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VerityEpisode5Our trek through the Doctors’ eras finally breaks free of the confines of new Who, though we’re technically not yet back in the welcoming arms of classic Who. This week, Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy natter on about the Eighth Doctor at such length that we run out of time to talk about his non-TV offerings. But fear not!  Next week we promise you’ll have a nice juicy Extra! filled with lots more Eighth Doctor goodness.


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Big Finish: Lady of MerciaFourth Doctor Adventures!
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An Adventure in Space and Time: News! and Pictures!
Gallifrey One 2013 – The End of the Line! (with crowd noise!)

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Comments on: "Verity! Episode 5 – Eight Is (Not) Enough" (24)

  1. Loving this and especially the memories of watching the TVM as it went out, which reminded me of this piece which I wrote for Skaro and gratuitously share here:

    Also, we definitely need the Liz Myles Cushing-is-canon edition…. and if the TVM suffers from “this is what American television is like” disease, isn’t it odd that it’s run by an experienced American-based producer?

    • Glad you’re loving it. Thanks for listening! And thanks for the link!

      I don’t think it’s odd at all that it was run by an American-based producer. That *is* what a lot of American television looked like at the time, and that’s one of the reasons I didn’t like it much. American TV in the 90s was pants. 🙂


      • I just thought that it was being suggested that this was the BBC attempting to be American, but failing. This is the pitfall of commenting before one has listened to the entire podcast…

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Not suggesting the BBC had anything to do with the “Look at us being all American” syndrome at all. It was clearly an attempt by the American production team to make it palpable to American audiences. Sadly they didn’t realize that, for Americans, so much of the charm of Doctor Who was that it was So Very British. The TVM was a glorious, failed experiment that led to some good things so, in the end, it all worked out.

      • I wonder if the general fan perception of the TV movie feeling like fake US television is part of the overall phenomenon whereby the majority of Doctor Who fans tend to believe that anyone in Who with an American accent is doing it unconvincingly EVEN IF THEY ARE GENUINE AMERICAN ACTORS.

      • Eldrad's Hand said:

        I don’t think that’s an exclusively Who fan thing. It used to drive JMS bonkers on the old Babylon 5 lists (European actors in that case).

  2. Ray Adamson said:

    Enjoyable podcast again and i’m pleased to note the general appreciation for Paul Mc Ganns’ work despite the many mistakes that were made by the producers concerning their conceptual improvements to the programme.Slighty depressing that they got so little right considering the time they took to make it and ironic that the changes were pointless really and the show was better recieved by the British public than the American audience.I try my best to accommodate Paul by rationalising that he was delusional from the alien drugs in his body when all the half human nonsense appears in the story .Don’t enjoy the portrayal of The Master as a bit of a thug at all.The other positive thing in the movie is the Doctor-Grace relationship but i really have absolutely no interest in any of the other characters in the story and that is not very good Doctor Who.Considering how Roseanne destroyed it in the ratings and kept the TARDIS from our televisions for a few more years,i’d like to think John Goodman owes us a turn as a character in a story,as i like his work.Can’t say that the motorbike action sequence especially offends me since i agree that it is sort of in the tradition of Pertwee but i very much hope that will be much improved if it should appear in the new series in the near future.Don’t really feel qualified to discuss the Eighth Doctor in other media but i can share a story about when i met Paul Mc Gann at a convention after Ken Russell,s adaptation of The Rainbow the day before and i tried to tease him about his nude scenes but he was completely shameless and actually insisted that actors actually love showing themselves off as much as possible anyway and had a proper laugh.He is really good company for a chat and so likeable personally.

  3. Paul McGann was what got me to start listening to Big Finish audio stories after watching their animated version of Shada (which was included with the recent DVD release of Shada. ) in which they had the 8th Doctor with Romana and K9. So I have never seen the TV Movie.

    I recently heard the Doctor Who DVD panel at Gally on the Radio Free Skaro podcast. The TV Movie was mentioned injunction to the release of Scream of the Shalka. One of the panelists said that the TV Movie had to have the mistakes that it did because it lead to other experiments like Scream of the Shalka before it finally sucessfully came back on our screens.

    Another thing I noticed recently was at the end of More Than 30 Years of the Tardis where Kevin John Davies talks to Alan Yetob about possibly (at the time) Steven Spielberg being involved. It didn’t happen of course of it was very interesting.

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  5. Really liking this podcast.

    I was watching Doctor Who in the 70’s and 80’s. So I was excited by the movie…and so let down. (Eric Roberts as Vampire looking master. WTF? Half-Human. Wha?)

    Still, it was good to see the Doctor and the Tardis again,however briefly. Very good indeed.

  6. James V said:

    I think the TV Movie was an absolute trainwreck, but I’m very happy it exists. It’s a trainwreck that absolutely needed to happen. I always compare it to a cleansing forest fire, clearing the decks of all the baggage that could’ve caused a new series to go horribly wrong, allowing it to (admittedly 9 years later) come back completely right.

  7. Eldrad's Hand said:

    Cannon fodder sheep wearing wigs!

    Thank you for this episode, it made me laugh out loud at the end of a truly ‘orrid day.

    Couldn’t agree more about the quality of McGann and Ashbrooke; far too good for this nonsense. Eric Roberts in full Gallifrey garb always makes me think that he’s auditioning for The Rocky Horror Show.

