Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


Here at Verity! we’re all pretty positive about Doctor Who.  Well, maybe not all of us at the same time but we like to think that’s part of our charm.

Now is your chance to put that theory to the test. Tell us what you think is Just Not Good –  whether it’s a story, an episode, a character, a soundtrack…anything and everything is fair game. We will randomly select a challenge and you get to listen to us dig deep (or not so deep) to defend that thing to the death.  Some choices will be defended very thoughtfully and other choices will be thrown into a hat and we’ll go five rounds rapid.

Can we do it? We have no idea! But my guess is it will hilarious.


Comments on: "In Defense Of….A Verity! Challenge" (54)

  1. Timelash. Or, as I tend to call it, Timeslash.

  2. Defend “Daleks in Manhattan” and “Evolution of the Daleks”

  3. Eric Roberts as The Master. I DARE YOU.

    • This was exactly what I was going to suggest. I knew it was too obvious.

      Though I also want to include the way they depicted the Master between execution and Eric Roberts.

  4. No female Doctors.

  5. There are some good ones so far.

    Okay, Defend the Death of Adric.

  6. lbphilly said:

    Defend Rose Tyler’s eye makeup.

  7. Defend The Wedding of River Song.

  8. Aww… I love “Timelash.” And “Silver Nemesis.” And “Daleks in Manhattan.” And “Warriors of the Deep” (that is one I will defend to my last breath. I have my reasons ^_^).

    Okay – something I don’t like… let me think… I know! Defend “The Rebel Flesh” and “The Almost People.” I don’t actually “hate” very much “Doctor Who,” but that is one story I despise so much that I routinely forget it exists.

  9. Kevin Kniess said:

    Two Words: FEAR HER!

  10. Findis said:

    Defend the Myrka!
    Or the Slitheen.

  11. Ray Adamson said:

    I’m actually a bit of a fan of ‘The Underwater Menace’. Does anybody in the Verity crew want to challenge the popular consensus and attempt to champion it?That or ‘The Beast Below’ would be my candidates for your support.

  12. Kevin Neeman said:

    Defend Martha Jones as a companion.

    • mikken said:

      Oh please, Martha was awesome. Saved the Doctor’s life in her first story.

    • jezbez said:

      Although I can see what they wanted her to be, it really didn’t work. She spent half the time moping doe-eyed around the Doctor, the other half having a go about the fact that he wasn’t romantically interested in her. We spent more time having to look at their relationship that never was during series 3 than we did looking at the Doctor and Rose’s relationship over series 1 and 2 combined.

      On top of that the delivery of some of the lines really grated. Having watched FA in other things I think she’s brilliant so I’m going on the assumption that this must have been in the direction.

      • terminuspodcast said:

        It’s weird, but I’m honestly always a bit confused when people complain how much Martha went on about her unrequited feelings for the Doctor (and ‘moped’ about it), when honestly I remember that as being very little of her screen time. I guess its just one of those things that becomes more pronounced in people’s memories than in reality?

    • Martha was at her best when not actually with the Doctor while she was a companion, and at any time after she left.

      But when I try to remember her as a companion, all I’m able to come up with is the scene in The Shakespeare Code where she’s disappointed the Doctor would rather talk about Rose than notice anything significant about sharing a bed with her.

  13. The thought of watching ‘Arc of Infinity’ again makes my bowels convulse in horror.

    That’s not a suggestion by the way; just something I wanted to share.

  14. Chuck C said:

    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

  15. Miss Heather of Perth Australia said:

    The doctor must not have very movable eyebrows to be a good Dr Who.

  16. jezbez said:

    Defend Love and Monsters – the episode where the Doctor discarded all his morals and the sanctitiy his has treated life with in order that RTD could get a quick oral sex joke in (I’m actually a LOT more bothered about the change in how the Doctor acts than I am with sex jokes in Who, I can just about live with them). It also was so bad that it took a Doctor Who fan (Peter Kay) and gave him an awful costume and terrible lines within a weak story to the point he publicly stated his regret that he was a part of it.

    • Personally, I think it’s a pretty good episode until the Absorbaloff reveal. Even the kid who designed the Absorbaloff was disappointed. Most complaints about the episode are about the end.

  17. I’ve got two: The Rings of Akhaten and Nightmare in Silver

  18. Trees that hug you back. Mark of the Rani

  19. laurissy said:

    Defend The Sensorites. Make the fact that I bought the DVD worth something.

  20. Sabrina said:

    Pfft, most of the suggestions so far are rather easy to defend!

    But okay, I’ll bite – how about Amy’s pregnancy subplot in S6 and how the show dealt with it and the subsequent fallout!

