andThe Doctor.I have to say i loved Richard e Grants’ work,it had some pathos and i think the story really needed him.The Great Intelligence must always have somebody to control,dammit.Plushie killer snowmen would be boss.Still missing Pond although i’m quite fascinated by Clara Oswin.sigh.Notice even Moffats’ critics seem to be involved in anticipating his storylines .Amusing,really. Look forward to hearing what you decide to discuss next,this was much needed since i really missed Radio Free Skaro this week.Thanks.

    • Thanks for listening! Glad you enjoyed our first regular outing. We plan to have more interesting discussions just like this. Next up is the Matt Smith era in general! And you’re not the only one who missed RFS this week. 🙂


  2. Really digging the first episode of the podcast. Always nice to have a new perspective added to the Doctor Who podcast world. 🙂

    Also on River and the Doctor being married – River and the Tesselect (Shape shifting Robot Time Machine 1st seen in Lets Kill Hitler but as Who fans you probably knew that.) Doctor *not* the real one were married. If anything she was married to the Tesselect Doctor that was destroyed on the Beach at the beginning of Series 6. Even with that, the whole “marriage” was conducted in a reality and timeline that ceased to exist so any way you look at it The Doctor is still a free and swinging bachelor. Please, Please, no applause I know I’m quite spectacular. (and as you can see I have little or no ego at all.)

    That might have just been semantics but I’m that kind of nerd. Thank you for indulging my (pedantic?) argument there.

    • Glad you dug ep 1 Dwight! And it’s too late, I applauded already. I (Erika) was the one who blurted out “‘Cause he’s not really married!” when that issue was raised. So I am definitely on the same page–even if I’m in the minority on the podcast.

      Pedantic nerds are my very favorite kind.


      • I completely disagree with this one, but maybe because my definitions of marriage are a bit less formalised. Both the Doctor and River have acknowledged their marital status which to me means they are married whether it happened at that moment or on another occasion.

        I mean, for all we know, ALL Time Lord weddings could involve one of the couple being inside a robot double of themselves.

        And why would he mention it anyway? It’s not like he initiated the kiss. It would be such a human thing to do, to let someone know you’re not available. I can see him mentioning it casually months later (like Ten’s “I used to be a Dad”) and not understanding why she is so startled.

        Because, let’s face it, the Doctor has NEVER considered himself sexually available. Regardless of whether you think he’s asexual, het, omnisexual or whatever, it’s pretty clear that every sexual/romantic advance upon him has been met with total bafflement on his part. So the idea of his marriage being a convenient way of letting people know there won’t be any hank- panky might not have occurred to him.

        And now I have the mental image of Vastra patiently explaining to him that he should make his marital status clear before sweeping young ladies off to the stars for adventures and he can be all, “But what does that have to do with ADVENTURES?”

      • Tansy, I’m definitely onboard with less formalized definitions of marriage. My problem is more fundamental than that. I can’t stand River Song. Thus, I choose to believe she’s well-meaning (when it comes to him), but essentially bat-**** crazy. The Doctor likes her well enough, and is even amused at her feelings for him so much that he’ll play the primping goofball/long-suffering husband role occasionally when she’s around. But I’ve never seen anything that convinced me he has true and deep feelings for her or that he’d’ve married (or “married”) her if the fate of the universe weren’t on the line. Well, no–let me backpedal a moment. He’s the Doctor, and he’s huge-hearted and wonderful. He’d’ve gone along with her ceremony probably even if the universe had nothing to do with it–because she’s nuts and it means that much to her…and she’s capable of hurting lots of people if he doesn’t keep her on an even keel.

        But even if they’d’ve been standing in a church with flowers and rice and the whole shebang, I still wouldn’t believe he thought of himself as truly married. And since there are planet-sized loopholes here, I’m going to jump right through them and hum very loudly when people say he’s married. 😉

        I will point out that he does think of using the “I’m married” line to deter folks–in the prelude to Asylum of the Daleks (the non-Pond Life one), he does just that (at least, I think that’s where I saw it). True, it’s a headless monk he says it to, but that shows that he does use that line when it suits him, and it (thus far) only suits him to get rid of annoying mysterious figures who invade his dreams to lure him to Skaro.

