Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraTumblr-300It’s Extra! time again, and we here at Verity! are trying our best to socialize all the media! Join Deb, Erika, Kat, and Tansy as two of us educate the other two on how to make friends and succeed on Tumblr.

Do you find Tumblr to be a morass of gifs that feels more like drinking from the fire hose than participating in fandom? Let Kat and Tansy make things clear and take some of the fear out of tumbling. And of course, check out Verity! on Tumblr!

PLUS, whether you have a Tumblr account or not, you can submit cool stuff to our Verity! Tumblr!


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And remember, always track the #doctorwho tag!

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Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – We’ll Tumbl for Ya" (15)

  1. Elvis Omar said:

    Oh dear, the file on iTunes seems like it may be corrupted. I tried downloaded it and had a few problems with it. I assume this extra is longer than 3 seconds? Bummer.

    • I tested it out in iTunes myself and also got confirmation from someone else who uses the iTunes podcast app. It’s working in both places. I suspect there was just an issue with your download. Perhaps just try re-downloading it? It’s definitely longer than 3 seconds! 🙂


      • Elvis Omar said:

        Thanks so much for checking Erika. I am already listening to it via the regular download.

      • Glad to hear it! Hope you’re glad to hear *it* too. 😉


      • Elvis Omar said:

        But of course, my friend! The episode was very entertaining, and it may have prompted me to start up my own Tumblr page. I’ve frequented the service, but never felt the need to post new material until now.

  2. Hmm. I don’t use iTunes, but I will check into it and see what I can find. FYI, the direct download and web-streaming seem to work okay!


  3. Maybe it’s a good thing you spent this episode extra on tumblr. Because by next week the missing episode rumor mill will have calmed down. (hopefully). Seemed one day there wasn’t any weight to the rumors and now there is today?

  4. bekitty3 said:

    This podcast came at exactly the right time for me, since I just started up a new Tumblr account yesterday! And of course, you were the first ones I started following.

    (I’m nzbekitty, just in case you were wondering.)

  5. One useful program/add-on is called Tumblr Savior:

    That allows you to block/allow certain tags, which is particularly useful for “current” fandoms that are releasing new material. So if you know you can’t see the episode immediately and worry about being spoiled, you can block them. Sometimes things get missed because people don’t tag/etc.

    About replies: you *can* add some interactivity with Disqus and allow replies in your settings, but it’s definitely not like LJ with their massive comment threads. It’s *not* very good for text heavy discussions to be honest, whether it’s formatting or whatever.

    I’m like Tansy in that I have a mixed bag tumblr of different interests — and I love it for that exact reason — so I can look at a glance at what I was interested in at a certain time. “Oh that’s when I was freaking out over *that* episode or that moment. From a Who perspective, I like seeing the bits I might have missed or not noticed before.

    I will add one thing no one mentioned — it’s great to search for tags to see what pops up. It’s difficult sometimes to find a *specific* post you remember liking, even on your own dashboard. For example, I *was* going to link you to a great gif set I’ve seen of all the New Who companions + Sarah Jane going off and having adventures together… if I find it again, I’ll let you know… or maybe reblog it.

  6. Tumblr is one thing I haven’t gotten into yet. There’s a few I’ve checked out on occasion for entertaining gifs and such, but I don’t have an account- partly fear of falling down the rabbit hole never to be seen again, and partly because I just don’t know how to jump in with a bunch of people I don’t know. Kat may have singlehandedly convinced me to reconsider my stance! I’m a very visually-oriented person (work in the design industry) so the whole concept is certainly appealing. And I hadn’t realized how the set up really makes it harder for flame-wars to get going (the main reason I avoid posting online just about anywhere.)
    It seems like it could be shy-person friendly…I may have to give it a go. 🙂

    • It truly can be friendly to anyone. You can follow people or have people follow you with no pressure to follow back. I really hope you take a trip down the rabbit hole, it’s really a short fall I promise. Something I should have mentioned on the podcast, that search box is like a beautiful card catalogue to an awesome library that is always up to date.

