Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


Welcome to the Things We Like Post!  Below are links to related works for Verity Episode 5: Eight is (Not) Enough.   You will find links to things such as fanfic, tie-in media items, fanvids, crafts and even a virtual series featuring action figures!  From the silly to the sublime, when we think about the Eighth Doctor’s era, these are things that make us happy.  Enjoy!

(Spoiler! The next Verity! Extra will talk a LOT about the Big Finish Audios – if you are at all interested in exploring this media, the sale Tansy links below is a phenomenal deal!)

Things Deb Likes:


Smile Like You Mean It by Calapine
Coming Home by Howlcastle
Fitz Kreiner and the Chronology Conjecture by Lurky McLurk 


Doctor Who Action Figure Adventures
Ever Ever After by RoseNoir

Fan Crafts:

Cubee Eighth Doctor by Cyberdrone
Eighth doctor Amigurami pattern by Allison Hoffman
Eighth Doctor Doll Cosplay by Niki-Uk


Erasing Sherlock by Kelly Hale  (This one is a slight stretch.  Originally published by Mad Norwegian Press as part of the EDA Faction Paradox spin-off, this is a Sherlock Holmes/Time Travel crossover and it is brilliant)

Big Finish:

Seasons of Fear by Paul Cornell and Caroline Symcox
Eighth Doctor Adventures

Things Tansy Likes


The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast  (As Tansy says: They read them so you don’t have to!)

Big Finish:

Eighth Doctor Audio Sale! Ends March 4
The Company of Friends (Mary Shelley’s Story) on sale for .99!
First half of Max Warp (Top Gear in Space) available as free podcast

Fan Art:

The Eight Doctor by Marlow, Inc.
I demand to die naked! (Comic illustration)

Is there something related to the Eighth Doctor’s era that you love?  Feel free to drop a link in comments.  We’d love to see your recommendations!

Comments on: "Things We Like: The One With the Kiss Edition" (3)

  1. Dr.Ew! said:

    While I was exposed to Doctor Who via PBS reruns in the 1980s (giving me the mistaken impression that Tom baker was the ONLY Doctor), it was the comic books that really made me a fan. Of course, this was before 1996. I was one of the few that watch “The Movie,” enjoyed it enough to record it, and then spent the next several years as a fan…

    It was the Movie that inspired me to get David Howe (and CO)’s excellent book “The Seventies” and then “The Eighties.” In many ways, McGann is my first Doctor, and I judged the new series based on what I had seen…

    Bring back McGann for the Fiftieth!

    • Fascinating! I love how so many different people have completely different stories about how they got into Who. I love hearing them.

      And I completely agree! I’d love to see McGann for the 50th!


  2. Clare said:

    Thanks for the heads up on the bargain Mary Shelley audio. I find the Big Finish site very confusing (!) but that led me to some I had not even come across.

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