    Grace refusing to go with the Doctor at the end is sort of echoed by Martha deciding that her family is more important than travelling with him. Both strong women who decide that the reality of their own life is more important than the unreality of his. Or am I stretching too far on this? (Probably)

  8. Bob Davidson said:

    I really enjoyed all your podcasts so far, and found most of your critics of the various Doctors and eras have been mostly fair, generous and understanding of the need to cope with a BBC budget and creatively tick so many boxes to please all fans and its so clear that your all enjoying yourselves. But I think I miss the next few podcasts because I suspect (based of some comments made during the pervious podcasts) that there will not be a lot of love and understanding for the JNT era, and it’ll just remind me of the horrible fan hate of the 80’s that helped destroy the show. But I do honestly realise that’s not your intent, but it’s just a bad association. I’ll see you on the other side:-)

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! And I can guarantee, given the diverse opinions and experiences of our contributors, that we will not have an episode that is 100% negative or one in which we 100% agree about *anything*. I think a little disagreement is good for debate – how dull would it be otherwise? And, really, at the end of the day we are fans of the show and love it madly, warts and all. 😉

      • I, for one, am TOTALLY an 80s fan (and much prefer it to the 70s). So fear not! There will DEFINITELY be some 80s love present!

        Yes, yes, for some fans that will be sacrelige. I’m a latecomer to the series, didn’t have the PBS experience at the time. I’M WEIRD and proud of it.

        The 7th Doctor and Ace is my all-time favorite TARDIS team. Hands down. I make flappy hands of joy when they turn up onscreen.

        Even in Dragonfire.

  9. Love your podcast. It is now the must listen to one of the week.

    And I was so relieved to hear that you will be looking at 8th Doctor’s other media. I have recently discovered Big Finish audio books and totally adore the liquid velvet tones of Paul McGann – and Lucie, OMG with her what is there not to love?!

    I have been cherry picking the sale (downloads for five bucks) which finishes tomorrow, but if someone wants an idea of what a Big Finish audio book is like – for free – check out the Big Finish podcast for Feb 14th, they have a free the first 20 minutes or so of Max Warp (sounds a bit like Top Gear mets Who …, a tad laddish for my tastes, but fun all the same).

  10. Hello! I’ve just started listening to your podcast today and very much enjoying it.

    I’m a person who came to Doctor Who through the TV movie, as requested. Well, mostly. I’d read a Target novelization of The Krotons previously from my school library, which was mostly why I was watching, I think. I don’t remember the original series being on as I was only 5 when it was cancelled and nobody in my house was a fan, so when I saw the TV movie I was totally in love and started buying up Eighth Doctor Adventures (and a few PDAs) from my local remainder bookshop left, right and centre.

    The first Classic Who I saw after that was when the Beeb re-ran Spearhead from Space, and The Silurians and I don’t remember thinking at any point that it was strange in comparison to the movie at all. Lots of action from Jon and his Venusian aikido and a great intelligent companion (I immediately decided I wanted to be Liz when I grew up).

    • Fantastic! We knew you had to be out there somewhere. 🙂 I’m glad to hear it was a smooth transition from the TVM into the classic series. I wonder if you’d’ve had such an easy time if the Beeb had dropped you in another era than Pertwee. Regardless, we’re happy to have you on board in Who fandom in general and as a listener to our little podcast. Thanks!


  11. Bob Davidson said:

    On the movie… Lots to like and loads to loath!
    To like
    The tempo, excitement, immediacy was a revelation for Doctor Who! Slyve hadn’t looked batter. The acting by your major stars. Production values.

    “No question marks for Christ sake!!!!”

    Campy enemy
    Star of the show should have input to costume. Keep a happy star for nothing really.
    Writing compromised
    Multi studio distributer shit! And there compromise
    Obvious camera shots
    Camp campiness of enemy!
    Unkilling people at the end! WTF!!!
    I’m finished, but if I’m honest I liked it!
    But I’m really that bad with “inferno” stand by….

  12. Hello Friends! I am back after an extended hiatus from listening and found myself WAY behind!

    –Congratulations Erika!!
    –I will watch this because it is part of the DW continutity, but I am not too sure how excited I am about it. Very sure I am going to take E^’s advice and watch when I am in a good wood.

  13. The TV movie was my first exposure to Doctor Who. I liked it enough at the time to hope for an American series, but not enough to dig into the history of the show.

  14. Sarah B said:

    The screening of the TVM by the local DWAS was one of my introductions to DW fandom… and the big turn-off! I went with a good friend who was a member, and it was the weekend after Jon Pertwee had died, so there was a memorial to him as well. Afterwards I encountered one of those young male fans who like to “make a connection” by asking who your favourite doctor is, tell you how very wrong you are and how right they are, and then try to convince you to go out with them. Ugh. Even worse, his favourite (Colin Baker) was my *least* favourite, and his argument against *my* favourite (Patrick Troughton) was that I couldn’t possibly have seen enough episodes to really know him and thus I was just a dabbler. *deep sigh*

    Your Fandom Is Not OK Is Not OK!

    I’m greatly enjoying catching up on your podcasts while looking after my baby and toddler through long night time hours! Nothing quite like Dr Who at 4 am and trying not to giggle and wake everyone up. 😀 Thanks again.

  15. This podcast is over three years old, but whatever. 😛

    The thing with the Seventh Doctor getting shot easily despite being a master-manipulator is that by then, he had decided to retire from being a master-manipulator is that he was tired of people mistrusting him and leaving him for that. It’s quite a transition in the case you ask me.

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