Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraLovelyLouise-300This Verity! Extra! feels like an extra-special one. We have the incredible pleasure of bringing you an interview with a true Doctor Who luminary, Louise Jameson! From Leela on screen to Leela in Big Finish to writing for Big Finish to the fab new short film Cleaning Up to her other amazing work, she’s been a wonderful and influential figure in the world of British television and theatre. Join Deb and Erika as they squee a bit about it and then hear Deb have a fabulous chat with the lovely lady herself!


Find Louise here:
On the web:
On twitter: @Lou_Jameson
Big Finish audios: Gallifrey, Fourth Doctor Adventures
New short film: Cleaning Up

Update (8/23): The Mark Gatiss project Louise mentioned is The Tractate Middoth.

Download or listen now (runtime 36:46) 

Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Lovely Louise" (8)

  1. A lovely interview. She sounded like a wonderful woman.

    I believe the Mark Gatiss ghost project is called The Tractate Middoth which is adapted from a MR James story. The BBC announced it awhile ago so here’s a link about it:

  2. Koa Webster said:

    Ooh, I squeed too! What a great interview with a fascinating woman. I was really surprised that Louise’s time on Doctor Who was relatively short, because in my mind she was on TV for ages! Clearly Leela was so awesome that I’ve amplified her time on-screen in my mind…

    And now I’m really going to have to listen to some Big Finish audios, cos I want more Leela!

    Once more, a great podcast. Every week Verity gives me something new to think about. Keep it up!

  3. Oh, she DOES seem lovely! This was a great interview, and so pleasant to listen to it could have gone on for hours and I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I definitely need to check out the Big Finish audios that she’s in, too.
    Thanks, ladies!! 🙂

  4. I enjoy every Verity! podcast but this one was particularly wonderful. Very exciting to hear Louise is recording something with Colin Baker and Lalla Ward next year too. I’d not heard that before, you might have a world exclusive there!

  5. Sarah B said:

    This was wonderful, thank you so much!

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