  7. Found your Tumblr through the podcast. Followed it. Great episode! I found it quite informative.

  8. Found your Tumblr through the podcast and followed. Great episode! It was very informative.

  9. brilliantfantasticgeronimo Fascinating discussion! I’ve been on online fandoms for years, and back then the only good place to find other people to share fandom with, was using forums (which were always, always /flooded/ with drama, cliques, and were very limited in the kind of content you could share) . But since Tumblr all other platforms when it comes to fandom activity have become completely obsolete for me.

    I am a fanartist, and for me tumblr’s been a blessing because:

    a) is much, much easier to find fanart of the things you like via tags

    b) is also much easier to follow a fanartist’s work since you get updates in-real time, and is also much easier to get in touch with them via messages or fanmail.

    c) the quality of the fanart is just…better. Unlike the chaos that DA has become lol.

    d) and the big one, which is that is much better to find the sourced material and people are less likely to repost your work without permission (Althought sadly resposting does happen) because they can just reblog it.

    And also, althought I agree that for in-depth discussions tumblr might not be the most comfortable platform… personally, I think it’s much safer than LJ or a forum. And more productive as well.

    Like, in my personal circle of friends on tumblr (who are doctor who fans), we are part of the camp that’s been…not very satisfied with some of Steven Moffat’s choices for the show’s storyline, to put it lightly lol. But, because we’re on tumblr, even when there’s something we aren’t enjoying of DW, we can find ways to get some joy out it.

    To name a specific example: when ”Name of the Doctor” aired, we joked around on how we found Clara zapping throughout the Doctor’s timeline was a bit ridiculous…if this was Livejournal, we would’ve talked about it in our personal journals, then maybe in the big dw community journals…where people who strongly disagreed would’ve seen it, gotten mad, and then a giant flame war would’ve started. Then eventually there would be a chain of 100 comments no one would be able to follow…and the end result would be hurt feelings and reported people. However, because this is tumblr, we can instead joked around with it by making gifsets and joking posts.

    In this case, there were manipulated scenes where Clara met other doctors, and people were inserting her in other scenes that weren’t from her series. What could have been just another flame-war became instead an in-joke that ultimatly was completly inofensive ( here are some posts I reblogged at the time, ) .

    And the use of gifsets has become one of my favourite things that’s completly unique to tumblr. You guys mentioned the more art-sy graphic design types of gifs.. which are awesome! bu in the case of fandom , gifsets are so very useful and can be used in soo many ways.

    Like, if people can talk about a specific scene or character, they don’t have to describe it or link it (as would be the case on a forum), they can just run their hands wild and post analysis of those scenes in the tags (take a look at this character study of a relatively minor character for example: .

    Or, people can take different scenes, and compare them to point out themes that are repeated and referenced, and then the discussion can easily spring from them, whereas in a forum it’s really hard to describe those concept non-visually ( example here:×07-vs) .

    And finally, another very creative use for fandom gifsets on tumblr is the one you guys mentioned: taking scenes that aren’t really real, and then making a story with them. (My friend Ben ( is specially talented on this, the other day we were talking about how adorable it would be to have an story with Jo Grant and the Tenth Doctor and he quickly put together this gifset :

    lol sorry, I could sit here talking about this forever haha. I wouldn’t have gotten into doctor who if I hadn’t seen so many fans talking about it, so that’s why I’m so passionate about the subject (as you can tell).

    Anyway, sorry for that giant rant, congratulations on this great podcast, you guys have something great going on here and I’m excited to catch up with the older episodes! keep up the good work!

    • What an awesome and informative comment! It’s nice to get feedback and insight from someone who’s been active in online fandom for so long and can thus compare tumblr to other fannish outlets. Thanks for your wisdom!

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