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VerityEpisode08-300Hooray!!!! It’s BACK people! Doctor Who has once again graced our screens, and we at Verity! couldn’t be happier about it. Join Deb, Erika, Kat, and Lynne as we squee and chat and theorize and squee some more over Matt Smith, Clara, motorbikes, the TARDIS and much more.  (Ok, so it’s not 100% squeeful, but the squee factor is high for this ep. You’ve been warned.)


Also covered:
David Tennant and Billie Piper will return for the 50th!
South Park’s Funnybot is a hat-tip to Daleks!
Introducing a newb to Doctor Who!
Doctor Who needs more female writers!

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Comments on: "Verity! Episode 8 – Ring Them Bells (of Saint John)" (16)

  1. I thought this episode was great. I still really like Clara, this version of her even more than the other two. She’s just the right blend of witty and believable. Her relationship with the Doctor strikes me as a friend-crush. Nothing romantic on either side, but that feeling when you immediately click with someone new, and you think “oh I SO want to be friends with this person!”

    I’m happy about 10 and Rose coming back, although I admit my reaction was a bit “well, obviously.” They’re two of the easiest to bring back, so I’m hoping that this is only the start of the announcements, and that they’ll keep getting “bigger”, like convention guests. And omg the ZYGONS!! So I’m excited, and trusting that the announcements will get even better. (Fingers crossed very hard for McGann.) I do hope that it’s a sort of between-episodes thing for Ten and Rose, like the books, rather than 10.5 and Rose coming back from Pete’s World. Rose’s previous return from there was enough (many would argue far more than enough), and sticking a revolving door between the universes really blows Doomsday all to pieces.

    People who catch all those little hidden clues right away always impress me. I never see them. I invariably learn about them on social media immediately following the episode. But then I can call my mom and tell her, and pretend I totally knew all along, so there’s that at least. I’m one of those soundtrack nuts, so maybe I’m too distracted by the music. 🙂
    My husband and I were also guessing something with the prequel for that leaf though. Even if that’s way off base, I feel better that we weren’t the only ones. 😛

  2. Ray Adamson said:

    Since the Bells have stopped ringing now,i would like to answer your invitation to participate in your discussion about this functional and enjoyable introduction and offer some opinions.Very interesting to note Erika’s account of how accessible it proved for somebody unfamiliar to Who as generally the basic principles of the programme need to be introduced carefully and credibly along with a new companion.I know Moffat has stated he enjoys the challenge of providing something different and creating something new when this happens but you’d think it cannot be easy considering how regularly it happens.As i liked Amy Pond,i just want to respond to the criticism about her apparent dismissiveness of Rory sometimes.It just seemed to me a girl as adventurous as Amy might have been a bit irritated at how besotted and loyal Rory was.Occaisionally,i’m sure she must have been concerned that he was practically attached to her all the time but i thought she definitely came to appreciate and respect that too. Anyway Summer Falls is written now,Amelia Williams is dead and Clara Oswald is in the Tardis.Things are different and new again for The Doctor and us.Agreed with your observation that there is a particular attitude of protectiveness because of the Doctors’ experiences with the other versions of her previously.There’s already a sense that she is precious to him straight away although they don’t know each other very well yet.I suppose that might be partly because he has been searching for her for some time.I expect she’ll prove she’s perfectly capable of protecting herself in the near future,because that is really going to be necessary.I did feel this version of the woman twice dead was comparatively more normal,accessible and less confident. Regarding the vocal criticisms of Moffats’ writing as predictable and repetitive by his detractors recently.I’m pretty sceptical that any of them will be as vocal about solutions to Moffats storyhook about Claras’ mystery before the last episode is transmitted but i’m firmly resolute that they’re unlikely to be as enjoyable anyway.Wishing everybody involved with your podcast every success with your Hugo nominations and Moffat too.Of course.[Chicks Unravel Time and Chicks dig Time Lords are already on my bookshelf.]

  3. Pete O. said:

    I have just finished listening to your podcast, which I enjoyed, and a couple of thoughts sprang to mind. ‘The Bells of St John’ is a line from an English children’s nursery rhyme called ‘Oranges and Lemons’ about all the churches in London and since the episode takes place in London this gives the title a double meaning. The chapel of St John is the oldest church in London. Also the missing 23rd year, I think, refers the missing 23rd season of Doctor Who, which was planned but then cancelled, 18 months later Doctor Who returned to TV in the ‘Trial of a Timelord’ run of episodes.

  4. I have been really enjoying your podcast since it started, and I am glad that you are reviewing the new episodes as well as going back through the ones you are picking as most representative of previous doctors!

