Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraStuffWeLike-300PLEASE NOTE: We recorded this Extra! before we heard the official news that “some” previously-missing Doctor Who episodes had been returned. Believe that we all like that very much indeed!

This week’s Extra! is all about happiness! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we do an extended version of what’s caught our attention and made us happy about Doctor Who as of late. From oft-maligned stories to oft-praised podcasts, from charity events to fan-fic, we bring our darlings to the table and have a good squee.






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Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Stuff We Like!" (36)

  1. Elvisomar said:

    Thanks to the Ladies of Verity! I’m looking forward to checking out one or two of those podcasts, Reality Bomb in particular. I will definitely underline the recommendation for anything by Simon Guerrier.

    My own podcast darlings:
    > Radio Rassilon : Irregularly published, and irreverently funny. Two Brits celebrate their favorite programme with music and good humour.
    > The Oodcast : Four British friends (of varied gender) are enthusiastic fans—music and humor also play a part.
    > The Doctor Who Podcast : Similar format to Verity, a collection of individuals (mostly male) from different English-speaking countries. The group includes members of the Radio Rassilon and A Madman With A Box podcasts.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Absolutely adore The Oodcast! My only complaint is that they aren’t podcasting every week!. Funny, smart, clever and immensely talented, they amuse and delight in every episode. And they’re very nice people to boot. 😉 I heartily, heartily second your rec.

  2. Ray Adamson said:

    Stuff related to Doctor Who guaranteed to make me smile: 1.The image of Karen Gillan being dragged around a floor by her ankles in a wedding dress by Matt Smith as Elvis Presley is playing during filming The Big Bang.2Karen Gillan dancing to Crazy in Love while apparently heavily pregnant between takes of Amy’s Choice on Doctor Who confidential. 3.Anytime a new series is commissioned by the BBC.4.Anytime a lost episode has been recovered.5 Anytime anybody involved with the production of Time Flight expresses their embarassment.6.Verity Lambert hating on the third Doctor era on DVD extras.Bless.7.Cookie monsters portrayal of Amy Pond in Sesame Streets tribute to Doctor Who.Very good but i thought he lost the character a bit when he saw cookies.8 Tom Baker blowing into Erato’s protuberance ,trying to communicate with him in Creature From The Pit.9.Patrick Troughton producing his companions knickers during rehearsals.9.Billie Piper and Anthony Head talking about what a difficult actor K-9 is.10 Piers Wenger discussing how exhausting it is following Karen Gillan about all the time publicising new series 5 11.Karen Gillan pictured looking worse than a Doctor Who monster at the end of a night out.Scary.12.James Achesons’ severe professional embarassment about the Gell Guards on The Mutants DVD.13. Peter Capaldi being announced as the new Doctor.14 How L.M Myles choices for this podcast all feature large amounts of glitter in the set decoration.

  3. What a fun extra! The “happy thing” segments at the beginning of each episode are one of my favorite things about Verity; I often feel that Doctor Who fandom in general can be very negative, so it’s just nice to have this regular injection of guaranteed happiness/positivity/squee, and I like to play along and think of one Doctor Who thing that happened in the past week that fills *me* with glee. 🙂

    Since the Second Doctor is *my* Doctor, my absolute favorite, it is really obvious that the recent news about missing episodes blows all other things out of the water this week in terms of making me happy… oh my gosh, depending on how many and which are announced once the news breaks, I might cry…

    But if I had to pick one other thing that brought a lot of joy, it’s a Big Finish audio called “The Scorchies”, which came out a while ago but I only listened to a few days ago. It’s a Companion Chronicle featuring Jo, in which a race of psychic aliens pretend to be puppets and run a children’s television show to take over the world. Essentially, they’re like evil Muppets! And they sing cheerful songs about things like wanting to kill the Doctor and take over the earth! The entire audio is just hilarious and a little bit creepy and totally delightful. I would say to avoid it if you’re the sort of person who cringes in disgust when you hear the phrase “Doctor Who musical episode”, but otherwise, highly recommended 😀

    I listen to all of the podcasts you listed except for the Pharos Project, and several more beyond that. I might have reached Doctor Who podcast saturation at this point LOL, but I’ll definitely give Pharos Project a listen soon. And I’ll have to check out that fanfic mentioned as well.

