Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


Series 7b might be over, but we’re not done talking about it! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy for an extra-long episode of Verity! We’re talking about a whole (half) series after all, so of course we needed a little extra time. Also, we talk a lot. (Or hadn’t you noticed?)


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Comments on: "Verity! Episode 16 – 7b, to Rhyme with Squee" (40)

  1. misssbgmail said:

    OK, this podcast was specifically designed to press all my fandom buttons, wasn’t it? My small person LOVES The Mind Robber, you’ve got The Cush and Sir Lee, and you’ve got Tansy/Six/Clothing. And I have nearly TWO MORE HOURS of work before I can listen! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    • I hope once you got around to it you enjoyed it! 🙂

      • misssbgmail said:

        Actually having second listen now. Because I’m THAT sad LOL. I love that you can disagree with each other without fighting. And after listening since episode 1, often more than one listen per episode, I’m STILL not sure which of you I agree with most often.

        And I love that you’ve found your companion 😉

      • Aw thanks! I’m glad I found my (New Who) companion too!

        And I love that you don’t always agree with the same person. I think that probably keeps it more interesting. 🙂

  2. Elvis Omar said:

    I think Tansy nailed the Doctor/River&Pond-moping timeline stuff. The Doctor’s state of mind in The Snowmen seemed obvious to me, as well. I’ve been trying to present that idea in a few places—the reaction seems to have been lukewarm. It was validating to hear the Verity! gang talk about the idea a bit.

    • Elvis Omar said:

      P.S. I thought the finale, and some of season 7b, has been a true explozaganza of Whovian fan-wank.

    • I think you and Tansy are right. It wasn’t obvious to me, but I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about River. 🙂 Now that it’s been pointed out to me, it does make perfect sense!

  3. My favorite was so far and away The Name of the Doctor that I have to discount it. Next favorite in retrospect, probably Hide. (Although it’s close with Nightmare in Silver.) Overall, I thought 7B was a great (half) series. I know a lot of people lamented the lack of two-parters, and that some episodes were very polarizing in terms of fan enjoyment…I personally enjoy both the longer and shorter story arcs, but I guess I was just in the mood for shorter ones this time around, so this series suited my current mindset. I didn’t feel so much like I needed to go back and review the previous episode each week, before watching the new one. 🙂

    Completely agree with the Doctor mourning Ponds/River during The Snowmen as well, but the people I discussed it with hadn’t picked up on it. Glad I’m not alone! I just thought his level of mourning was a bit out of proportion to the loss of the Ponds alone, not because he didn’t adore them, but because I’d really expect him to be sad, yet telling himself “they’re fine, back in the past together” etc, and then run off to distract himself. But put the loss of River on top of that, and some epic moping is to be expected.

    My kids love The Mind Robber (as do I)! They do like any story with Jaime and Zoe though. 😀

    • Excellent point about Doctor Who having room for both types of series (all one-parters and those including some two-parters). I’d never thought of it that way, but I suppose I’m in the mood for one or the other from time to time as well. And like you, I was in the mood for this type of (half) series right now!

  4. Elanor MJ said:

    Hey ladies! Excellent episode.

    I think I’m going to have to go with ‘The Crimson Horror’ as my favourite episode of series 7B. I adored ‘The Name of The Doctor’, but Gatiss was hitting all my buttons (although I will admit to being somewhat fangirlishly in love with the man, which is a bias, I guess). The Victorian setting referencing the temperance movement, Jenny being awesome, Diana Rigg’s awesome villain and the complexity of her daughter (whose name escapes me right now), the brilliant sepia flashback sequence – just pure awesome.

    As a whole, I loved the season. I rarely dislike Doctor Who, consuming it with a child-like glee. Unfortunately my least favourite bit was probably Gaiman, who fell flat to me. I adore Clara and Matt Smith continues to be MY Doctor. I got the feeling that the Eleventh Doctor has matured over the last half season. I’m not sure what gives me that impression, whether it’s the more sophisticated costume, a slightly restrained manner or the massive amount of emotion he displayed in the finale (particularly the compassion and sense of owing a debt to Vastra and Co for being kind to him). He just seems a much older version of himself. Which makes sense, but is so subtly and expertly portrayed by Matt Smitt.

    I really should stop gushing and get back to my work now. Oops.

    • Great observation about the maturation of the Eleventh Doctor. You’re right. I think his performance has deepened this year. (Well, except for those icky/creepy Doctor bits that I’m just going to try to forget about.)

    • misssbgmail said:

      YAY Crimson Horror!

  5. My favourite episode after The Name of Doctor was Cold War since it absolutely terrified me. Least favourites was The Rings of Akhaten and Nightmare in Silver.

    Series 7b has been great and I’m very excited to find out what will happen in the 50th anniversary especially with the John Hurt Doctor aspect. I was also happy that the mystery of Clara was resolved and am now interested to see where it will lead in series 8 and beyond (probably).