  21. Heidi said:

    Defend the supposed zombies in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS that turn out to be themselves. Why are they attacking, then? Made no sense.

  22. In Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: If the black hole that was powering the TARDIS was above them as they stood on the bridge at the center of the TARDIS, why was gravity pulling them down towards the bridge instead of up towards the black hole? Please defend.

  23. Scott K said:

    My two year old son loves Victory of the Daleks and all the boldly colored goodness. I know in some quarters the episode didn’t go down terribly well, and I’d love to hear you make the case for it. Defend it for the sake of one of the youngest fans!

  24. For me, it’s the Web Planet. Impossible to defend.

  25. Daniel Thomas Miller said:

    Defend “Dimensions in Time,” without the excuse of it being for charity.

    • jezbez said:

      They can’t defend it – IT DOESN’T EXIST! (starts rocking while mumbling “it never happened, it never happened, it never happened…..”)

  26. Defend Dodo. If you think you can.

  27. Endless Mike (@masolko) said:

    Defend the choice to pick Ace as McCoy’s new companion instead of Ray.

  28. Oooh, fun! I did this same thing in one of my own podcast episodes and really enjoyed it (

    Let’s see, as to what to defend, it’s hard to find things that I truly hate in the Whoniverse, but I do hate ‘Dimensions in Time’, so I’ll be seconding that on the list.

    ‘End of Time, pts 1 & 2’ are pretty high up there for me as well. And ‘Turn Left’. Those of the only new series episodes I just *never* rewatch (the first because it was an incomprehensible mess and the second because it frankly puts me to sleep because I just find it really boring for some reason).

    I’d say ‘End of Time’ most of all, though. I just don’t get people’s love for that story and really think that Ten(nant) deserved a much better send-off.

    • See, I thought I just came up with the idea this week but chances are very high that I just heard you do it on Terminus, thought it was a great idea, forgot about it, and then re-idea’d it myself.

      I’ve been loving your podcast, by the way, Nicole! xx

      • Thanks so much, Tansy! You’ve made my day! I’m a *huge* fan of Verity! as well. 🙂

        And it’s a great idea either way it came to fruition. I just really think it can be fun (and challenging in some cases!) to try to defend the things we love in such a way. Plus, it can be an interesting way to step back and try to see things from a different perspective.

        For example, I’m not super keen on ‘Fear Her’, myself, but listening to this episode gave me some different ideas about it. I didn’t agree with them all and I’m not sure I’ve changed my mind about disliking it on the whole, but it was really cool hearing what people *do* like about it and why. And, who knows, maybe in another episode, I might completely change my mind about the defended topic of choice. 🙂

  29. Emily said:

    Defend the overuse of the idea that you can “just believe” and love & hope & remember your way to a plot resolution. As seen particularly egregiously in: Victory of the Daleks, The Big Bang, Night Terrors, Closing Time, and too many more.

    Also, I second anyone who may have mentioned the whole convoluted Amy’s baby = River the timelord thing. And actually, defend the way River got downgraded from an intriguing Benny-esque archaeologist going about her 51st century adventures into a petulant lovesick girl fawning over and pining for the Doctor, and how she literally gets shut up in a cage whenever the Doctor doesn’t need her to move his story forward.

  30. The Twin Dilemma. Pretty much the only Story to leave a bad taste in my mouth and almost stop watching six’s run (which would have been a shame because Some of his stuff is alright!) .

    • Funny, I just posted the same suggestion on the comments thread for the “Defending Fear Her” episode. Let’s hope the Verity! team goes for it.

  31. mikeb said:

    My first thought was ‘Zagreus!’, but maybe that’s a bit leftfield. I like the suggestion of Dimensions in Time too.

  32. Defend Midnight.

    • Yes! The near complete absence of Donna Noble from this story is egregious. Difficult to see how it could be defended.

      Otherwise, I pretty much liked it.

      • Gave the actor time off. But more pertinently, it made the Doctor more isolated, no one to defend him as they all turn on this suspicious, big headed stranger; no one on his side.

  33. jezbez said:

    Love conquers all

  34. The inability to give us a really top notch Cybermen story in modern Who. I had faith in Gaiman, but nope!

  35. sostorm said:

    Defend the fate of Donna Noble (how they made her leave).

    • Yes, I’d like to hear a defense of this as well, especially as Catherine Tate would have returned for another series if only someone had asked. Factor in the squicky way Rose gets to have her very own pet Doctor, and it’s an epic fail all around.

  36. Mr Axon said:

    Defend The Two Doctors, or Paradise Towers.

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