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Welcome to the (very belated) Things We Like Post!  Below are links to related works for Verity! Episode 4: Number 9 … Number 9…  You will find links to things such as fanfic, tie-in media items, fanvids and even docuAudio!  From the silly to the sublime, when we think about the Ninth Doctor’s era, these are things that make us happy.  Enjoy!

Things Deb Likes:


Psycho Savior, qu’est-ce que c’est?   by Kalima
From This Day to the Ending of the World  by icebluenothing

BBC Media:

Doctor Who Confidential: Series One


Project Who


Only Human by Gareth Roberts


Things Tansy Likes:


The Ood Cast does “Rose” – Window Shopping
Tardis Tavern Episode 51: Pepper Pot – featuring our own Katrina!


Babelcolor Tribute: Ninth Doctor


Graham Sleight on NineFalling in Love with the Damage (Doctor Her)

Is there something related to the Ninth Doctor’s era that you love?  Feel free to drop a link in comments.  We’d love to see your recommendations!

Comments on: "Things We Like: Bad Wolf Edition" (1)

  1. Ray Adamson said:

    Have to express my appreciation and irrational love for the ninth doctor and slitheen walkie talkie playset.Pretty much the first new series merchandise and it’s enjoyably daft talking with somebody through the ninth doctor rather than a mobile phone.

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