Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


Gallifrey One, the amazing Doctor Who Convention of Awesome also known as Gally (#gally1), is almost upon us!  Sadly all of the Verity! crew won’t be in attendance but Deb, Erika, Kat and Liz will be in Los Angeles to take part in this fantastic  event.  (Someday we’ll have all six Verities in one space…SOMEDAY!) Want to find us at Gally? Take a look at our schedule and stop by and say hi! We might even have a Verity! ribbon or two. ;-)   If you can’t make it and want to keep up with the action, be sure to follow us on Twitter. We’ll be tweeting about the cool events and incredible cosplay that Gally is known for.  See you in Los Angeles! ^D


Journey to the Centre of the Fandom: (Program D, 12:30 p.m.) Doctor Who fans expect a lot, but quite often tend to go overboard in their expectations.  Our panel will examine the so-called ‘entitlement’ issue from fandom, expectations of how Doctor Who should be written — for the general public, for the kids, or for its more hardcore consumers — and how best to balance this going forward. With Erika Ensign

Colour Separation Overlay: (Program C, 3:30 p.m.) Has Doctor Who truly hit its stride of late with its representations of diversity and color on screen, or has it always been that way?  Why did it take 45 years to find its first companions of color, and why might depictions of color been more prominent or more nuanced in other eras?  And did it ever represent racist overtones?  Our panel will take a look at what the series has done right – or wrong – over the years. With Deb Stanish


Tumbling Who:  (Program D, 10 a.m) Beyond what we consider the ‘original’ internet fan community of discussion forums, Livejournals and websites, there’s a whole other world of fandom out there… vast tracts of fandom on Tumblr, social videos shared on Vine, connections made that the ‘old timers’ would never dream  about.  We’ll take a look beyond our comfort zone into the realms of Doctor Who fandom many of us never dreamed about… With Katrina Griffiths

Scientists & Sprained Ankles: The Women of 60′s & 70s Doctor Who: (Program D, Sunday 11 am) In a post-feminist era, we often look back on the early days of Doctor Who with rose-colored glasses, but its portrayal of women was not always what we would like it to have been.  We will take a look back at the portrayal of women in the early years of the show, and how it set the tone for years to come. With Deb Stanish

At The Eleventh Hour: (Program D, Sunday 12 p.m.) Matt Smith’s voyage in the TARDIS is done, and it’s certainly been a ride.  We will look back objectively at the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who, discussing his portrayal of the Doctor, his companions and adversaries, and the writing and production under the auspices of Steven Moffat.  With Liz Myles

London Falling: An Interview with Paul Cornell (Program Room C, 3 p.m.)  With Deb Stanish


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