    Also I would like to say that I’m Australian and have commented here a few times before. Though I’ll apologise if you were referring to i-Tunes.

  6. Debbie (@theotherdebs) said:

    A sixth doctor quilt?! That I *had* to google for and so, if you hadn’t seen it already, here’s where you can buy sixth doctor fabric (and check out all the other amazing fabrics – the adipose one is just too cute)

    • That is amazing! Thanks for the tip! I’m sure Tansy will be very interested in this site. I love that this kind of stuff is out there!

    • Debbie (@theotherdebs) said:

      Er, actually I think I meant that comment for the Splendid Chaps podcast. Sorry!

    • Elvis Omar said:

      A brilliant find, but not really my idea of a nice quilt. I prefer my quilts to be visually calm—and not quite so pompous. 😉

  7. Joris M said:

    For me (keeping in mind I have not seen many seasons from start to finish) 7b seems to be a season of good to occasionally very good episodes (and as such is better than most), while as a season it might struggle a bit more. The overall arc, as far as there has been one, has been subtle. With lots of probably important things never appearing on screen. I like that style, but it is not for everyone.

    Hindsight will probably be important in evaluating 7b, and season 7 as a whole. Because it does seem to act as a potential linchpin in the development of the Doctor.

    It is a bit too soon to try and call a favourite episode. But right now Crimson Horror does seem to rank high for me. with Rings relatively low and Nightmare difficult to judge just yet.

    • Hindsight does tend to change everything. And you’re right about it being important for 7b. Moffat’s stuff is like that more than the rest!

  8. Can’t wait to have Tansy on Splendid Chaps! 🙂

    I don’t know how I feel about 7b. Unlike y’all, I found it very disappointing; the only high points for me being Cold War, Nightmare in Silver and The Name of the Doctor, but even those I have problems with (mostly the pacing and lack of plot/character development). We’re back to the Doctor as a God, something Moffat seemed to be shying away from; I felt Clara’s characterisation was all over the place and exhibited all the worst aspects of Moffat’s wish fulfilment women writing (especially in The Snowmen, the version I liked the least); the same can be said for many of the women in the rest of the episodes, particularly Hide; and as much as I squeed over the past Doctor stuff in the last episode (it was almost what I wished they’d do for the 50th anniversary episode, a Troubles and Tribble-ation style insertion of the modern cast into past stories), the more I think about Clara’s mystery the less I like what it means for her character – and the less I think it works, given what we saw of her already. Though at least we know who lets Tom Baker out of that locked room in Fetch Priory now, right?

    That said, I would totally watch The Adventures of Clara and Mel, Space Pirates!

    And yeah, I think Tansy is on the money with the Doctor’s attitude to Clara changing quite a bit too, but this just adds to my feeling that the series didn’t work as an ongoing story either. The creepy Doctor moments really made me ill. But then I don’t like the “good” Doctor romance stuff, either, so hardly surprising!

    Anyway, while I’m sure I’ll dig the next Verity Extra, I’m really looking forward to the continuation of the anniversary episodes – we’re about to cross over, as our next episode and yours will be about Colin Baker. Can’t wait!

    • I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy 7b as much as we did! But that’s the nature of Who. It’s not all for everyone. I do hope that whatever’s coming soon is more to your taste (and still to mine!). I’m on record as seeing Clara as realistic rather than inconsistent, so I won’t go on about that again here. 🙂 Regardless, each character is gonna hit everyone a bit differently. It’ll be interesting to see how she is in a post-mystery role–not to mention how she interacts with Mat Smith’s successor!

      Only about a week to wait until we get back to the classic Doctors! Cheers to the pair of Colin Baker ‘casts!

  9. Unlike most everyone else, it seems, I will NOT remove The Name of the Doctor from the running for best episode of because IT WAS THE BEST EPISODE! I mean, heck, why not just ask, “What was the 2nd-best episode of 7B?” 😉

    So, the rest of the order would go:
    Cold War
    Crimson Horror
    Bells of St John
    Rings of Ahkaten
    Nightmare in Silver
    Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
    (although as many say, even mediocre Doctor Who is better than 98% of everything else on TV)

    There were no real clunkers in 7B — unlike 7A which had the worst episode of New Who, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship — but none of them really knocked it out of the park, either, except TNOTD.

    As was mentioned above, I too was missing the two-parters from this season. Standalone stories are fine, but there definitely some stories in need of more development time here.

    Looking forward to the next podcast (and to Tansy on Splendid Chaps!).

    • I applaud your strong stance on “The Name of the Doctor.” 🙂 And while I don’t think “Dinosaurs” was the absolute worst, I do agree that it was Not. Good. And I wouldn’t say I missed two-parters (except that some of these stories would have worked better that way), but I definitely do look forward to seeing 2-parters again.