      • Ohh starting to think we need more nesting of comments on this site, Erika! I forsee many long conversations.

        Very much on different pages with River Song because I really like her character, yes EVEN series 6 River Song.

        I do agree though that he staged the wedding to humour her – he wasn’t committed to the idea personally (except in as much as he is a pretty honourable person). However, I do think that the ‘nights in the Stormcage’ courtship that happens afterwards is entirely voluntary on his part, and that he is genuinely interested in the possibilities that marriage with River has to offer.

        (my personal theory is that most of the Stormcage romance happened during the missing 200 years when the Doctor didn’t see Amy or Rory, and thus he WAS in love with her when he married her, even if she was not yet the woman he had a relationship with)

        I do believe he loves her (sorry!) but not at the point he marries her – cos yes, that River was a maniac. She wasn’t really River yet. But the fact that the Doctor is committed enough to hang around and wait for her to become his River is really interesting to me. The whole relationship is fascinating. Not healthy, especially at the extreme ends (when either of them is ignorant of most of the relationship) but the middle part is fascinating. In Angels Take Manhattan he is certainly enjoying and flirting with the idea of being married.

        I wonder if the Night and the Doctor scene where he says farewell to her & takes her on her final night out just before she goes to her death happens in his timeline before The Snowmen and thus he might be feeling extremely widowed right now. But I prefer to believe that even though the Doctor has ‘played’ at being married, he’s not actually very good at the technical details. If River’s not around, chances are he does forget.

        Or maybe she ditched him for the Auton she claims to have dated back in The Big Bang…

  3. Great podcast.

    I have to disagree with Tansy’s observation on Sherlock Holmes. Holmes was based on Dr. Joseph Bell whom Doyle clerked for at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Apparently he could do all the observation and deduction stuff that Holmes could do.

    • Well I can’t speak for Tansy, but I, for one, am fascinated that such a person existed! I don’t see why that sort of thing *couldn’t* work–I just can’t imagine it happening very often, which, I guess, is what makes Holmes such a superhero-ish character.

      Thanks for listening, and we’re thrilled you’re enjoying it!


      • There was an excellent TV mini-series called Dr Bell & Mr Doyle (in Australia) and Murder Rooms elsewhere which starred Ian Richardson and was based on the premise that Conan Doyle and Dr Bell actually did run around solving medical themes murder mysteries together, and that these later inspired the writing of Holmes. It took a few historical liberties but Richardson was superb as the haughty know it all Victorian Doctor…

    • Thanks for your comment, Juan! I do know the stories about Bell, but I still believe that a lot of the Holmes observations only have the immense success they do in the stories is because the author lets him get away with being right each time.

      There could after all be more than one reason for ink-stained fingers or a train ticket in the top pocket, or whatever. A lot of those ‘guessing wildly and accurately’ techniques are of course used in medium/paranormal hoaxes, where people are tricked into giving away personal information without realising it.

      I still loved the Doctor showing how you could in fact make wild assumptions about people based on observations and be totally wrong 😀 The TV series House also deals with this in pretty awesome way – House is the medical version of Holmes, possibly also a modern interpretation of Dr Bell but even he gets it wrong twice in most episodes before he finally gets it right!

      (it’s never lupus)

  4. Congratulations on a great first episode! (Even if I’m not onboard with Clara yet – less irritating than the Oswin version, but still kind of irritatingly perky)

    • Thank you kindly! We’re very excited to be rolling, and we’re enjoying it mightily. Hope you can continue to enjoy us even if you don’t come around to Clara. 🙂


  5. Peter Ogden said:

    Enjoyed the podcast, I’m looking forward to the next one.

  6. Hi all – Ben McKenzie here, of the also just starting up new Doctor Who podcast, Splendid Chaps! I’ve just finished listening to your first three episodes. Great stuff – and seamless integration of participants from around the world, it was as if you were all in the same room!

