Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraTravelwDoctor-300Welcome to what’s probably the silliest Verity! Extra! to date. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we answer a listener question: Which Doctor would you most like to travel with, and why? We also expand on this to cover who we’d least like to travel with, which companions we’d like to join, and which incarnation of the Master we’d tag along with. It’s a barrel of laughs and then some (for us, anyway–hope it is for you too)!


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Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – We Choo- Choo- Choose Who!" (18)

  1. Shelley Lee said:

    I can’t believe the lack of wanting to travel with modern Doctors. They have their quirks but also had a lot of fun. The Ninth ranted a lot but he also had lunch parties with Rose and Jack. The tenth and Donna’s constant laughing (Pompeii and turn left market) would help relieve any emo tendencies. Finally, there is not any Doctor as much fun as the 11th! I was also surprised 4th Doctors fun factor wasn’t mentioned. I’d go with anyone with access to a TARDIS but fun would be a big priority!

  2. Emily said:

    Of course this isn’t a silly question! What’s with all the nonsense accusations? This is what it’s all about! I admit, I am a list-maker, and I have my travel-with and favorite-to-watch lists all ready to go. The first two are no-brainers, 8 and then 5. Just for the fun and friendly niceness of it–we’d get along. I’m counting Big Finish, of course.

    Then on to 2, 7, 10, and 9, kind of tied but also kind of in that order. 2 is a bit fuddy duddy, 7 is manipulative, 10 can be manic or mopey, and 9 would be a bit intimidating…and yet, there’s the potential for connection with them all, and they can be rollicking good fun too and I’m convinced that they would at least care whether I live or die.

    That’s why they rank above 4, who while super fun is also kind of above it all, and unless I were Romana I’m just not convinced that he’d care enough to save me from mortal danger. He’s kind of tied in that respect with 3, but he’s more fun. 6, I do actually like, but everyone else is just so good that he gets knocked down a lot by default…also I’m not quite the bickering-with-authority-for-fun type. 6 might be above 3, but it’s hard to say. 1 is just untrustworthy.

    Companion(s) I’d travel with? I’m going with Turlough. No joke. While I don’t want to bicker with the Doctor, bickering with Turlough would be like bickering with my big brother, and that I could totally dig. Also I love a good snark. Sarcasm makes me happy, and so does grudging heroism. And I could mediate between him and the doctor, and we’d be team ginger. Martha, Leela, Evelyn and Charley are runners up. And Captain Jack, in a (probably) totally platonic way.

  3. The disadvantage to the early Doctors is a lack of reliability in getting *home*. I’d like to get home, or to *a* home, someday. That sort of knocks out Troughton, who would otherwise be a lot of fun (Jamie, Zoe and me in the Tardis. Down with that!)

    So…maybe the 8th Doctor? Or the 11th Doctor?

    • That’s an angle I hadn’t thought of! Not being able to get home (except via an extraordinarily lucky turn of events) would be a serious drawback. Possibly enough to keep me out of the TARDIS. Possibly.

  4. baticeer said:

    This is a very serious and not at all silly question that requires a lot of thought ๐Ÿ˜›
    My first impulse was the Second Doctor, because he’s my favorite and he’s so sweet and I think he’s the most likely to actually like me. Then I started thinking about companions, and I realized that if I’m going with him, it would probably be me and Jamie, and as much as I love Jamie as a character, I think he’s the kind of person who I wouldn’t get along with if I actually knew him. There’s also the entire factor of not being able to steer the TARDIS – what if I want to go back home? But maybe I could be with him during season 6B, when he can pilot it – but I’d rather not have to go on missions for the benefit of the Time Lords.

    I think that Six would be another good choice, but only if it’s later in his timeline, I’m thinking after the actual show seasons and well into Big Finish territory where he’s become a little less harsh. I don’t really do the whole “insulting each other as an expression of friendship” thing, but I think we could plausibly get along. Also, I think he’d appreciate me on a unique level for being the only companion who thinks his coat is awesome, LOL.

    Among the Masters, I think if I had to choose I’d most want to travel with Delgado because… well, it kind of goes with what you all were saying about not wanting to go with Ten because you don’t have the “fix him” urge. I think that early Master is the most “fixable”. Plus, there’s also the chance I’d get to hang out with Jo, and Jo is probably #1 on the list of companions I’d like to spend time with.

  5. Henrik said:

    I will dissent with many here and maintain that, yes, it is a silly question. Of course it’s silly.

    It is however not sillier than any of a number of ‘Doctor Who’ related discussion topics like “Who’s your favourite Doctor”, “What’s your favourite episode?”, “If you could trade one extant episode of Who for a missing one, which would you trade for which?”, etc.

    It’s ‘Doctor Who’, silly is the Doctor’s middle name. What you should worry about is whether or not a topic for discussion is boring, and this one isn’t.

