Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraAConversationThis week’s Extra! is a timely one. With Gallifrey One only about a week away Deb, Erika, Kat, and Lynne discuss conventions–of the Doctor Who and the general SF variety. Connecting in person to fellow fans can be one of the best fan experiences, though it doesn’t always work out that way. We chat about our con experiences in general and our thoughts on Gally specifically.

Will you be at Gallifrey One this year? So will we! Well, four of us anyway–Deb, Erika, Kat, and Liz will be there with ribbons to share! We hope to see some of you there.  In addition to generally milling about throughout the weekend, some of us will be on panels. Please come see what we have to say! (Full descriptions of the panels can be found on the Gallifrey One Convention Schedule.)


Deb’s Panels
Editing and Publishing Doctor Who Nonfiction — Saturday 11am, Program B (This one’s pretty self-explanatory.)
The Next Doctor — Sunday 11:30am, Program D (Who will/should be the next actor to play our beloved Doctor?)
The Shakespeare Code — Sunday 1:30pm Program D (Discussing the Doctor’s many trips into Earth’s history.)

Erika’s Panel
The Twin Dilemma
 — Saturday 4pm Program D (This one’s about podcasting. Come hear Erika talk about Verity!)

Liz’s Panels
The Five Doctors?
 — Friday 8:30pm Program B (A critical look at Doctor Who companions and how most of them are not academics.)
Evolution of the Daleks — Saturday 2pm Program D (Daleks! Past, present, future?)

If you’re going to be at Capricon this weekend, you can find all of Lynne’s many appearances listed here!

Download or listen now (runtime 33:54) 

Comments on: "Verity! Extra! — A Con-versation" (20)

  1. Really regretting not getting a plane ticket to LAX and a Gally ticket… oh well next year. (I also wish there were more Who-centered events closer to the East Coast. I can’t do Chicago TARDIS because it’s Thanksgiving)

    I’ve been to a handful of cons in the last few years and they’ve run the gambit. My first one was I-Con on Long Island in 2008. I didn’t really know what I was doing but ended up in a college gymnasium listening to Tim Russ (Tuvok, from Star Trek Voyager) I could have stayed and gotten his autograph but then I would have missed my ride back to school. I did go to NY Comic-Con in 2009.

    Last August I went to Las Vegas for Creation’s Star Trek con. I’d say that was my first true con experience because I had known about it for a couple of years before hand – just never had a chance to go. So I was really excited. I met up with several Twitter friends which was awesome.

    I was at Arisia a few weekends ago. It’s a local broad SF/Fanatsy convention. Lots of fan run panels. I had a great time and would recommend it if you’re willing to travel to Boston in January!

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I know what you mean – the East Coast really does lack in Who-Centered events. The Who New York group ( does, on occasion, get some interesting guests but that’s more a meet-up. I did ChicagoTARDIS this year and it was lovely but I agree, Thanksgiving is really difficult to get away, I had to juggle a lot of family comittments. I did have an interesting new twitter follower the other day – @LIDoctorWhoCon. I don’t know anything about it but it looks like the advance team for a Long Island con being held in November. I will definitely keep my eye on that!

  2. I’ll be there! It will be my second Gally, but my first meeting new Twitter friends – and cosplaying. I didn’t grow up in the fandom or in con culture (last year was my first con of any kind ever), so it’s been a bit of a novel experience, but after that first Gally, I think I’m officially a “lifer.”

    One of the main reasons I went last year was to try to promote my blog (which is just beginning its third year), and to a certain degree that worked – I had ribbons, after all. 😉 But that really took a back seat once I got there. I spent the whole weekend with a $#!7-eating grin on my face. There were so many awesome guests (as my first Gally, with no friends to meet up with, that was my focus), and I met so many friendly people in the various random lines that I found I got so much more out of it than I’d bargained for.

    This year again I’m hoping to drum up a few new readers, but mostly I’m going to see a few guests and meet an absolute ton of so-far-only-online friends. I’ve got more ribbons, three costumes, and a bunch of DVD inserts to get autographed. I can hardly wait!

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Gally does tend to exceed expectations. Do say hello at some point during the weekend! Without twitter names on badges we sometimes don’t make the connection and end up miss talking to people we’ve chatted with online.

  3. Och, yer all newbies! This’ll be my sixth Gally. :p

    (Cue someone coming along to tell me they’ve been to all twenty-something of em.)

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      WHATEVER, LIZ, You totally win at Gally. And as a prize you are required to buy the first round. Old-timer rules. :-p

  4. After years of listening to podcasters talk about it & wishing desperately I could be there, I’m going to Gally for the first time this year. & Sylvester McCoy will be there, the man who played my favourite Doctor & now my favourite wizard! (Seriously, I had the Lord of the Rings CCG from about 15 years ago & always aimed to have Radagast out in play as soon as possible.) Anyway, Gally will be my second convention ever. Through a little timing mix up I’m arriving on the Thursday, the day before my friend, so I may just have to experiment with the suggestion of hanging around in the lobby & hoping to get dragged of with some group.

    The other convention I attended was the local Comiccon here in Ottawa. It was amazing, & really allowed me to indulge my inner Trekkie. There was absolutely no Doctor Who representation, with the exception of Jeremy Bulloch & John De Lancie, but there were still a couple of us wearing DW shirts, & a few dressed as 11 or Amy, who nodded to one another across crowded rooms occasionally.

    Anyway, loving the podcast; this episode started my “it’s only a week away” excitement which will be further fanned by RFS, DWP, & the Pharos Project in the coming days.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I arrived at my first Gally a day before anyone else so I know exactly how you feel. But Lobbycon on Thursday night is absolutely bonkers – lots of people, lots of conversations. Grab a drink and throw yourself in. It’s nearly impossible NOT to have a conversation, or three, going on at all times.