    I love fanvids, so I will have to go watch the ones mentioned now! And ooh, I would like to three vid recommendations of my own, all of which are very different in tone. First is What About Everything II: (sorry, not sure how to make a link in these comments!) by Calapine, which is like a beautiful joyful celebration of all Doctor Who. You can tell it was the work of someone with a lot of Who knowledge and a lot of dedication to go through a those episodes, and it always makes me smile. The next one is “Handlebars” by Flummery, which gives me chills every single time I watch it, and is all about the Tenth Doctor: It’s sort of an exploration of the darker side of that Doctor and is almost like a character critique in fanvid form. And the last Doctor Who vid that I love is purely to make you laugh, it’s called “Jamie, where’s your trousers?”: and it is a tribute to Jamie McCrimmon’s kilt. 😉

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Excellent vid recs! “Handlebars” is a great favorite of mine and one I consider personal canon. And I adore all of Calapine’s work – vid AND fic. 😉 The Jamie vid is new to me…for now. Thanks!

  4. More podcast “darlings of mine”:

    – The Oodcast. Love the songs! It is intermittent, and I don’t think there have been any for a while though.
    – Terminus – a one-woman show, always great!

  5. Doctor Who things that fill me with glee? The t shirt that my best friends sent me for Christmas last year that reads “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a mad man in possession of a blue box must be in want of a companion”. It combines my 2 favourite things ever and is utterly brilliant. Because Jane Austen and Eleven would totally get on like a house on fire.

  6. Wonderful Verity Extra, ladies! I thought of a few Things I Like to throw on the table –

    Podcast-wise – I love “Traveling the Vortex” ( It’s three guys from Kansas – Glenn, Shaun and Keith. Glenn and Shaun have been Doctor Who fans for a long time and they’re introducing Keith to Doctor Who for the very first time. Granted, the podcast has been running for a couple of years now so Keith isn’t such a newbie anymore, but he still manages to be surprised. They cover all of New Who, Classic Who, Big Finish, novels, spin-offs – if it’s Doctor Who-related, they cover it (Shaun’s catchphrase is “Any Who is Good Who”). Their podcasts are very conversational and very accessible, especially to the fan who is just getting into Doctor Who. It’s pretty much three good friends discussing something they all love. There’s been a neat little community forming around the podcast and listeners send in feedback about the stories they’re reviewing and pretty much anything they talk about. Their conversations tend to tangent quite a bit (into comics and movies and TV shows and conventions and whatever else they feel like discussing). Plus, they “sponsor” (if that’s the right word) Friday Night Who, which takes place every Friday evening at midnight Central Time on Twitter. They choose a Doctor Who story or episode and we all sync up our copies and tweet along with our sort of MST3K-style commentary (hashtag is #FridayNightWho). Just check their website for all the random goodies they come up with – it’s a blast!

    Other things I love – for Big Finish, I love “The Kingmaker” by Nev Fountain. It’s a Fifth Doctor, Peri, and Erimem story centered around Richard III and whether or not he killed his nephews in order to claim the crown (and the Doctor arguing with Shakespeare over the details is hilarious. It’s a completely timey-wimey mystery that turns history and literature on its ear and one I highly, highly recommend.

    Also – want to throw some extra love toward “Timelash,” even though Liz already did (but you can never have enough members of the Timelash Defense Team running around, now can you?) And “The Keys of Marinus” is another Doctor Who story that gets unfairly maligned, but I totally adore. It’s my go-to story when I’m feeling lousy (whether that’s physically or emotionally) and just want to curl up and enjoy something nice. It helps that I’m a total Ian/Barbara shipper at heart and they have some very lovely moments in that story.

  7. I really enjoyed the podcast this week! I really identified with Erica’s Stuff We Like. It is especially nice to know others are addicted to Doctor Who podcasts like I am. Though since I’m listening to those people on a podcast, I may be slightly more addicted. I listen to all the ones Erica mentioned (I love Verity but RFS was my first podcast so my current addiction is their fault!) A couple of other ones I listen to are:
    a) The Oodcast: others before me have mentioned so I won’t go on about their awesomeness
    b) Splendid Chaps: mentioned a couple times on other Verity episodes since Tansy has been a guest a couple of times. It is a couple of guys doing a live show about each Doctor for each month along with a larger general theme.
    c) A Madman with a Box Podcast: Though it is taking a break as the host has also joined The Doctor Who Podcast, there is a guest and they talk about one episode of Doctor Who (usually their favorite)
    d) Toby Hadoke’s Big Finish Who’s Round where he is on a quest to talk to someone from every episode of Classic Doctor Who.
    e) Finally, I’ve just started listening to Who’s He? Podcast because the guys from RFS were all interviewed on it.

