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masterDuring our Masterly special Episode 20 – Yes, Master, I promised a post about the Master’s appearances in Big Finish, especially those starring the wonderful Geoffrey Beevers.

We have:

MASTER, by Joseph Lidster

Geoffrey Beevers plays an amnesiac who slowly starts to believe that he is actually a man of great evil… and the mysterious Doctor with the question mark umbrella seems to agree with him! A great production that offers a different version of the Gallifreyan childhood trauma suggested in Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords.

DUST BREEDING, by Mike Tucker

Ace, Seven, Bev Tarrant, art theft, and the Master once again played by Geoffrey Beevers. Plus a bonus cameo by Caroline John!



Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor is reunited with one of ‘his’ Masters (he had three, you know) as the scarred renegade played by Geoffrey Beevers enacts a wild scheme. This story not only features Louise Jamieson as Leela (meeting the Master for the first time!) but also Rachael Stirling, who recently appeared in Doctor Who in The Crimson Horror.

MASTERMIND, by Jonathan Morris

I haven’t listened to this one yet, it’s a new release! Daphne Ashbrook & Yee Jee Tso play officers of the Vault, a respository of alien artefacts – and as it turns out, there is a living prisoner in the vault. A man called the Master… (Geoffrey Beevers)

and coming up very soon,

THE LIGHT AT THE END, by Nicholas Briggs (fancy collector’s edition here)

The spectacular 50th anniversary episode, due to drop in November. Basically all the Doctors, as many companions as they can squeeze in, PLUS Geoffrey Beevers as the Master.

But Big Finish has a few other Masters up its sleeve…


In a universe where the Second Doctor regenerated into David Warner instead of Jon Pertwee, and was exiled to 1997 Earth instead of the 1970’s… the Brigadier’s life went very differently. Set in Hong Kong, this excellent standalone adventure (though it does have a single sequel!) doesn’t just give us Nicholas Courtney and David Warner’s Doctor, but also features none other than David Tennant as the very Scottish Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood, and Mark Gatiss as the Master.

AND THIS ONE in which the fact that the Master appears at all is so spoilery that he’s not even listed in the credits. Sneaky, sneaky Big Finish. But one of the all time great Master performances. Just download it and try to forget what I just told you.


Comments on: "Tansy’s Last Word – Episode 20 – Masterworks" (6)

  1. Okay I’m curious, which Big Finish release was the sneaky spoilery one to watch out for? I don’t think I’ve listened to any of the Geoffrey Beevers Masters, but my Big Finish listening has been fairly limited.

    • I was totally going to and forgot! Link added in the main post, right at the bottom. It happens to be a completely standalone story (actually all of the above are, except for the two part Tom Baker one) though if you like the companions in it, they both have some prior appearances to check out.

  2. I’m so glad you included Sympathy for the Devil, I remember listening to it when doing some last minute Christmas shopping last year, and as someone who really dislikes crowds, the phrase “out of my way or I shall lay your soul to waste” was something I could really identify with!

  3. MayorOfUlthar said:

    Simm has to be my favorite Master, but my list is limited. Derek Jacobi, sorry to say, is ruined for me since he played a wheezing awful science-fiction TV star on the “Frasier” TV show. He played the character so well that it backfired and has affected my perception of him in other programs.

  4. Sarah B said:

    I always thought that the burned-up Master from The Deadly Assassin was the result of a botched attempt at further regeneration. Then he had to steal a body (i.e. Anthony Ainley) to keep going, but obviously something else happened to keep him going after that.
    I remember thinking that Roger Delgado was the 13th Master, but I don’t recall why; he seemed the sort of guy who’d burn up regnerations on frivolities, too. That would sit with the Sound of Drums-madness, too.

    • Sarah B said:

      Oops. Meant to add this comment to the “real” post instead of your last word! Sorry!

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