Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraTatHooray! Another Verity! Extra! That means lots of exclamation points! And also a fun little discussion! Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne chat about tat—toys, TARDIS keys, action figures, posters, playsets, and much, much more.

What’s your favorite piece of tat?  Or are you like Erika and dislike “stuff”?  Let us know!


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Comments on: "Verity! Extra! — Fan-TAT-stic!" (18)

  1. Action figures, because my daughter loves them. The sea Devil and the Zygon are both ladies and in a gay marriage, and Idris (the TARDIS) and Morbius (from The Brain of Morbius) are also in love and go off on adventures together.

  2. Fav fan made things: canvas of Doctor Who version of “Nighthawks” painting in our living room. Non-fans don’t notice it, fans do an immediate double-take. Awesome. Also the fingerless mitts I just finished knitting. Fav official item: TARDIS bathrobe.

    I’m a complete sucker for merchandise I can use every day. Bath robe, coffee mugs, key chains, board games, license plate frame, iPhone case, tshirts, jewelry, etc. I justify it because those are things I’d have anyway, so it may as well have the Doctor or TARDIS on it.

    I haven’t gotten into the action figures…I’m not a fan of collectibles/things on shelves. I’m a completist as well, and it would be a slippery slope. Plus they need dusting. Once my kids are old enough to spend an allowance though, I might be in trouble, because they want every single Who item they see.

    P.S. Entertainment Earth has the Doctor Who Yahtzee. We just got their new catalog and I’ve got the page tagged… 😀

  3. I’m more about fan-made things myself. My favourites would be the sixth doctor appliqué quilt I made many years ago and the TARDIS shawl a friend gave me for Christmas. Sadly, with it being summer here I only got to model it before putting it away in a drawer for colder weather.

    Quilt: (That’s my full quilt gallery as when checking the URL I was reminded there’s a Paul McGann quilt there too.)


    (Hopefully those will come out as links. I tried.)

    • I LOVE seeing all the fan-made stuff! I have to adore and respect a fandom who puts so much effort into their engagement with the show. Bravo!


  4. ElanorMJ said:

    I only have a small collection so far, though I have a younger brother that has developed the habit of giving me stuffed daleks and adipose for Christmas. (My two adipose are name Specs and Fez, the dalek is a feminist named Whisk. What?)

    I think my favourite pieces so far are my small Journal of Impossible Things and a print of K9 by Stewart McKenny that I bought at Comic Con Melbourne 2012 (he had sold out of the Rory prints *sigh*). Oh, and the twice my height 4th Doctor scarf I was given for my birthday last year. Perfect for Canberra winters.

    My most recent aquisition is a TARDIS book light.

    I am terribly jealous of Liz though, and might have to acquire a Gel Guard soon.

  5. I have a small collection since other books/dvds take up a lot of space in my bedroom (I still live with my parents like most of Gen Y). I have a Eleventh Doctor figurine with a FEZ and a MOP from the Big Bang, a Tenth Doctor sonic screwdriver torch (unfortunately it doesn’t make the noise) and a little dalek figurine (it’s one of those that is like Lego but not) which I won for getting into the top 20 at a Doctor Who quiz night at a local library. I also have a postcard of the Eleventh Doctor from the 6th series two parter which was given out at at end.

    I also have two Tenth Doctor tie-in novels and many Torchwood tie-in novels. Plus of course DVDs new and classic (many of which given to me by my boyfriend)

    For Father’s Day last year I gave my dad a Doctor Who mug with Peter Davison standing with a dalek, cybermen and on the bottom it says “A man is the sum of his memories, you know…. A Time Lord even more so.” On the other side is the Doctor Who logo from that era.
    I also gave him a plushie blue Dalek which only says three things, Exterminate! Exterminate! You would make a good dalek! and “You are an enemy of the Daleks, you must be destroyed!