    It’s also practically a no-brainer. If alone with the Doctor it’s definitely without a shadow of a doubt the eleventh, because he’s fun and caring and will probably get you back somewhere mostly intact (yes, one might die, a few times even, before the end but that’s OK) and better for having gone along for the ride and as a bonus we could share bow ties.
    If it’s travelling with a Doctor and whoever else is his companion at the time it’s the fifth and Tegan. The Doctor would be pleasant enough and Tegan is fantastic. Mouth on legs describes perfectly my dream companion. That came out weird.
    The third Doctor and Liz, or in my mind Liz and the third Doctor, would be a close runner up but even Dr. Elizabeth Shaw can’t quite overcome the third Doctor’s attitude problems in combination with the fact that they don’t actually ever go anywhere. So sorry, Liz, it’s all of time and space with a well meaning and contemplative if rather dull Doctor and his awesomely snarky and cool companion over you my dear.
    Now, if the Doctor and Tegan did show up I can’t promise I wouldn’t rummage through the data core looking through past companions, see Dr. Shaw, take an instant liking, and ask the Doctor why he wouldn’t just pop back and ask her to come with now that the TARDIS is working again. It’s really not fair is it, that Liz didn’t get to see the universe?

    If I were to pick a Master it’d have to be Delgado’s, for the simple reason that he seems the least absolutely looney out of the bunch. Yes, he’s still nuts and by most definitions pretty darned evil but that’s a fair trade for getting to see all of time and space (even if he shares the third Doctor issue of “all of time and space” translating to mostly England in the 70’s, but that’s a fair trade for maybe getting to stay alive for the ride). I may be deluding myself here.
    Also, if the Doctor turns up, even the third and Jo, I might just sneak up behind the Master and hit him in the back of the head with a pipe or something. Heck, I just might anyways if I get the chance. He is an evil murderous monster after all.

  6. Mandy said:

    I can’t get around very well so I don’t care whose (Whose?) Tardis shows up, I just want to take permanent residence in the library. I’m not much trouble and I have some familiarity with the Dewey Decimel System, perhaps I could be Lynne’s assistant in there?

    After some time in the Zero Room, I wouldn’t mind racing around with the Third Doctor (especially if Liz Shaw came along too) or playing cricket with the Fifth Doctor. Tegan could give a sarcy commentary and Nyssa could handle the scoring, that would leave Adric or Turlough to make the sandwiches for tea.

    • As far as accessibility goes, the pre-8th Doctor TARDIS interiors are probably the safest & easiest – the stairs only got wilder and crazier from then on. (though the Eccleston Tennant one is fine, I suppose, despite no evidence of it containing anything but the console room and the wardrobe room)

      The 11th Doctor interiors are both basically health & safety nightmares… though at least there are quite a few railings with the former.

      • Mandy said:

        Thank you for not taking that opportunity to gloat over recent men’s cricket results.

        Accessibility in the Tardis is dire. You’d think that the Time Lords could have invented stairlifts and ramps. Perhaps that’s the real reason why the Daleks are so angry with them? They’re not evil villains, they’re militant activists.

  7. Daniel O. said:

    It might be a strange choice, but I think I’d actually like to travel with the 6th Doctor. I’ve got a feeling that his personality and mine would mesh pretty well, especially as displayed in his Big Finish audio adventures. I can see myself traveling with him alongside Evelyn, but as long as I got him to drop me off somewhere peaceful before Mel came along, I’d be content. The 4th Doctor is actually my favorite – big surprise given my age (40) – but I can’t imagine spending much time in his company. Five would be an enjoyable person to meet, but his constant whining and slight state of confusion would drive me nuts after a while. Seven and Three are just too dangerous and the new Doctors have their own things going on. I just can’t wait to avail myself of the Tardis wardrobe and library!

  8. SusanC said:

    Fantastic Question! Enough to make this long time listener finally comment anyway.

    For my favourite Doctor to travel with I am torn but will follow your lead and give one for ‘just the two of us’ and one for ‘one of the gang’.

    My choice for travelling alone with is the 9th. Sure he is moody but so am I and his heavy heart is balanced by his cheekiness and joy for life. The more mature me would find him him interesting and educational and accepting. He doesn’t accept fools gladly – see Adam – but do any of us accept fools gladly? I don’t think he would judge me for not knowing all the answers as long as I kept him company and didn’t hold him back. And I have no desire to hold him back.

    My choice for travelling as part of a team is the 5th Doctor and Turlough. I will admit that this is in part because as a 14 year old girl I had quite a serious crush on them both! I was 14, even Adric was fanciable – and I cried when he died. I agree with Erika that Nyssa is a brilliant companion and a perfect match for number 5 so I would hate to stand on her toes by being there. Tegan I loved when I could get past her slightly ocker way of talking. As an Aussie I found that a little grating. However, maybe I sound like that and don’t realise! Peri is more of a 6th Doctor friend.

    If I were to travel with ONLY a companion I love love love Martha, especially with how well she put up with Mr Mopey. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 10th Doctor but the hard part of me would be wanting to tell him to get over himself. I also love Sarah, but would not want to impinge on her relationship with the Doctors 3 and 4. Maybe I could work with her and Clyde and Rani etc?

