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Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

I realize I’m getting this post in just under the wire.  (New episode tomorrow covering “The Crimson Horror”!)  I simply haven’t felt much like writing this week.  I still kinda don’t, so this time, you’re getting a straightforward list of things I noticed about this story.  I think Verity! Episode 12 does a fine job of analysis and critique, and I don’t think I have much to add in that department, so on with the randomness!

The Good

  • The Cult song at the beginning reminded me of the scene in Mission to Mars when they’re listening to Van Halen.  Radio Free Skaro’s Warren has complained about that scene (and that movie) many times, claiming that listening to Van Halen so far in the future is highly unlikely.  I, however, did not have a problem with it at all.  It made me smile.
  • The scene where the mechanical arms bring the TARDIS onto the salvage ship looked a bit off effects-wise.  It actually reminded me of my TARDIS Yahtzee quite a bit.  So in the end, that made me happy too.
  • I LOVED the Doctor’s entrance—just appearing behind the fellows, seemingly out of nowhere.
  • More cloister bell!
  • I like when the Doctor refers to the vastness of the TARDIS.  It gives me goosebumps.  “Picture the biggest ship you’ve seen….forget it ‘cause this ship is infinite.”  SQUEE.
  • The trailer had me thinking the Doctor kept some crazy monsters trapped in the TARDIS.  I’m SO glad that wasn’t the case.  For a moment during the episode I even thought the Doctor had gone throughout time collecting failed-Claras and that’s what they were.  Eep!  I’m pleased they were time-zombies and not something else.
  • Hooray for the TARDIS screwing with hooligans who try to mess with her!  I was rooting for the TARDIS.
  • ❤ the line about the Time lords: “no dress sense, dreadful hats, but smart.”  Hats.  *snicker*
  • Jenna Louise Coleman turned in a great performance.  When the Doctor pulls Clara from one echo-console room to another, she goes off on him.  I appreciated her righteous anger.  The scene when the brothers are arguing (and coming clean about Tricky’s humanity) was great too.  She looks so awkward at having to witness that intimate family moment.
  • “Wiggly button trick”  *grin*
  • Corridors!  Yay!  (Yes, seriously.)
  • The idea that the TARDIS is “leaking time” is a fascinating one.  And the fact that the echoes are talking about the TARDIS itself struck me as interesting.  Could that have been intentional on the part of the TARDIS?  To bring attention to something?

The Neither Good Nor Bad

  • The architectural reconstruction system was a neat idea, but I somehow liked it better not knowing *how* the TARDIS reconfigures things.  It seems less powerful now that I know it’s a big metal tree.  It’s pretty though.  It reminded me of the trees in Avatar.
  • The heart of the TARDIS reminded me of the loading program from The Matrix.

The Not-So-Good

  • I wasn’t thrilled to see the Doctor’s/River’s cradle.  I’m sure it evoked squees from some folks, but whatever is the opposite of that happened to me and brought me down.  I experienced “anti-squee.”
  • I’m also not certain how I felt about Amy’s homemade toys.  Did the Doctor swoop into the Pond’s house after they disappeared and take those?  I suppose he must have.  I guess that’s kinda sweet in a way, but it feels a little weird to me.  Does he have mementos from all his companions?
  • The TARDIS was throwing rods?  Really?  I’d like to think the TARDIS is a bit more advanced than my ex-boyfriend’s Dodge Lancer.
  • I’m still not sure I understand what the Doctor was getting at when he asked Clara if she felt safe at the end.  Why wouldn’t she?  None of the other Claras seemed to be worried about their safety until it was too late.  Did he mean something else by it?  Or was that just a clunky line?  I did like her response when he said that anything could happen to her.  “That’s why I’m here.”  Good girl.

Comments on: "Erika’s Last Word – Episode 12" (7)

  1. Amber said:

    I agree with all the good things you listed! I didn’t pick up on some of the bad ones, mostly because I still need need to watch a lot of episodes…

    The last point, about Clara saying she was scared, I thought connected to before time was reset. The Doctor freaked out to Clara about who/what she is, then Clara told him that she was more scared of him than anything else at that moment. Does the Doctor remember that, or just got an echo of unease about Clara fearing him??

    • Oh good point! It seemed pretty clear that he (and the nastiest salvage brother) remembered at least a bit of what happened. So yes. It makes perfect sense that the Doctor might worry that Clara had some mental echoes of the experience and was trying to suss that out.

      Thanks for settling that little niggle for me!

  2. Amber said:

    It’s an amazing day when I can point out something Doctor Who to you! Actually, it’s an amazing day for me when I can point out anything to you, on any topic. A rarity!

  3. Got goosebumps when Susan’s voice could be heard as the console was being taken apart.

    Certainly one of the better offerings from series 7b so far (along with Hide).

    • Funnily enough, I didn’t like that part. (Which, I realize, is exceedingly strange.) Honestly, the more I think about JtoCotT, the weaker it seems. I don’t think it’s going to rate very high for me when all is said and done. As I said on the podcast, it was enjoyable to watch, but it was just clitzy, surfacey fun for me. There was no real substance under the shiny.

  4. I don’t think it will have the same long term re-watch value as other stories because the buzz you get from seeing all this new TARDIS interior is gone when going back for another viewing.

    But on first viewing it ticked all the boxes for me.

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