    My boyfriend is more the collector of these things. He has all eleven doctors in figurine form (he got that recent Doctor collection that had all the Doctors in one box), of course heaps of DVDs and books, the Master from the Deadly Assassin figurine which I gave him for his birthday two years ago and the Third and Fourth Doctor’s sonic screwdrivers. The coolest thing he has however is his remote control Dalek (RTD era) which always gets a lot of attention when he brought it around to the Youth group we went to a few years ago. It is really awesome and even though it’s not life size it can still be scary when it come right towards you.

    An elderly lady called Pat (a volunteer and Doctor Who fan who we befriended in our youth group) gave me and Aidan (my BF) a knitted Tom Baker scarf each that were knitted by a friend of hers. Actually mine is hers but she gave it me much later when Aidan and I went over to her house for a Doctor Who night (we watched Genesis of the Daleks). I don’t wear it much but when it’s winter here in Australia I’m going to start wearing it to my TAFE classes.

    Recently I’ve bought two Big Finish audios, 8th Doctor story Storm Warning and Fourth Doctor Adventure The Auntie Matter and now plan to buy more in the future. They are so brilliant!

    In Australia Doctor Who toys tend to be sold at the ABC Shop or specialty toy shops (so not really as main stream) but it’s ok since the ABC have been loyal to Doctor Who since 1965.

    • I also forgot to add that I also have a Doctor Who calendar which I have been purchasing since the 2010 calender.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Your small collection is still quite impressive! And welcome to the world of Big Finish. Prepare for the addiction. (We’ll be talking about the 8th Doctor tie-in media a LOT in our next Extra! We have a few Big Finish fanatics on Verity!)

  6. I surprisingly do not have much tat/merch. I live in a small apartment and sadly it’s translated into paring back some of my “collections”. I have a prized LED sonic screwdriver I bought at a MediaWest*Con years ago — it occasionally gets used as an actual penlight when I can’t find anything else handy. I have a few of the Big Finish audios as downloads, not as many as I’d like alas.

    But I definitely agree about the explosion of material. I was on the periphery for the 80s era so I remember seeing stuff on Starlog/etc, but dear lord did it explode recently, even more so *after* the Tennant era when the show moved to BBC America here. I love the knitted Tardis socks I’ve seen — wish I could find someone to make them for me, because I can cross stitch, but I cannot knit for tears. (Er, Doctor Who crafts as a potential extra Verity episode?)

    • Oh yes. Doctor Who crafts for an Extra is definitely going on the we-should-do-this-someday list! Thanks for the idea!


      • I have to be on that one! It might be incentive to pull my 1960’s Who quilt out of semi-retirement… plus I’d get to share my family history of homemade Cybermats. And we all know about the DW fabric on Spoonflower, don’t we??? *so pretty*

  7. I’ve always been a book person, rather than other things, but when I was young I (and my family) tracked down the Dapol toys of the day, and while yes, they pale in the light of the sophisticated character options stuff available now, you were all very harsh on poor old Dapol! I still have most of my bits and pieces, and my original Dapol TARDIS (odd-sided console and all), which you pulled apart to create their console room play set, is still my most treasured piece of tat (though I kind of do want to collect the Doctor and TARDIS sets, especially the Hartnell and Slyvester ones). Indeed, it’s the TARDIS in which collect questions from the Splendid Chaps!

  8. Matt S. said:

    When I was a kid, I got a TARDIS that was probably 10 inches tall, and 3 action figures that were to its scale. I forget what the other two were, but the 4th Doctor figure had been assembled with two left legs, and one of his feet pointed backward. Hmm. Maybe someone else out there has the one with two *right* legs, and we turn out to be good/evil twins. (I’m probably the evil one, since I have a beard).

    Other than that, I collected VHSs, then DVDs. I have a handful of Target novelizations, quite a few more New Adventures and Eighth Doctor Adventures. But only so many that will fit in a couple of office storage boxes. And I only have 8 or 9 Big Finish CDs, the rest are all digital purchases. It’s not so much that I don’t like “stuff”, I just was more interested in getting more story material than toys or knick knacks.

    The fact that I see Doctor Who related items for purchase turning up in seemingly random stores still confuses me. But this is a good kind of confusion.

    • Matt S. said:

      Oh, and I started knitting a Season 18 scarf. I have about a foot done… should really get back to that.

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