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Welcome to the Things We Like Post!  Below are links to related works for Verity! Episode 2: This One Goes to Eleven.  You will find links to things such as blog posts, fan art, tie-in media items, fanfic, fanvids and even gifs!  From the silly to the sublime, when we think about the Eleventh Doctor’s era, these are things that make us happy.  Enjoy!

Things Deb likes:


A Partial Map of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change) by alibi_factory
The Cat In the Hat Came Back (Eventually) by Mudron


stories we tell our children by Calapine
The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords) by Netgirl_y2k

Detectives, Adventurers and Girls Who Don’t Wait Around: The Paradox of Amelia J. Williams by LizBee


Rory Williams is the New Chuck Norris


Doctor Who Series 6: Space Oddity
Doctor Who: Moves Like Jagger by LemondropWho
Eleven is Cool by HRS1812

Things Liz Likes:

Fan Art:

Happy Eleventy by Jigglykat
Eleventh Doctor/Portal crossover by Jigglykat
Oswin and The Doctor by Asenath23
Five Sci-Fi Children’s Book Covers by Caldwell Tanner


Everything but the Kitchen Sink by Netgirl_y2k


You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate by Settiai
A Thousand Goodbyes by Beccatoria
Black Dove (January) by kiki_miserychick
The Eleventy Project – one vid for each episode, currently up to episode 8 by Fan_Eunice

Things Tansy Likes:

Fan Art:

The Most Elementary of Errors by Metal-Panda-Alex
Are We Dalek or Are We Dancer by Jigglykat
ANY of the Doctor Who as Peanuts, but particularly THIS one
The entire phenomenon of Doctor Whooves

Fan Critiques:

The Lodger by The Angriest
The Doctor’s Car..uh…Wife by Ritch Famous
My Bustle’s Stuck: Women vs. Victorian values in “The Snowmen” by Nightsky

Fan Music:

Still Got legs by Chameleon Circuit
All the Ood Cast but particularly their albums: The Ood Cast Album, Dirty Little Geeks and Marriages & Stopped Clocks

A Thing That EVERYONE Liked:

Doctor Who as a SNES RPG Game by College Humor

Bonus Cool Thing:

Tansy’s “Domesticating the Doctor” Series, including “Marrying the Ponds” and “Divorcing the Ponds”

Think we missed something?  Feel free to add a link of your own in the comments.  Fandom is a big place, even we can’t keep up.


Comments on: "Things We Like: Bow Ties Are Cool Edition" (3)

  1. My newest, modern era, addiction is Comic Who. These short strips are cute and imagine younger versions of the Doctors all living together.

  2. Ray Adamson said:

    My recommendations for auxiliary media featuring the Eleventh Doctor would have to include the following:The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011/12,Coming of The Terraphiles by Michael Moorcock,As The Silent Stars go by by Dan Abnett,The Forgotten Army by Brian Minchin,Borrowed Time by Naomi.A.Alderman.Touched By An Angel by Jonathan Morris.Doctor Who magazines special editions compiled by Andrew Pixley.The Ring Of Steel and The Hounds of Artemis audio stories by Stephen Cole and James Goss.Any Eleventh Doctor comic strips from IDW and Doctor Who Magazine.Character Options TARDIS playset and Amy Pond,River Song,Rory Williams and Eleventh Doctor 5 inch action figures.

  3. Ray Adamson said:

    And obviously any bow tie available.

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