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Once again it is the Things We Like Post!  Below are links to related works for Verity! Episode 17: Six, Six, Six, The Number of Colin Baker.   You will find links to things such as fanvids, LOTS of Big Finish Audios, Twitter accounts, cosplay, quilts and even Bunnies. (Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!) From the silly to the sublime, when we think about the Sixth Doctor’s era, these are things that make us happy.  Enjoy!

Things Deb Likes

Big Finish Evelyn Smythe’s entire run with the 6th Doctor, beginning with the Marian Conspiracy
(This rec is seconded by Lynne.  Liz, however, gives it a big raspberry.)

Sixth Doctor Quilt Block in the Fandom Quilt Stitch-a-Long (check out the previous blocks as well!)

Sixth Doctor Bunny (No, really. And it’s adorable!)

Fanvid: The Sixth Doctor, Why Don’t You Like Me (Poor Sixy…)

Things Erika Likes

Colin Baker will be this year’s guest at Chicago TARDIS

Things Liz Likes

Big Finish: The Holy Terror
Liz’s “Colin Baker Tiem” Pinterest Board (you must see this…)

Things Lynne Likes

Big Finish: Doctor Who and the Pirates (Doctor Who meets Gilbert & Sullivan!)

Things Tansy Likes

Big Finish: The Doomwood Curse (Six, Charley Pollard & a novel about Dick Turpin.)
Big Finish: The Curse of Davros (a recent one with new companion Flip, and a great twist in the relationship between Doctor & Davros.)
Big Finish: Peri and the Piscon Paradox (Mostly a story exploring the many fates of Peri, with a guest appearance of guess who.)
Big Finish: The Wrong Doctors (Very recent adventure looking at when Mel and the Doctor first met… sort of.)

Femme!Sixth Doctor Cosplay

Colin Baker on Twitter!

Is there something related to the Sixth Doctor’s era that you love?  Feel free to drop a link in comments.  We’d love to see your recommendations!

Comments on: "Things We Like: The Amazing Technicolor Coat Edition" (4)

  1. I never think of “The Mark of the Rani” as a favorite of mine, but I loved it as a kid, and the more you talked about it, the more I remembered that I liked. My favorite of his era is still probably “The Two Doctors,” largely for the performances, but I agree it’s hard to pick a representative story.

    I’ve heard his relationship with Peri described as having undertones of abusiveness (the strangling and the subsequent bickering), which combined with her tendency to whine, be drooled over, and undergo physical transformations make the whole era a lot more uncomfortable for me now than it was at the time (which is saying something, actually). I got the feeling you four didn’t really make much of that vibe, and I was hoping you’d say something to help me see it in a different light, but if you discussed it much I missed it. Any thoughts?

  2. Also: is “The Mark of the Rani” really out of print? Do you know whether it’s slated for a Special Edition? It never crossed my mind that I might miss out on it.

    • Even out of print DVDs can usually be picked up via Amazon or eBay, and there are other options – it’s on iTunes in Aus, and I watched it recently thanks to my BBC iPlayer subscription… a Special Edition wouldn’t surprise me, though, considering it’s one of the better thought of Colin Baker stories.

      • Oh, of course, iTunes! And there it is, one of two Colin Baker stories in the mix. For now I’m just happy to watch it again. Thanks!

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