Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraMinEightThis extra-long Verity! Extra! picks right up where we left off last week. Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy leave the TV movie behind and spend some time talking about the bulk of the Eighth Doctor’s work–the audios and books. There’s even a brief mention of the comics. Erika reveals how little she knows about these (read: nothing), and many suggestions are offered regarding where to start.


Jumping-on audio suggestions:
Deb – Blood of the Daleks
Liz – Seasons of Fear
Tansy – Storm Warning

Download or listen now (runtime 49:13) 

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  1. I’m so glad you listed some good jumping-on points! I’ve been wanting to check out the 8th Doctor audios for quite a while (I listen to lots of audiobooks and radio plays at work on busy days) and had no idea where to start. recently (just last week I think?) had a really good review of Dark Eyes, and suggested that as starting point, so I liked hearing the varying opinions on that one.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I like Dark Eyes a lot – and it’s not a bad place to start. There is a smidge of continuity (it may help in understanding the Doctor’s mental state if you had listened to the Lucie Miller audios) but it’s not insurmountable!

      • I think it’s quite clever in that it makes it clear that the Doctor is traumatised and that there was extreme badness involving (in some way) Susan, Alex & Lucie which is completely true and yet doesn’t reveal any details about the specific truth. I’m all for listening in the right order but Dark Eyes works very well as a self contained piece as well as the hopeful note we needed after Season 4 of the Eighth Doctor Adventures

  2. My 2p. Deb – you’re so sensible. Liz may be my champion. Tanzy may be my Roger Delgado (hehe). But I can’t believe that no one recommended Human Resources as a jumping off point. I know it’s in the middle of the Lucie Miller run, but the story setting is so damned relatable.

    Sad that you’ve now passed one of my favorite Doctors, but bring on 7!

    “Nice work girls! You go girls!” (Jerry Cooper)

    • Human Resources is one of my favourites! I only hesitate to recommend it at all as a jumping on point because it is the culimination of the Who Is Lucie Miller arc of Season One of the Adventures, and I like it as a lovely reward at the end of that season. But I also think it’s the best written of that season, yes even including Glam Rock. Eddie Robson is my hero.

      • It was the story that hooked me on the 8th/Lucie combo. I had to go backward and see how this arc stared. And went forward until it was no longer financially possible for me. I always felt that the characterization of Lucie was everything that Rose “should have been” for me.

  3. I had no idea Dark Eyes was stand alone! I think I know what my next BFA will be.

    I read that Zagreus was an anniversary story and wanted to listen to it. I asked someone on tumblr what I should listen to beforehand so I did Storm Warning first then jumped all the way to Neverland as a lead in. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I had listened to all the ones in between but I was too impatient. I really did enjoy Zagreus anyway.

    Then I went back and tried Sword of Orion and Scherzo and both were a little meh. I think Sword was more meh than Scherzo. I was more disappointed that the TARDIS didn’t show up at the end of Scherzo and the next few episodes were going to be without it so I stopped. (Guess I wanted everything to return to ‘normal’ in the end)

    I’ve listened to Blood of the Daleks and Horror of Glam Rock. I think I’ll stick with Lucie’s stories for now – though because I started with Storm Warning I was a little disappointed at the shorter length haha.

  4. Ray Adamson said:

    Hey!You know ,as we consider Doctor Who’s history as the anniversary gets nearer,it’s heartening to study the appreciation of fandom for the variety of other media like novels, audio plays and comic strips.I don’t really think the validation of a lot of this other material amongst fans is completely because there was no alternative when it was produced,it’s because the majority of it is made with the same care,creativity and quality as the actual television productions.Even the most casual spectator has to be aware,if they have had any association with fandom that many of the characters devised specifically for these alternative media like Charlie Pollard,Fitz,Lucie Millar,Issy and the rest have their own fan base and are regarded as highly as the characters in the television stories.It’s a distinctive feature,particular to Doctor Who because there isn’t really the same respect and appreciation for alternative media in Star Wars ,Star Trek,Battlestar Galactica,Blake’s Seven,Stargate,X Files,Farscape or anything else.I,m sure a few of your listeners will be looking to investigate your recommendations enthusiastically.

    • I agree that Doctor Who tie in media has generally been made with a really committed attitude to quality and adding to the canon rather than just generating more of the same – even when I wasn’t keen on the results it has always been ambitious. I would argue with you about Buffy and Star Wars, both of which produced some pretty high quality tie in media (and in Star Wars in particular the book range is similar to Doctor Who in having its own fandom) but of COURSE Doctor Who is best.

