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VerityEpisode11-300Doctor Who is spooky again! Did it work? Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we pick apart “Hide.” What was explained well? What wasn’t? Did this story pass the Bechdel test? If not, was that failure totally out of line? (We never do reach agreement there.) What do you think?


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Comments on: "Verity! Episode 11 – Hide in Plain Fright" (19)

  1. I absolutely loved Hide. I was so looking forward to something creepy, and even when we had an “explanation”, I was still so drawn in to Hila’s dilemma of being stuck in the pocket universe that I didn’t feel the loss the eeriness so much. I do agree that a bit more time with Hila would have been nice. Not to take away from any of the rest of the plot, but just in addition. Maybe a full 60 min episode, not a two-parter. The monster-as-Romeo reveal at the end didn’t detract from the for me, either. It was cheesy, but I like a bit of cheese, and being that we ended with not one but TWO monsters now existing in our world, it was a good way to soften it a bit. Like Kat said, settle the kids down before shutting off the light at bedtime.

    Re: the cold spots- my thought was that they were where the monster in the pocket universe was. Hila sort of bled through via photographs, and the monster via the cold spots, perhaps? Probably all kinds of wrong, but it’s a thought.

    I keep getting stuck on the fact that the references and callbacks to older episodes seem to be going in order so far. We have First, Second, and Third Doctor…will this next episode have lots of Fourth Doctor episode references? It makes me more inclined to think that this is just Moffat having fun, and not necessarily dramatic clues to something coming up. Just extra homage being paid. I like it.

    When I first watched, I didn’t even CATCH the Metebelis mispronunciation. Not only am I a bad fan, I might be (*gasp) Not a Real Fan! I henceforth banish myself to a remote island to live out my days with the people who stopped watching after Tennant left, and the people who pronounce Dalek, “Daaalick”. I’ll just be one more nameless, tragic victim of the Spidergate scandal.
    (On the island, we’ll completely solve the problem of UNIT dating, but no one will ever know.)

    • Paul A. said:

      I think you might be onto something with the idea that they’re homaging each Doctor in turn. Something to watch out for in future episodes, anyway.

  2. James V said:

    Deb’s shouldn’t be allowed to complain about pronunciation anymore until she learns to say ‘Akhaten’ correctly 🙂

    Anyway, I think ‘the monster isn’t a monster’ endings like the one in ‘Hide’ are important for maintaining Doctor Who’s moral core. You can’t do all stories where every ugly green thing is a one-dimensional monster that wants to eat you without eventually coming across as paranoid and xenophobic. Doctor Who is all about finding the good in the universe, which means you have to show that non-human-shaped things can also be good, or at least more complex than they first appear.

    • Yeah, the “monster that isn’t a monster” endings all well and good but the love conquers all endings are getting old. I wouldn’t mind if it were a couple of times but it’s happening all to often.

  3. Elvis Omar said:

    Elevens everywhere? Numbers, numbers, and more numbers? Here’s my crackpot theory: Matt Smith is the eleventh Doctor and November is the eleventh month. I don’t think it’s anything more than that. I’ve been seeing references to November 23 in almost every episode, and I suspect there are some I’ve missed. Clara’s mom appear to have passed away the day the Doctor met Rose. Again, I think the only significance there is as an intentional coincidence with the reboot of the show.

    Similar to Jan’s comment above (which I agree with completely), I think this kind of thing is just Moffat and company having fun. I’m going to guess very few, if any, of these numbers mean anything in the context of Clara, the Doctor, and his name. There are a lot of ways to give fan service. The numbers are probably not very different from seeing Matt Smith in that orange spacesuit. It probably means nothing; the spacesuit is not foreshadowing that the ghost in Hide is related to the beast in the pit from Impossible Planet/Satan Pit. It’s just a bit of a lark as a nod to the tenth doctor. Like the HADS. Like the Metebelis reference.

    And next week, we’d better buckle our seatbelts on this sort of thing. The journey to the centre of the TARDIS is certain to be rife with references to and physical props from all eleven Doctors.

    Unrelated to the above, I really liked Hide. Deb’s right: This episode will be near the top of my list to re-watch after we learn the deal with Clara.

  4. Chris (@Silver_Nemesis) said:

    I think the TARDIS not dying from entropy isn’t as bad as the Metebelis crystal projection system working even though the TARDIS was the power source. How did Hila get it working again whilst the TARDIS was in the pocket universe?