  8. David Tennant played a psycho in ‘Secret Smile’, which I believe premiered right before his first episode as the the Doctor aired, IIRC. It’s very much a ‘Lifetime’ TV style movie, though, so be warned. So, I honestly find it more laughable than scary, personally. Still, it’s great for cheesiness, though! 🙂

  9. This is a very happy making episode! Admittedly, as mentioned in my first episode, your Happy Stuff segment of your podcasts is what inspired my own ‘Happy Fandom Time!’ segment of mine. It’s so fun to geek out about what’s exciting you that week. 🙂

  10. Oh, and I’m actually in the middle of editing my podcast about ‘The Three Doctors’ as we speak (write?), which I’ll update with a link here in comments when it comes out in the next few days. But I LOVE THAT SERIAL too and gush about it muchly — especially the Gel Guards! 🙂

  11. couple of things…. erm..The Tin Dog Podcast… ive been podcasting for 7 years and have over 340 eps… (top rated solo dr who podcast on itunes) short but sweet. enough self promotion.

    Oh did you get ‘Blue Box Messiah’? There’s a second edition of the script soon.

    Pharos Project.. well. they may be working class but i know that Chris Has a degree in Film making and theory as I sat next to him in class for 3 years while we studied together.

    Other Podcasts? Well… THE Doctor Who Podcast is excellent and the greatest podcast of all (present company excluded… The OOdcast.

  12. also… Timelash…

    It was the first story I ever taped on the TV using my Betamax recorder… i still have the tape somewhere… anyway. during the hiatus it was one of only 2 stories i had to watch so i grew to love it… i think i was 13/14 at the time. I would love an HGwells and the Doctor Big Finish mini series.

    There needs to be more BF love in the room too

  13. Emily said:

    Timelash is great! That’s yet another one that I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to like until I met fandom. My other underloved favorite is Timeflight. Yes, it has what are potentially The Worst Aliens in all of Doctor Who, special-effects-wise. And what’s up with the Master’s disguise? But, fantastic time stuff, great Tardis stuff, and I love the pilot characters. Also, Tegan actually gets to do her job.

    Big FInish! I have so many loves! While I would not foist this view on another, to me, Big Finish is canon. Because so much of it is so perfect. My absolute favorite is Colditz + the Klein trilogy. Such an amazing treatment of what time travel can and can’t do, and the consequences of messing up. Plot! Character! The works!

    After that, the Lucie Miller arc. This was actually my first introduction to Big Finish, when it was aired on BBC radio back in, oh, 2007 or something. I didn’t like Lucie at first, but the fact that the 8th doctor comes to mesh so well with her really rounds out his character and personality (especially in contrast to how he is with Charley). I was recommending the series to a friend recently, and labeling the ones that were crucially important to the overall arc and the ones that were more skippable…and almost the entire fourth season ended up “Must Watch!!” (or listen, as it were). Because it’s that good, by the end.

    (Also, shout out to Ace & Hex. Tardis team for the ages.)

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      If we had had time, the Klein stories were next on my list. They are, I think, some of the very best Doctor Who written, full stop. I still get chills thinking about Architects of History.

      Whenever someone is looking for a gateway into Big Finish I nearly always recommend the Lucie Miller stories. As you said, Lucie and the 8th Doctor work well together and the growth of their relationship is a lot of fun to observe. Plus, their format (somewhat shorter than main range, organized into seasons and carrying a definite arc) make them very accessible to new audio fans. Of course, like any gateway drug, it’s usually just the beginning of the addiction – but one I don’t mind spreading! 😉

    • Ace and Hex fistbump!

      Lucie Miller is so fabulous I can’t even say, but I will go out of my way to watch everything with Sheridan Smith in because of her.

      My favourite under-appreciated story is The Chase – I can’t believe how mean fandom is about that one when it is basically a perfect, fun use of the show’s main concepts at the time, with some brilliant set pieces.

  14. sostorm said:

    I have never listened to Radio Free Skaro but I’ll check it out because of you guys! You’re my very first Doctor Who podcast. I’ve also finally started watching Torchwood because of you (loving it). I might be an odd one though because I came here after following Steph to the Raverly group.

    Things that makes me happy. Doctor Who board games!!! The best ones, I think, are print and play ones.

    We play ‘The Twelve Doctors’ a lot Such a great game! I printed it through artscow I think. With all the expansions it’s such a great two player game with both excitement and familiar faces from all the eras.

    Then there’s the ‘Doctor Who Solitary Story Game’ which is a single player game. I’m looking for a way to print it but I’ve heard so much great things about it.

    I also think that they ‘Doctor Who: Card Game’ is a fair game. I love the game designer and while it’s not his best game it’s still entertaining (only new Who).