    Other Doctors: 1 – A little bit grumpy and unreliable. 2 – Great fun, lovely brilliant guy, maybe wouldn’t listen very much to me which is a problem. 3 – Suave, clever, little sexist. Jo was a saint. 4 – Great laugh, brilliant, self-centred. I think his companions all called him on that ego but it would be tiring after a while. 6 – Love his sarcasm, would bicker with him as much as Peri did, but that too would get tiring. 7 – Love this incarnation but would not travel with him unless he was the only one to turn up. 8 – Would be torn between closing my eyes and listening to that VOICE and opening them and looking at that FACE. Would probably be my third choice. 10 – Love him but see above. 11 – Charming, funny, goofy but I think I’d prefer to watch his adventures than be in them. Love his companions – Rory and Amy (not the order) were great and Clara is even greater.

    Masters: For sheer enjoyment would have to be Delgado. Charming man. Ainley slightly too panto at times. Simm – brilliant but mad! Can I choose Professor Yana? I like Chantho too tho.

    Once I start I can’t stop – sorry about that – this is the edited version.

    Thanks for your brilliant Podcast – I don’t always agree with every opinion expressed by every lady amongst you – but I always enjoy the debate. And that is a wonderful thing.


  9. bekitty3 said:

    I’m jumping on the Eighth bandwagon. And if I had to choose one of his companions, it would most likely be Lucie. I have a feeling that we’d probably get on rather well.

    Eight’s fun, adventurous, and has a reasonably good track record of getting his companions back home. To (mostly) the right time period, too! Plus, he’s a cuddle bug who smells like honey. What’s not to like?

    Although I’ve got to say I would have a problem with travelling with Tigger!Eight and Eeyore!Eight. Tigger would drive me BATTY and Eeyore would just make me unhappy.

  10. A very enjoyable extra!

    I must admit, it’s a perplexing question for me. I don’t think I’d really want to be a companion to the Doctor. I want to BE the Doctor! All of the companions have to say goodbye sooner or later and return to the humdrum realities of life, and I’d much rather keep travelling and having adventures forever.

    If you forced me to choose I’d probably go with Tom Baker during the Hinchcliffe era, because I’ve always loved a good scare. My second choice would be Colin Baker during his first season because, well…Peri! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I very much feel the same as SusanC- I think I’d travel well with the Ninth Doctor also. I’m a bit moody like he is, and he’d be unlikely to invite hordes of people to travel with us, and that appeals to me as someone with a bit of anxiety in large crowds. I wouldn’t have fared well during the crowded TARDIS days. Of course with lots of people aboard I could hide in the library. Heaven.

    Despite being a ridiculous Tennant fan, I don’t think he’d be near the top of my list at all. I could handle the emo-ness just fine, but I don’t entirely trust that I wouldn’t die. Something awful would happen, and he’d be SO sorry, but I’d still be dead. Not that I’d turn him down if his TARDIS showed up in my yard tomorrow, mind you.

    As a combo, I’d go with 2/Jaime/Zoe. All so fun and lovely, and the best ensemble chemistry.

    Companions- Martha for sure. She’s strong but not contentious, friendly but not overbearing, and can take care of herself. I think we’d be best friends, in that way you can only be certain that a fictional character would be your best friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • SusanC said:

      Oh Yes – Jamie and Zoe are fabulous together. Sooooo many choices. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Laurissy said:

    If it was just me and one doctor, I’d probably go for 10 because even though there’s a lot of baggage there, he;s a lot of fun and I think I’d enjoy the challenge of trying to help him along with the universe. For a companion I’d probably go for Jo or Polly. They just seem like they’d be a lot of fun to be around and I feel we could help each other stay optimistic. I also feel they’d be the best companions to be around if I was having self doubts. Even though Barbara and Donna are my favorites, I feel Jo and Polly would be more supportive. To be honest though I think it would be fun travelling with third season hartnell. Specifically with Steven and Dodo. I think the doctor at that point is a lot more apprreciative of his companions and he’s be a lovely grandfather figure. Dodo because she just seems like someone I could have endless fun teasing and try and get her to believe all kinds of bullshit. Steven because I think out of all the male companions Steven would make a great boyfriend. He’s very caring and considerate, good sense of humor and quite handsome so I think we’d make quite a foursome and we would have lots of cool historical adventures and if I did get with Steven I’d get to be queen of a planet at the end which would be pretty cool.

  13. Michele Cunkelman said:

    Who I would want to travel with , hmm I think it would be easier to do a list of who I wouldn’t want to travel with. And I know you ladies won’t like one of my opinions on who I wouldn’t want to travel with. I am not a fan of Clara , Rose, Adric (he is worse the wesley)

    The companions I would love to travel with Amy/Rory/River (the combo) Donna though I think I would have a hard time with emo 10. 11 is my favorite doctor of the new era.

    Jo Grant, I just love her and her clothes, Sarah Jane, (great clothes to). I also wouldn’t mind traveling with Barbara. Also to add to the classic companions Zoe and Jamie.

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