    All you really needed was someone who didn’t like The Snowmen…as I didn’t. I mean, I liked bits of it – most of the ones you all talked about! But I didn’t like the way Clara (whom I thought was otherwise great) was initially introduced, nor the Doctor’s moping (we’ve seen it before and it was a bit dull then, too), nor the somewhat flimsy main plot and sidelined villains. For my money, the greatest Christmas special is still A Christmas Carol, and it’ll be a hard job to top that!

    But hey – we’re here to talk about your podcast, not my opinion of The Snowmen! And the podcast is great. Can’t wait to hear what stories you pick for each Doctor; I reckon I might just have to write a blog post for our site in response to each of your episodes doing the same.

    Anyway, great start – I look forward to the rest of the year!

    • Thanks for listening, Ben! I am quite excited about Splendid Chaps, John sold me on the concept a while ago. I look forward to listening.

      We were just as disappointed as you that we all liked the episode! We didn’t know that until we got going as we hadn’t discussed it up front. I suspect that it won’t happen *very* often that we mostly agree on a story.

  7. Loved the first episode!! Agree that the kiss was pants, especially since I am longing for that “buddy” companion versus the “love interest” companion. (You have to admit, Amy started out with a HUGE crush on the Doctor). Am curious to see where Moffett goes with Clara, hoping she stays strong and smart instead of going down the Martha route.

    Very much enjoyed it, and loved hearing female opinions on Doctor Who.

    Oh, and the River Song thing — the Doctor is older, so maybe he has passed out of River’s timeline now.

    • So glad you enjoyed it! Also glad you agree with ME (Erika) muahahaha! Seriously though, thanks for listening, and I hope you stick with us.

      Interesting thought about the River thing, but I honestly don’t think we’ve seen the last of her yet. (Which for me, is a bummer.)


  8. Welcome to the world of doctor who podcasting. If you have a promo mp3 ican put on the tin dog podcast then please email me on

    cheers and good luck

    • Thanks kindly! We don’t have anything that’s precisely a “promo,” but our slightly-less-than-two-minute teaser might be the kind of thing you mean. I’ll email you. 🙂

  9. Congratulations on a great first episode! As a fellow podcaster ( it’s so nice hearing a fun and interesting discussion podcast that involves people who aren’t all in the same room where the audio quality doesn’t sound like two badgers fighting in a paper bag! 🙂

    I’ll admit upfront that I have a love/hate/love/hate relationship with NuWho but I did enjoy The Snowmen, despite it’s faults (“depth and subtlety” you say? Where, exactly?)

    Also, might I recommend an excellent female appreciation of DW blog by Marcia Franklin? Confessions of a Neowhovian

    Good luck for the future, I’m very much looking forward to what’s coming.


  10. MayorOfUlthar said:

    Downloading my first Verity to listen to… will start within a half hour. Looking forward to it…

    • Oh boy! That was a couple weeks ago, I’m now wondering how it went… (Though on behalf of podcasters everywhere, I feel it’s my duty to point out that the recommended practice is to start with the most recent episode when trying a new podcast. We all evolve, and you can miss out on great stuff when you judge based on an outdated episode!)

  11. Amber said:

    I’ve just discovered your podcast and thought I might as well start from the beginning, but now I’ll listen to the episode for Deep Breath (which is the DW episode I recently rewatched) and I might also listen to your latest Ep just so I can keep up to date – so I’m burning the candle at both ends and in the middle, hopefully I’ll be all caught up soon 🙂

    I’m a new Whovian, I watched Tom Baker as a kid but didn’t get back into Who until late last year. Since then, I’ve watched all nine series of NuWho and I’m loving it. Getting my kids to like it as much as I do is also my goal. Cheers from Australia!

    • Oh wow! It’s always so exciting to “meet” someone who’s just (re)discovered our beloved show! Welcome to the fold! Hope you enjoy the podcast even half as much as we enjoy making it. 🙂 So glad you found us!

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