      It’s so sad that Big Finish lost such a big chunk of its audience when the show came back, because they get better and better every year, and form a wonderful bridge between the traditions & conventions of Classic and New Who.

      • Ray Adamson said:

        Yes,i suppose i can concede that the quality of subsidiary media relating to Buffy and Star Wars is pretty good too but nothing else has the range of Doctor Who’s.As if to substantiate my point,i’m off to read the latest Doctor Who magazine now.Happy times and places.Bye.

  5. Thanks. Love the love for the 8th Doctor audios. I always say you haven’t experienced the 8th Doctor until you’ve listened to his BF audios. I like that we are of the same mind with Zagreus and the Divergent Universe stuff and how much that went off the rails. Anyway love the show. 🙂


  6. The Big Finish version of Shada was what got me into the audios in the first place (which is on the recent DVD release of Tom Baker Shada). Since the range is huge I decided to start with the Charley Pollard adventures and have only heard Storm Warning so far since I purchased it in January on CD. I’m waiting for Sword of Orion and a Fourth Doctor adventure The Sands of Life on CD and it will take a few weeks since I live in Australia.

    I fell in love with Charley when she starts writing her journal and then dresses up as a boy. I also loved the reason why she was the airship to begin with so I really got behind this brilliant Edwardian adventuress. Mark Gatiss does a great job as the 1930s radio announcer.

    Oh you forgot with Dark Eyes that it’s the one where the Doctor is now dressed in the outfit that Paul McGann wanted for the TV Movie. So another reason why Big Finish is brilliant!

  7. Okay, Tansy, I will bite:

    Favorite episodes:

    The Aztecs
    Tomb of the Cybermen
    Planet of the Spiders
    Pyramids of Mars
    Revelation of the Daleks
    The Two Doctors
    Curse of Fenric
    The Long Game
    The Girl in the Fireplace
    Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

    Recommend me! (although you kind of did via Galactic Suburbs already, Tansy)

    • Hey Paul!

      So many possibilities based on that list so I will be good & stick to just an Eighth Doctor recommendation.

      Seasons of Fear would be the 8 & Charley rec – for all the reasons discussed in this podcast! It’s excellent old school Doctor Who with a sharp scripts and a bit of timey wimey goodness. Plus a frisson of romantic chemistry, for new times’ sake.

      I also think you’d get a lot of enjoyment out of the Dark Eyes set.

      (and okay ONE non 8th Doctor story, the brilliant historical The Kingmaker with 5, Peri & their new companion Erimem, a former nearly-Pharoah of Egypt – it’s the Big Finish take on Richard III and it’s spectacular and weird, everything you want in a Doctor Who historical)

  8. I feel I have to stick up for the Divergent Universe stories – while perhaps it isn’t very successful as an arc (leaving most of the arc plot to the last story); there are only two that I would consider poor (Creed of the Kromon and The Next Life). I mean, The Natural History of Fear is stupendously good, and I’m an incredibly big fan of Scherzo and The Last. So even though the arc may not be up to much, the stories are certainly worth a look.

    • Thanks for this, Paul. The ones you consider poor represent the only ones (apart from Scherzo) which I have actually listened to, because of that wall I hit. I have Natural History of Fear cued up to listen to, and really must give it more of a go.

  9. I would like to recommend Children of the Revolution, an Eighth Doctor comic strip which was reprinted in the collection Oblivion. The companion Izzy Sinclair has recently been body swapped with an aquatic alien. The Doctor is helping her adapt to her new body by taking her to an ocean on another planet. They and human submarine crew discover a colony of Daleks. There is a big twist in this one, let just saw it is a sequel to one of the best Dalek stories ever. I wish they would adapt this into the television series.

  10. Felicity K said:

    I’m disappointed there wasn’t anyone on the panel who was a fan of the books, but it can’t be helped. I did want to point out that Lynne is incorrect about Ace being trained as a Time Lord. This was Andrew Cartmel’s original plan for the character in the TV series, and it does happen in the online audio play “Death Comes to Time”, but never in the books. In Marc Platt’s “Lungbarrow”, the Seventh Doctor tells Ace that was what he once wanted for her, and she basically says, “That wouldn’t have worked out”.

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