    I was sure that the leaf being the first page of the book meant that the first place she wanted to travel to was Canada. Maybe that’s just what sprang to mind to me as it’s where my sister has been living on and off for the past several years (and she will be emigrating properly soon), and I know other people who have chosen that as a place to travel too. Of course, then the preview from the next episode came up, and it’s pretty clear that’s not where they’re going at all! I blame the Tardis.

    It’s true that they do always seem to hang around the same area of London, my opinion is that now DW has been in Cardiff a lot too, they should do some Glasgow based adventures 🙂

    P.S. I for one am a great fan of consipiracy theories, it gives us a good amount to talk about and speculate between episodes, whether right or wrong. Keep up the good work!

  5. Elvis Omar said:

    I just finished listening to this week’s podcast and I find it hard to believe no one mentioned the other big news from last weekend! Four of you were nominated for Hugo awards! Four! Some of you more than once! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I really did enjoy The Bells of St John. My favorite bit of business is something I’d not seen the Doctor do before: Landing the TARDIS in a public space, and then accounting for its arrival with the pretense of being a busker / magician. Loved that. I don’t imagine that’s always how he picks up a bit of pocket money, but it certainly seems to work.

    Pure speculation: I want there to be some connection between Clara and Susan Foreman. The missing years were 16 and 23, wasn’t Susan supposed to be 16 years old? Wasn’t she last seen on Earth in a time when it had recently liberated from Dalek occupation? Regardless of a Clara connection, I still find it hard to believe he hasn’t been back to check on her. Surely Carole Ann Ford could make herself available for a cameo?

    I appreciated Kat’s observations about the number 23, and there may be some deeper significance, but above all let’s not forget ‘An Unearthly Child’ was first broadcast on the 23rd day of the 11th month. Eleventh Doctor, 23rd Companion? It depends on how you count them, I suppose, but the math doesn’t work itself out for that. What does seem to be clear, each appearance of Clara is referenced as being at the end of a year. She had been trapped and making soufflés as a Dalek for a year. She had been a nanny for a year in Victorian England. She had been pitching in to help out the family friend for a year in modern London. Hmmm…

    Lastly, here are some more fingers crossed that Mr. McGann gets to be involved in the anniversary story somehow. I’d really like to know how (and when) he became the ninth Doctor, and I want to see him be the Doctor without that darned wig. The way he appears on the cover of Big Finish’s ‘Dark Eyes’ demonstrates a direct connection to Ecclestone’s costume.

    Keep up the good work! Thanks for the entertainment.

  6. This was a great dissection of “Bells…” Thanks for whoever said maybe River would be downloaded. Now I wonder if that’s the connection to the maple leaf? A reference to “The Forest of the Dead” which was River’s first episode (well, the Library came first but it was a two parter so you could still say it was the first and she’s never been one for going in chronological order).

  7. Joel Aarons said:

    Hi girls. Thought you might like to see this if you haven’t already. Jon Pertwee done as manga, made apparently by the animation studio who are doing The Tenth Planet ep 4 animation. Its magnificent and I thought it might be good for your “things that tickle your fancy” segment.

  8. Sabrina said:

    Finally had some time to catch up with your podcasts. Really looking forward to the weekly reviews! 😀

    I also really liked TBoSJ. I don’t know why but I did have a hard time warming up to Eleven and Amy as a whole. Didn’t hate them but overall their run was a bit meh. Eleven and Clara however work great for me so far. Let’s hope it stays that way. And I also loved the rather obvious nods to earlier episodes. Seems very fitting for the anniversary year.

    Having already seen The Rings of Akhaten I had to chuckle at your speculations regarding the leaf. Can’t wait to hear your review on that one.

  9. […] Bells of Saint John” Podcast My Last […]

  10. Sarah B said:

    I completely failed to pick up on the “clues” you all mentioned, but I did notice during the motorcycle scene that many (all?) of those iconic sights were used in the classic series in invasion stories – things like the Daleks crossing the bridge by Big Ben, the Cybermen at St Pauls, etc. Of course, those are iconic London sights, too, so it may be coincidence?

  11. Andrew McLean said:

    A belated comment since I’ve been catching up on old episodes. Somebody references the duck pond focus from series 5 and says it didn’t go anywhere – but it did! The reason people called it a duck pond when there were no ducks was the crack in the universe – the ducks had been erased from time! It was a clue (loosely speaking) about something being wrong with the inhabitants of the town. Anyway, thanks for all the fun discussions.

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