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I love this comment.:D And Steph can be quite persuasive! Even though I bleed TARDIS blue she convinced me to be on Team Sherlock for last year’s Ravelympics.

      Thanks for the game recs – these are things I wasn’t even aware existed.

      • sostorm said:

        I can really recommend the Twelve Doctors. It’s worth looking out for artscow sales to get it printed at a reasonable price.

  15. Kevin said:

    Hello, Verity! hosts.

    While I listen to and enjoy Radio Free Skaro, “Verity!” is actually my first Doctor Who podcast. And as crazy as this may sound to you, I also learned of RFS from your show.

    Verity! is the one Doctor Who-related podcast I get most excited about when it shows up on my feed. Each one of you is a delight to listen to each week, and I am glad you produce such a quality show about such an iconic TV program.

    Pardon a quick techie question, but how do you record the show in such high quality from multiple locations?

    Many thanks for many hours of entertainment, and I look forward to the next episode.

    • Thanks for the lovely words! You are too kind. As for your techie question, the secret is that we each record our own track (locally) separately and then I edit them together later. I’ve gone into greater detail over on the “behind the voices” page for myself (Erika). Take a peek at the comments there & let me know if you have any questions!


  16. Thanks, Erika. The mystery in my head is solved. 🙂 I do love the show to bits.

  17. Paul A. said:

    Adventures with the Wife in Space was one of my favourite serialised-DW-fan-things on the net while it lasted.

    It’s one of several blogs in which a Doctor Who fan sets out to rewatch the entire classic series in broadcast order and blog about it, but what makes this one different is that he managed to persuade his wife to watch them all with him and provide the “Doctor Who? I’ve vaguely heard of that” viewpoint. The results are amazing.

    (And not only did the marriage survive, apparently they’re planning to do it over again next year with Blake’s 7.)

  18. Every week, the key thing that makes me happy about Doctor Who is listening to Verity!

    But this week I have a few more:
    1. Splendid Chaps is crowd funding for a show in Sydney, where I live! If you’re a fan, please consider donating a few bucks so you can listen to an extra podcast! (Their project is on
    2. My husband got me a colour-changing Dalek mug to replace the disappearing Tardis mug that my dad put in the dishwasher by accident…
    3. I just found that my amazing sister-in-law has instructions on how to make an Adipose cake on her blog! (she posted it in January: It’s way beyond my cake decorating abilities, but I can enjoy the photos and admire her genius from afar – and maybe there are Verity listeners who can actually decorate cakes (unlike me!).

  19. Oh, and I only heard about Radio Free Skaro on Verity, too… Planning to check it out one day, but I can’t commit to too many podcasts at once; my time is limited!

  20. Sarah B said:

    I’m just going to raise my hand as another who came to RFS through Verity. I came to Verity from Splendid Chaps (when Tansy was on first), and I can’t remember how I found them. How many are we up to? 🙂

    • I also came to Verity from Splendid Chaps the first time Tansy was on. And I heard about Splendid Chaps on the RADIO (you know, that thing we all listened to before podcasts ;-)). I’ll be checking out RFS once my current work commitments slow down a bit…

  21. Podcasts –

    The Krynoid Podcast – two guys doing a blow by blow commentary/discussion of mostly classic (but some new as well AND they did the TV movie) Who. Seems slow at first, but they say some hilarious stuff that will make you burst out laughing.

    TARDIS Tavern – one of my new favorites. I got through all of their old episodes and am now bummed that I have to wait for them in real time. Although I do fear for their livers.

    The Cloister Room – two guys – one classic fan, one new fan who is seeing many of the classic episodes for the first time. Interesting discussion abounds as they wend their way through Who talking about the story lines, production, and actors. Lots of interesting tidbits of info and opinions.

  22. EdgeOfSeventeen said:

    Hey Gals! I always enjoy your podcast, and I’ve got one more podcast to suggest to you:
    “The Doctor’s Companion” was my first Doctor Who podcast and is one that I never miss. It’s two guys covering every episode of Doctor Who ever produced and they break down not only the on-screen stuff, but delve into the back room politics of making Doctor Who and while they do sometimes have more controversial views of things, their opinions are always well explained. They cover new Who episodes shortly after they air, and then delve back in analysis of Classic episodes in the interim. Definitely one I’d recommend for fans of Classic Who. Love the podcast Ladies!

    P.S. I discovered Radio Free Skaro shortly after discovering Doctor Who, but quickly gave up on it, but thanks to you guys I gave it another try a while back!

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