Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


While counting down to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is a noble and important effort, we thought it was a good idea to take a few minutes from time to time to discus something else—in this case, something fun!  Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy dish about the duds of many a companion throughout the years.  The TARDIS wardrobe must’ve been one helluva place!

Instead of the post here on the website we thought Tansy was going to give you, she went above and beyond and created an entire Pintrest board!  (Is that what they call them?)  Step inside the TARDIS wardrobe yourself and take a look around!

In addition, check out Kat’s awesome suggestion and find where you can buy some companion clothes of your very own!


Download or listen now (runtime 30:15) 


Comments on: "Verity! Extra! — Companion Clothing" (11)

  1. “Verity” is rapidly becoming my favourite in the world of DW podcasting. Just enjoyed the one about companion costumes and wanted to add a note on Sarah Jane’s “Andy Pandy” costume. As one of you said, not with candy stripes, but there’s an obvious similarity to the one worn by Kiki Dee in the famous video of the duet with Elton John “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” from June 1976….

    • Aw, shucks! We’re pleased as punch to hear you’re enjoying the show!

      By the by, I quite enjoyed your interview on Radio Free Skaro. Fascinating stuff! Though I’m not sure I can forgive you for getting “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” stuck in my head this afternoon… 😉


  2. Thanks, t’was fun. I just did “The Flashing Blade” too. RFS are responsible for getting me into this podcasting malarky. I’ve been listening to lots lately. They have a lot to answer for! Sorry ’bout the song… Ha ha!

  3. Another “Yay!” for the Verity! podcast. I struggle with a lot of DW podcasts but this is so easy to listen to it’s almost like being in a room with my friends. Loving it.

    I also love Jo Grant’s outfits. The podcast I co-host is watching DW in order and we’re up to The Sea Devils. I adore Jo’s outfit in Day of the Daleks (the check shirt, white boots) and have a lot of time for the funky white trouser suit in Sea Devils 🙂

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Hooray for another Jo fan! I totally agree, her outfits were spectacular. The Sea Devil trousers are particularly fantastic but I find it hard to narrow down my favorite look. The infamous purple boot combo from The Claws of Axos is certainly in the top 10. 😉

  4. And as for practical costumes… Tegan’s leather skirt and heels in Resurrection of the Daleks. Looks gorgeous? Yes. Practical? Not one jot. That scene where she has to get out of the makeshift bed that’s on the floor… Oh good grief *rollseyes*

  5. mekster said:

    Enjoying the podcast, thanks to a tip of from Paul of the above comment. I agree we really do need a coffee table tome of costumes from the show. It’s interesting to see how the other characters costumed to. A look at the Master and the Cybermen? I agree a lot of the companion costumes were anything but practical. They were usually what female fans of the show would probably have wanted to wear though. (Maybe not in some of Sarah Jane’s more Playschool moments.) Practical just doesn’t light up a screen that well.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I think we need a petition! A costume book is long overdue. We found that there was just too much costuming to fit into this Extra! but we have plan to revisit the topic, at the very least to discuss the Doctor’s sartorial choices.

  6. I think I would focus more on color and palette, and leave the actual clothes to be more relevant to a period, if I know where the Doctor is taking me…

  7. AntonB said:

    Loving your work ladies. Just a slight correction – the jacket worn by Ace isn’t a leather biker jacket but a black nylon ‘MA1 flight jacket’ as favoured by 1980s hipsters and 1990s club bouncers. It was, I think, styled on USAF fighter pilot’s jackets and the Doctor Who wardrobe dept. were inspired by a front cover of avant garde fashion mag ‘iD’ which featured the garment festooned in badges just as Ace has it.

    My fave outfits will always be Jo Grant’s but I have a soft spot for the early attempts at weird Audrey Hepburn in Space that Susan was given.

    Me I’d aim for a Captain Jack badass greatcoat and probably end up with an Ian Chersterton cardi and slacks combo.

    • Ah, excellent info! I’m the first to admit I’m not up on my Ace-wardrobe. 🙂 And I love your description of Susan’s early style. That’s spot on!

      Glad you’re enjoying the podcast. Thanks for listening!

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