    Still enjoyed it though and loving the (mispronounced) call-backs. Looking forward to finding a wood-panelled control room behind a spare door next week! 😉

  5. Joris M said:

    I really liked the episode as it stands. But I have a feeling that Moffat is trying to wind some arcs down that all connect back to the Doctor being the last timelord, and his issues coping with that. And it does seem likely that many episodes will get an additional layer if I’m right.

    The TARDIS not dying could be handwaved away by assuming that the vortex does not count as time spent in the pocket universe, that the TARDIS always knows where the Doctor is and getting to him is a lot faster that trying to find someone from scratch, and that energy is regained back in the main universe. The 4 minutes before she’d be immobile seems to be plenty of time in those constraints.

  6. About the TARDIS not liking Clara, I think they could have done a better job of showing how it doesn’t like her. Right now the only reason the audience thinks it is because Clara said it and the Doctor acknowledged Clara’s feelings about it in this episode but the TARDIS really hasn’t done anything to prove that.

    In The Rings of Akhaten and Hide the TARDIS wouldn’t let her in when she tried to get in but notice she didn’t use the key either times. So we’re supposed to believe that it doesn’t like her because it didn’t do something it’s never done for any other companion or for that matter anyone other than The Doctor himself? I just say they could have written in a better way for the TARDIS to show it’s dislike for Clara since it seems they’re running with this plot point.

  7. The “Help Me” message. It’s either the female creature trying to communicate or a “Bad Wolf” type of message.

  8. Paul A. said:

    My impression is that “the TARDIS is safe in the pocket universe as long as it stays in flight and doesn’t actually land” is the correct answer. Not that I necessarily think it works, but I think it’s the answer the writer intended.

    Also, a small thing, but: “ghast” is not a mispronunciation of “ghost”. It means “horrifying thing”, as in “aghast” and “ghastly”.

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  10. Ray Adamson said:

    Evocative haunted house story with sharp dialogue,engaging characterisation and dubious fan service and plotting.I don’t feel The Planet of the Spiders references were beneficial to the story since the last time the Doctor attempted to amplify a psychics’ powers with a blue crystal from Metebelis three,it killed them.Just a bit too reminiscent of the kind of dodgy continuity references in the 1980’S for my liking,it would have worked okay if the Doctor had appropriated the crystal from somewhere like Manussa or somewhere else he’s travelled instead.I thought the reason the TARDIS avoided the power drainage when it rescued the Doctor from the pocket universe was because it only passed through rather than landed completely.Seemed very improbable Clara could instantly pilot the TARDIS into a pocket universe even with it’s help to recover the Doctor and i didn’t like the TARDIS being able to directly communicate with Clara by projecting a hologram outside it’s interior.Never the less, everything was delivered with the requisite tension and atmosphere needed by Jamie Payne who made a very laudable first directorial contribution to Doctor Who.I did like it ,despite it’s flaws.

  11. Loved the episode…was also on the “Best new Who yet” train.

    The Help Me didn’t bug me until after the reveal of what the ghost was – if she only moves a tiny bit every millennia, then it would be impossible. Mental projection works as a cop-out. I think I’d like that better than it be someone else calling out across time or something.

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve watched the classic episodes, so while I got the Metabils, what the blue crystal did, etc. was forgotten. I think the circle was just the Doctor making an outline – no callback to protection from witches.

    Did I hear the Doctor correctly when he brought the eye of Harmony out saying something about “I never understood it either.”

    The TARDIS is getting to be too alive for my tastes. I don’t mind the “communication” that much – this and Let’s Kill Hitler both had this, and in both cases, it was pretty much bare-bones “these are the facts” communications. It’s not having deep conversations. The thing that really bugged me was the magical “oh…you want to get the Doctor – well come in and hold on.” The TARDIS can self pilot itself into another Universe, pilot through the air, and make it back – cause I’m sure that Clara isn’t driving. And the whole materializing in another Universe was crap. Sure…like in Rise of the Cybermen, it doesn’t do well in other universes now-a-days, but 4 seconds. I don’t care if it’s flying or on the ground – you are still material in that universe, and as was stated above, part of it was back there powering the portal.

    I LOVED the alien – both in how they showed it and at the end, how it just wanted it’s mate. There are lots of scary things in the world, but that doesn’t mean they are evil. I’m sure to a mouse, I’m pretty scary, but that doesn’t mean I want to cause it harm. Whole book-by-it’s cover thing.

    I’m sure I can find fault (bow-tie kept coming and going) but this was a damn good episode and home that the rest can live up to it.

  12. seantheblogonaut said:

    Certainly the most enjoyable for me so far, agree with others that a little bit longer would have been ideal

  13. marty_in_CLT said:

    cheese fell off the cracker…
    I’m still snickering

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