      Thanks for the kind words re the Podcast – and including us in such esteemed company!

  5. No Gally for me, but I will be going to a few cons in my neck of the woods. I know I’ll be going to ConStellation in Lincoln, NE; ConQuest in KC; and Soonercon in OKC. I go as a vendor to sell the books I write, so I don’t get as much time to hang out during the days. I do chat with people, and sometimes I take part in panels.

    It’s funny, but this episode sparked me to send an email to the programming person at ConQuest asking about a Who panel for this year. I was so busy thinking writing that I forgot the anniversary.

    I’m enjoying the podcast. Keep up the good work!

  6. I’ll be at Gally, and I’m a newbie too. This will be my first Doctor Who convention… actually my first fan convention, ever. I’m being a lot braver than I usually tend to be and just diving in headfirst. Last year I followed all the Gally excitement via Twitter and Facebook and whatnot, and I promised myself that I would attend the next one, come hell or high water. See you all in just over a week!

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      You will not regret this decision and as far as first conventions go, it is a winner. 😀 Track us down and get a Verity! ribbon!

  7. Korina said:

    You have no idea how much it warms the cockles of my geeky little heart to hear how much everyone loves Gally. You see, I was there on the back porch when the conversation went from ‘L.A. needs a DW con,’ to ‘This is what we’ll do!’ It took a lot of unbelievably hard work by a lot of very inexperienced people (Robbie being the only one of us to have ever run a con) to bring it off, but it was a (mostly) raging success, drawing 900 lovely fans. Jon Pertwee was in fine form, and everyone had a wonderful time. I hear; ironically we were all too busy to see much of the con. The craziest part was that we did it again, despite the expense (oh the expense!), the stress, and the high phone bills. Then we did it again. And again.

    I’ll never quite understand why Gally didn’t go under like so many other fan-run conventions did once the for-profit ‘conventions’ started popping up, but I think it was because of the love. That’s the great thing about Gallifrey One, that there’s so much love between the fans, and the guests, and especially the committee, who BTW, do *not* get paid for devoting several months of their lives every year to make this happen. So, next week, when you see someone wearing a Staff badge, make sure to say ‘thank you’, because there’s a good chance that person hasn’t had a whole lotta sleep the last week (or three), and sometimes it can seem like people forget how much work goes into making magic.


    Korina, wishing I could go, but (sigh) $$$ forbids it.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Thank you so much for this comment. I helped run a much, much smaller con a few years ago and am absolutely astonished what the Gally volunteers manage to accomplish. Having had a peek behind the curtain I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into a smooth running con but more people need to know that it takes a lot of people and an incredibly amount of hours to make it look easy.

  8. Another great episode! I loved the different takes on what to see/do at cons.

    I’m a very long-time fan, and have been going to cons since the mid-80s. I’m one of the “dinosaurs” on the panel on Saturday; Neowhovian (hello! 🙂 ) is one of the “newbies,” relatively speaking. I’ve known Shaun as online fan since way back in those days, and attended the very first Gally (that Korina brought up). It was fantastic! I have to say, it was also melancholy for me, but more on that at the panel…

    I moved to the midwest the next year, and while I regularly attended Visions in Chicago in the 90s (and WisCon and a few other one-off events), I didn’t make it back to Gally until 2005, the last year at the old digs, the Air-Tel in Van Nuys. I went again in 2006, but life and family commitments intervened until I finally made it back last year. And now I hope to come every year. It’s a big (but not TOO big!) family reunion of friends old and new from all over the place, all centered around our Favorite Thing Ever. What could possibly be better than that? 🙂

    Hope to see you all there!

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Thank you! And there really isn’t anything better, is there? And please do say hello! We will be spending considerable time in the lobby. 😉

  9. Never been to a single con, although for ages I’ve vacillated between “I MUST go to one” and “Oh my, too many people, too overwhelming, and I’d be a complete outsider.” I should probably just take the plunge with my darling spouse, who is extroverted enough for 2.

    I also went to a huge university (50,000+ students) where I was happy to anonymously do my own thing, so the enormous cons actually seem less intimidating to me than the smaller ones- I’ve heard such wonderful things about Gally, but don’t want to feel like the onlooker at someone else’s reunion.
    However, there’s been serious discussion in our house of going to Gally in 2014, with or without the kids. (If people actually do bring kids. I know there’s children’s programming, so evidently SOMEone must.) 😀

    In the meantime, I shall be thinking enviously of everyone there this weekend!

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      This is really a fantastic con and for a first experience, I can’t recommend it enough.

      As for children’s programming, I’ve not had any children participate but for the past few years my room has been on the floor where they run that track and it looks really cool. They have all sorts of activities throughout the day (at one point last year I saw a group in the Art Gallery bidding on their favorite pieces with fake money – it was adorable) and the kids really seem to have a great time. I can’t testify personally but I’ve not heard any complaints!

  10. I’ll be at Gallifrey One this weekend – my first time there – promoting the London Worldcon, Loncon 3, in August 2014, but also I will be on a panel and look forward very much to meeting you all!

  11. I’m jealous of everyone who is at Gally RIGHT NOW! I’ve never been to a con in the US, and never been to a con that’s actually more about media than books – the SF cons in Australia tend to be divided between the fan run SF/fantasy events and the pro-run It’s All About The TV Shows events. Apparently there was a schism back in the day, I don’t know…

    So yes when I go to cons it’s generally as a professional writer, though there is a massive aspect of ‘catching up with my friends and community that I mostly talk to online.’ Sometimes I talk about Doctor Who as well… *grins* even if they don’t ask me!

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