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VerityEpisode17-300And just like that, we’re back to our 50th anniversary countdown of the Doctors, and it’s the sixth Doctor’s turn! Join Deb, Erika, Kat, and Liz as we discuss the delights (or lack thereof) of Colin Baker’s reign as our favorite Time Lord. Or is the Doctor our favorite Time Lord, now that we’ve seen the Rani? That’s right, we’re talking about “The Mark of the Rani”, which at least one of us thought was the most representative story of the sixth Doctor’s run.

Is old Colin as bad as so many folks say he is? Is Peri? Does the Rani now own Deb thoroughly? Should we have covered “Timelash” instead? We don’t actually agree on most of these things, but boy howdy do we have a good time talking about them!


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Comments on: "Verity! Episode 17 – Six, Six, Six, the Number of Colin Baker?" (12)

  1. Is this one not up on iTunes, yet?

    • Sadly, we have no control over how quickly iTunes updates the feed. They have access to the file, but may not have refreshed yet. Keep an eye out for it, or go the old-fashioned route and DL it here. 🙂 (Hoping it won’t take too long for them to catch up though!)


  2. Grr! Don’t they know it’s *important* that I get my Verity! podcast in a timely fashion?!

  3. Thanks for another great episode! 🙂

    I think Colin Baker was a fine Doctor, but he had the misfortune to play the part during a shaky era of the programme when the scripts and production values were not at their best. And his costume (and yes, his hair too!) were garish and distracting. But he’s a fine actor with bags of charisma and screen presence, and made the best of what he had to work with.

    I’m a supporter of Peri too! I agree that she should not have been American. Where’s the sense in choosing to have an American companion if you’re not going to hire an American actor to play her? I think the reason a lot of Americans have a problem with her is the accent. I sympathise – I’m Scottish and when I hear an obviously fake Scottish accent, it is a MAJOR barrier to my enjoyment of a performance.

    But Nicola Bryant is a good actor, has great chemistry with Colin (like Liz, I enjoy the bickering!), and she did the best with what she was given. Her character could have been better served by the scripts, but she’s hardly a unique companion in that respect! And Nicola is gorgeous too, which doesn’t hurt. 🙂

    As for whether Mark of the Rani is the most representative episode, I think I agree with Liz again. It’s hard to pick one because there weren’t very many. I’d probably choose Vengeance on Varos (good script, variable performances, dark and violent, horrible 80s production design) or The Two Doctors (most of the above, but it also wallows in the programme’s history, which happened a lot during Colin Baker’s era).

  4. Rick Broadhurst said:

    I agree with Liz , Colin’s hair is awful in season 23! Love you x

  5. Chris (@Silver_Nemesis) said:

    I came to the sixth Doctor very late – I’m 32 and only saw my first story from his era 18 months ago. I don’t know if it’s low expectations or hidden brilliance within the show but I actually really enjoy them. That’s not to say they’re without their faults though (the main one UNDOUBTABLY being Colin Baker’s hair when at full bouffant).

    Some of these are among the reasons I would consider Revelation of the Daleks a much better representative of the Sixth Doctor era. Whilst it has some strong performances, it has some pretty sketchy ones as well. It has dodgy sets (the polystyrene Doctor monument) and effects that they didn’t have the budget to do twice if the first go wasn’t what they wanted (the exploding Dalek). There were plot points that made no sense, strange asides and an underwhelming resolution. Worst of all, pointless stunt casting that didn’t work. The main reason I think it representative though is that even though this list of faults isn’t exhaustive, the story still somehow works and is fun to watch. Classic sixth Doctor.

    On the question of who is next to play the Doctor – I want the speculation to disappear but I don’t want the BBC to be making any announcements. Quite the opposite, I don’t want to have a clue about who will be playing the Doctor or what part of which story the regeneration will be in. I want to be watching in blissful ignorance until the moment hits. I’ve even started an online petition saying as much!

  6. Chris (@Silver_Nemesis) said:
  7. Ray Adamson said:

    Just, not much enthusiasm for Perpugilliam amongst the Verity crew then but that’s representative of the biggest problems i have with this period of Doctor Whos’ history.I suspect you might have been inclined to be a little more generous if a couple of the stories she was involved in were devised for examining her character properly but i don’t think JNT was ever as interested in the companions he devised and cast for the programme as he was in the Doctor.Although JNT regularly acknowledged the contribution of companions,it seems to me he had a very conservative and derogatory approach to the way he used them.I don’t like the way he seemed to consider them as interchangeable and i think too many of the stories he produced were not created with the intention of involving them in the stories properly.There was a consistent preference for supporting characters and guest actors when he was in charge instead of his regular cast which was very detrimental to the programme.Although i have to admit i would probably not have enjoyed the programme more if things were different because i still don’t like a lot of the companions he thought would improve the programme anyway.Retrospectively the disparity between how Doctor Who was regarded by actors and the general audience and how it was considered by other people involved in television is very weird.It’s odd to see such a division between actors and directors and producers in their industry in their attitude to it.I found the choice of Mark of the Rani as especially representative of the sixth Doctor in this latest podcast to be typically idiosyncratic as usual because there were not many sixth Doctor stories based around historical figures and periods and i think this story concentrates on the Doctor,the Rani and the Master together rather than the sixth Doctor individually.

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  10. I happen to be a big fan of The Mark of the Rani, so I was very pleased to hear that you chose this one! There’s great intrigue as we try to figure out who this old woman is and how/why the Master came back, fun tech stuff (the Rani’s TARDIS covers this completely for me), some crotchety behavior from the Doctor (very standard for the Sixth Doctor’s era), and more.

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