      Thanks for listening and for the feedback!

  10. Joris M said:

    Oh, and one more thing… since I forgot to mention it a couple of times before

    Victorian Clara reminded me most of Susan sto Helit of Discworld fame, probably because I never actually sat down and watched the whole of Mary Poppins, but read the books multiple times (I should hunt down the Hogfather adaptation).

    • Yes! I *knew* that Victorian Clara reminded me of someone other than Mary Poppins, but I couldn’t figure it out. Thank you for making the connection.

      (Also, the Hogfather adaptation is well worth tracking down. 🙂 )

      • I think I can speak for all of us at Verity! when I say that it’s awesome that our fans are helping each other remember things and find new ways of enjoying Doctor Who. Way to create a fantastic community, folks! You rule!


  11. Ray Adamson said:

    Sadness.The march of time has claimed the Eleventh Doctor now.What a Doctor he was.Strange day,i’ve been elated about Karen Gillan going galactic again and working with James Gunn and then the last few hours have been like having my fingernails pulled out one by one.It’s been a pleasure sir,thank you.I’ve been revising series 7A and 7B which is why i haven’t commented properly on your latest podcast yet.Sorry.

    • Chuck said:

      That’s the sad part: we finally have the mystery of Clara solved and we will never (well, barely) get to see Matt and Jenna together as a “normal” team. Let the 12th Doctor Silly Season begin!

      • Ray Adamson said:

        It’s going to be weird,that’s for sure. Considering Clara’s so familiar with the various regenerations of the Doctor,the portrayal of her reaction to the situation is likely to be very different.Don’t expect a very immediate resolution to the speculation considering the unknown Doctor thing going on leading into the anniversary special.Pretty sure Moffats’ setting up a solution for the limited regeneration problem with the Time Lords gone for the anniversary special or Christmas episode.Really hoped Matt would serve five years since he’s reminded me of Pertwee .Wonder if his decision has been influenced by the BBC’s apparent lack of commitment to the programme recently or the experience of shooting his first American movie with Gosling.

  12. I just want to say that I would really love it if Dame Maggie Smith was cast as the Twelfth Doctor. She would be absolutely AMAZING.

  13. Favourite episode: “Hide”
    Least favourite episode: “The Crimson Horror”

    Best bit: the last three minutes of “The Name of the Doctor”
    Worst bit: Jenna-Louise Coleman – I am sure she is a lovely person, I do not appreciate her performance one bit. She was irritating enough to make my wife stop watching, and now I have to watch Doctor Who alone…

    • I find it interesting that I agree with you about your favorite and least-favorite episodes, but that I disagree completely about Clara, whom I adore. Just goes to show you that Doctor Who has so many facets–there’s not just one thing to like (or not) about any given episode, there are lots!

  14. Favorite episode – Going to have to go with “Bells of Saint John”. A really good companion introduction piece (except for the cringeworthy bit on the motorcycle, but I can edit that out of my brain, thank you). Loved the little things like “sensible clothes!” that were thrown all over it like colorful sprinkles.

    Least favorite episode – “Cold War”. This was the episode that the whole family didn’t like. We weren’t emotionally invested in the return of the Ice Warriors (so no squee to be had from that) and there wasn’t enough of a story there to drive it. It was too…”off” for me. The physicality of the Ice Warrior vs. the armor he wears. The Doctor saluting the Ice Warriors for being decent people even though he just waded through the entrails of two dead Russian guys not too long before…and the whole “look me in the eye and tell me you can really do this thing” just felt empty. We know that the Doctor has “been there”, surely he could come up with some better rationale for not committing genocide?

    I want to thank all of the Verity! women for bringing us this podcast. It’s by far my favorite for intelligent discussion and thoughtful discourse on what is both a silly thing (Doctor Who, entertaining TV show) and a serious thing (Doctor Who, creative insight into the human condition, problem solving, participative leadership, etc.). Whether I agree with what’s being said or not, you make me think, so thank you for that!

    • You are ever so welcome! We truly do love talking Who, and we’re grateful to have intelligent fans to share that love with! Hooray for thinking!

  15. Ladies, I have two questions 1.) Was 7B still good TAPAS? 2.) When can I purchase my “Verity! Fanboy” Tee? The one that says because of Verity, I know now what an Oxford Comma is and its alright to watch Jane Eyre cause it really is just DALEK in disguise.

    • Hah! Good questions. 🙂 Personally, I do think 7b was still good in a tapas-esque sorta way. They were definitely stand-alone-type stories, and I thought that worked well. (Though that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to go back to including some 2-parters. I’ll be happy to see that again too!)

      As for tee-shirts, we do actually have something in the works, though I can’t promise you’ll see the Oxford comma or Jane Eyre mentioned…then again, you never know!

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