Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraUna-300This week’s Extra! brings another interview–this time with one of the female creators involved in the Doctor Who universe, Una McCormack! Una is most definitely One Of Us–a fascinating fangirl with loads of talent to accompany her deep love for Doctor Who. Join Deb as she chats with Una about writing DW novels, writing for Big Finish, being a fangirl, and even a bit about Star Trek and Blake’s 7! And be sure to check out Una’s work and online presence:

@unamccormack on Twitter
Una’s blog
Una’s post about female creators
Preorder The Crimson Shadow
Order Una’s books from Amazon
Big Finish – Gallifrey
Big Finish – Blake’s 7
Archive of Our Own (fanfic site)


Download or listen now (runtime 34:53)

Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Una McCormack" (14)

  1. Another great podcast and a very enjoyable interview.

    I still have trouble though understanding the desperartion for a female Doctor. I’m not personally against it and would happily keep watching the show without thinking there was an iotas detriment to the show but in my white, middle class male world I honestly don’t understand it.

    That’s not to say I don’t see the issue in television representation both on screen and behind the screen. Anyone who watches television can see that. What I don’t see is why people think that changing the established character of the Doctor will make any difference to this.

    What we need is for television to take the time and effort to engage female writers/directors/producers and for people to create and screen original female characters (hopefully representing the bredth of all ethnicities, ages, religions and creeds).

    Changing the Doctor wouldn’t solve anything and would be such a high profile event that it could actually be detrimental – papering over cracks and giving those that have created the current situation cause to say that the situation is less of a problem and less needs to be done than is actually the case.

    I would rather see television progress to the point where we don’t see the need for a female Doctor rather than have the Doctor used to prove a point.

    • Elvisomar said:

      I think calling it “desperation” is extremely unfair to those who would like to see a woman cast as the Doctor. Neither do I think the hope to see the Doctor as a woman is having “the Doctor used to prove a point.”

      Regardless what I may have been heard to say on the Verity forum previously, I feel strongly that precedent within the series (which many refer to as “canon”) clearly indicates that any Time Lord can potentially regenerate as a woman. The bottom line for me is that I want the casting to reflect and support the vision of the head writer. If the showrunner believes a woman will best allow him or her to move the story forward in an exciting way, then it needs to be a woman.

      For now, the Doctor is Matt Smith to be followed by Peter Capaldi, and the showrunner is Steven Moffat. I am thrilled to see what stories they are going to tell.

      So going forward, my fingers are crossed that Moffat introduces more female writers, more strong and sympathetic female characters, and we see fewer moments where his insensitivity to gender bias is made evident. I honestly don’t think Moffat is a misogynist. I do think he is one of those people that believes men are from Mars and women are from Venus. By now, I have figured out that women and men are from EARTH, and are, in fact, the same genus and species.

      • This sums up beautifully my feelings about Moffat, Elvisomar. I don’t believe he’s a misogynist, more that he has very old fashioned ideas about men AND women. His gender portrayals generally feel like a cocktail of screwball comedies from the 1930’s-1950’s and sitcoms – and are easier to enjoy if you pretend that time travel was involved.

        Imagine the Pond Saga with Rita Hayworth as River Song, Jimmy Stewart as Rory, Ginger Rogers as Amy Pond and Fred Astaire as the Doctor… and NOW it all makes sense…

      • Elvisomar said:

        Thanks Tansy… I must say, the idea of Jimmy Stewart as Rory Williams caused me to laugh aloud. I do appreciate your reverse time shift to get around the more uncomfortable aspects of the Moffat era. However, I might prefer to tweak your casting, if you don’t mind. Though I love Fred Astaire, I don’t see him as the Doctor.

        Would you believe Jimmy Stewart as Rory, Kate Hepburn as River Song, Rosalind Russell as Amy Pond, and Cary Grant as the Doctor? We could maybe get George Cukor to direct?

        This is fun. How about Gene Kelly as Captain Jack (he’ll dance with anybody)?
        Maybe it’s too obvious, but: Peter Lorre as the Master?

        Oh dear… I may have to Tumbl this…

  2. Another storming podcast from one of the best and most considered doctor who podcasts in the world. Unas work is truly impresive and its good to hear a writer speak honestly about their work. More please

  3. Great interview. Hope you have her back. Now you have me seeking out her books.

    It might not get said much, or enough, but the sound quality on your podcast is outstanding. Refreshing compared to some where the speakers are in the background somehow.

    • Thanks for the compliment on the sound quality! I work really hard to make it as smooth as possible. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it. Glad you agree!

  4. Elvisomar your casting is brilliant! Link me to any Tumblr that comes from this.

  5. Now that you have done all this casting, it is time for someone to make this retro BW “Doctor Who” thing into something that looks like an actual 1940s movie serial or feature trailer…a “premake”. Check out the 1950s “Ghostbusters” treatment with Bob Hope and Dean Martin… it’s excellent. It’d be fun to see “Doctor Who” done like this. The film to go with Elvisomar’s poster 🙂

    • Elvisomar said:

      I feel a little bad because we sort of hijacked the comments and not very many people said what a really great interview it was with Una McCormack. Having said that, the Ghost Busters thing is awesome! Thanks your honor.

      • MayorOfUlthar said:

        I also felt bad because the comment feature turned my little Youtube link into a billboard of a picture. The Una McCormack interview was indeed outstanding. I do also enjoy her Cardassian books. I hope she comes back in the future for another interview.

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