Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraCTLive-300This week’s Extra! is a first for us–a LIVE show! The gracious powers-that-be at Chicago TARDIS let us do our thing–in person! Join Erika, Liz, Lynne, and special guest Jennifer Kelly (programming director of the con) as we review what we enjoyed about the convention, marvel at how weird it is to see each other while we’re talking, and discuss lots of audience-supplied mini-topics! This was oodles of fun, and we hope we get a chance to do it again sometime.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show for making it such fun!


Download or listen now (runtime 50:02) 

Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Chicago TARDIS – LIVE!" (12)

  1. I enjoyed the live Verity! show. It was also great to hear my old friend Jennifer on a podcast. I hope you can do more live shows at other Who cons.

  2. terminuspodcast said:

    So glad to hear a live podcast from you guys! ❤

    Oh, and thanks so much to Liz for mentioning how Amy switching jobs so much was realistic for a contemporary 20-something! I agree SO HARD with this. I always see this come up with people as a criticism of her character, but a) she's young and just trying out different jobs and THAT IS TOTALLY NORMAL (especially in this economy) and b) about ten years passes during that time, so its not as if she's changed her job as often as it looks.

    For Amy, I can imagine that she's trying to figure out where she fits in the world, much like any normal young woman. Not all of us have a clear trajectory of a career path. I'm 40 and I still bounce around through different professions, trying on different things to see what resonates best for me. Plus, for Amy, she also wanted a job that was low-commitment for when she needed to run off with the Doctor. Makes perfect sense to me. 🙂

    • I agree completely. The job changing of Amy was a deliberate piece of characterisation, designed to show not only that she wasn’t especially invested in her ‘real’ life through her twenties, and that she is an impulsive person, but also to show the way that time was passing over just a few episodes. I am, however, very used to many people using any excuse to criticise Amy (or by extension Moffat’s writing of Amy) – if they are already annoyed by her character, she can continue to do no right. It’s an interesting comparison to Donna who started out massively hated by large numbers of fandom but won many of them over.

      Having said that I do agree with Jennifer that it would be bad to do the same thing with Clara. I don’t think that having her go from ‘nanny’ to ‘teacher’ (or ‘student teacher) really suggests that is happening, though. If anything it is the opposite, as when we first met her, her life was on hold. Far from causing that, the Doctor gave her a new freedom. She no longer has to plan for a gap year that will never happen, as she can take the travel for granted, and get on with her life. It’s a natural transition.

      The Doctor and Clara are both far more independent of each other than his rather more mutually-clingy relationship with Amy, which is a nice contrast. I feel it’s important to point out when Moffat is actually doing something different given the ‘conventional fan wisdom’ that he is incapable of doing anything but repeat himself.

  3. Lovely live show! Very lively and entertaining, and the sound quality was great.

    I am slightly disappointed with Liz though – I thought her final thought would involve Scotland! She’ll have to try harder than that if she’s going to beat McCoy at his Hobbit game. 😀

  4. Fun episode, ladies.

    If I had gone to Chicago Tardis and submitted a topic, mine would have been: “Best and worst regenerations” (its deliberately ambiguous). This question might not be fair before the Christmas episode though…

    • It’s a perfect question – the worst regeneration is ALWAYS the next one because of the dread factor.

      Best was Pertwee into Baker. I think I know Planet of the Spiders off by heart. Addition of a fake Tibetan monk makes everything better!

      • Emily said:

        Oh, hear hear!! Pertwee to Baker is fantastically emotional, and full of character, and everything wonderful. I’ve read a few different best-to-worst episode rankings lately, and they seem to be pretty harsh on Planet of the Spiders, which makes me sad. Happy to see another opinion! That said, in the end I have to be prosaic and boring and say that Caves of Androzani is my favorite, because it is a pretty much perfect final episode for Davison’s doctor.

        You all should remember this topic for a short podcast sometime! I’d love to hear what everyone has to say.

      • For me, the Pertwee to Baker regeneration was certainly the most affecting because it was my first. I’d only been watching Who for about a year and a bit when that happened but it was still a very strange feeling to have to get used to a whole new actor in the part! I think he’d won me over by Ark in Space though.

        The worst regeneration must surely be Colin Baker into Sylvester McCoy?

      • That really should have been “Colin Baker” into Sylvester McCoy. 🙂

  5. While searching for the Doctor Who episode of ‘The Culture Show’ Liz mentioned (, I found this interesting interview with Delia Derbyshire made in 1997 for Radio Scotland: The audio drops out a few times, but listening to it is worth the extra effort. She seemed quite surprised that people in the late 1990s were interested in her work from the 1960s, and it’s a terrible tragedy that she died so young.

    I also found another documentary all about Delia that Matthew Sweet made in 2010 called ‘Sculptress of Sound’: It includes a detailed deconstruction of the sounds used in the original Doctor Who theme, as well as a description of how the composition was constructed by splicing bits of audio tape together. They say Delia left the BBC Radiophonic Workshop because she disapproved of technological changes, but there must be more to the story. Several sources mention a ‘three-month’ mandatory staff rotation at the Workshop to ‘prevent brain disturbances or madness’, does anyone know if this means Delia was actually pushed out?

    BBC iPlayer no longer has the Doctor Who episode of ‘The Culture Show’ available, so this program is rather hard to find. Hopefully it will show up again in an official release sometime in the future.

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