Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityEpisode7-300With new episodes of Doctor Who on the horizon, Deb, Erika, Kat, and Tansy take some time to reminisce about series 7a and speculate about series 7b (not to be confused with serial codes 7A and 7B from “Trial of a Time Lord”). We also discuss costuming, cosplay, the rarity (or not) of watching Doctor Who in order, Big Finish audios, and perhaps most importantly, tapas.

Resources for watching Doctor Who in order:
WHO-50 (Tansy’s Doctor Who blogging project)
The Chronic Hysteresis
Running Through Corridors
Adventures with the Wife in Space
(This is a non-comprehensive list! Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments.)


Also covered:
Doctor Who Yahtzee!
Prisoners of Time!
Doctor Who Magazine Jon Pertwee Interview!
Big Finish Sixth Doctor audios!  (The Marian Conspiracy)

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Comments on: "Verity! Episode 7 – Tapas" (8)

  1. Ray Adamson said:

    Good idea,to devote this latest podcast to your opinions about the latest series of Doctor Who and your expectations and preferences for what is forthcoming now.Very much appreciate your observations and criticism and hope it may be practical for you to produce weekly podcasts for the new stories so we can consider and enjoy your immediate responses.It’s hard enough waiting for new Doctor Who stories, yet alone podcasts discussing them.Pleasing to see general enthusiasm for the earliest productions of this season amongst you.Personally,i thought they were quite valuable in terms of characterisation as they directly addressed scepticism about whether Amy was as committed to her relationship with her husband as the Doctor and concerns about how the Doctor has seemingly abandoned his friends after they have stopped travelling together,in the past.So while i appreciate that critics who were not satisfied with Amy and Rory feel they overstayed their welcome,i have to argue that these final stories were actually necessary as a resolution and worthwhile.Curious about your collective opinions about the discussion of the lack of female writers since Doctor Who has returned to television,I’m not really convinced that genre writers like Jane Espenson or Dorothy Fontana could cope with writing Doctor Who stories because of it’s particularly British sensibilities.

    • Ray Adamson said:

      Just want to clarify that i want to see more women writers contributing to Doctor Who but i think the BBC would need to commision scripts from experienced,talented British writers like Sally Wainwright(Last Tango in Halifax,At Home With the Braithwaites.),Abi Morgan(The Hour,Shame.)or Jane Goldman(Stardust,Kick Ass,X Men First Class.) to work from Moffat outlines.There would probably be practical problems with the Writers Guild of Great Britain about using foreign writers like Espenson or Fontana is what i meant.That is, if they were interested in writing it anyway.

  2. I listen to many Doctor Who podcast and I must say your podcast is my favorite. I LOVE hearing intelligent women discuss all things Doctor Who. Furthermore- I like how each one of you have your own opinions & respectfully disagree. I know this may sound silly to you- but I find it rare having a group of women out there talking geeky things (our anything intelligent) and not sounding real bitchy (The View anyone?) I hope your podcast continues to grow because I find this topic very important.

    There needs to be more SciFi women writers in TV. I hope we have a women writer for Doctor Who soon. I also hope you ladies run more panels at Gallifrey One. I am growing tired of the “Sexy Geek girls” getting attention and it’s time for thoughtful intelligent women bloggers & podcasters who represent us more normal looking nerd girls to be in the forefront.

    Oh- and another important note~ your podcast is the most “newbie friendly” out there. It is not intimidating and you make the listener feel welcome regardless if you love Tennant or Smith or a Shipper or a pure Whovian. Again, I just can’t you enough!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words and great feedback! I’m glad to hear that we’re newbie-friendly, ’cause that’s exactly what we’re going for. Doctor Who is utterly fab, and we want everyone to be part of the conversation! How will the new folk learn all the fun in-depth stuff if they don’t feel like they’re invited to the party? Our party is big enough for everyone! 🙂


  3. I really enjoyed series 7a, and although I liked Amy and Rory pretty well from the beginning, these episodes really cemented it for me. I agree that it really showed how they grew as individuals apart from the Doctor, and I got the sense that even if they’d ended up in different times from each other via the Weeping Angel, they would have been ok. Sad/missing one another, but able to take care of themselves without the Doctor. I’m really looking forward to Clara now. While I’ve *liked* most companions, I warmed to Clara almost immediately, much faster than most others. (Aside, perhaps, from Zoe.)
    Tapas- absolutely true. I do the same thing Kat said, and direct friends who are New Who fans to classic episodes based on the newer ones they like. With so much variety, and so many years to work with, it’s perfect for picking and choosing if you want to. That said, I watch everything perfectly in order, because I’m neurotic like that.

    Kyle Anderson over at Nerdist is another who recommends episodes if you want to start at the beginning but not necessarily watch every single one that’s available. They’re organized by one article per Doctor, but here’s the link to the first one:

    Love Kat’s Femmy Adric plans. This is why I don’t cosplay- I just can’t think of clever enough ideas that haven’t been done to death. I get a lot of “oh you’re ginger, so you could do Amy!” but that’s too easy and thus no fun.

  4. I got lucky. When I was young and strong, the local PBS station showed entire Doctor Who episodes in one night (they called it the Doctor Who movies). They went from Mid-3 through 4 and to the end of 5 and then went into some First and Second Doctor…

  5. Matt S. said:

    I was curious, Deb, if when you said you were listening to the Colin Baker Big Finish Audios in order, did you mean in release order or in “Transmission Order”, i.e. using the Production Codes that BF puts on their CDs to slot the stories into the right gaps. I started doing that once, being all nerdy and spreadsheet-driven.

    In any case, I really love The Marian Conspiracy. That was the first CD I bought from BF, years ago, so I have a soft spot for Evelyn. I would be so very happy if Jacqueline Rayner wrote for the TV series. I haven’t read any of her books, but just about every audio thing she has done with Big Finish has been stellar. If they were to make an episode with a Classic Series historical feel updated for the more recent whiz bang approach, she should write it.

    I’m so happy to hear that a number of your contingent is as addicted to the Audio Dramas as I am! And, those of you who aren’t: no pressure. 🙂

    I must say again: really loving your podcast. I’ve listened to a number (let’s say 12) different podcast series out there, but haven’t felt driven to comment on any of them until yours. I’ve watched (listened to, etc) Doctor Who all my life, and hearing the enthusiasm and differing viewpoints expressed by all of you is quite enjoyable. Carry on!

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