Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraSternColgan-300On this week’s Extra! we bring you not one, but two Doctor Whotastic interviews! First, Deb talks to Alisa Stern, who is possibly better known as the force behind Doctor Puppet. If you’ve never heard Deb squee about Doctor Puppet, you probably haven’t been listening long. Then Deb chats with Jenny Colgan, award-winning author, Doctor Who fan, and writer of two Doctor Who books! Join Deb and Erika for a bit of squee before and after the interviews, and please enjoy!


Jenny Colgan links:
@jennycolgan on Twitter
Dark Horizons
Into the Nowhere

Doctor Puppet links:
Hello Doctor Puppet on YouTube
@TheDoctorPuppet on Twitter
The Doctor Puppet on Facebook
DoctorPuppet on tumblr

Bumper music for the Doctor Puppet interview, composed by Scott Ampleford, from Doctor Puppet – A Timelord Christmas

Download or listen now (runtime 55:57) 

Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Puppets and Pen Names" (5)

  1. Thanks Deb and Erika. I enjoyed hearing both interviews, but Jenny Colgan’s in particular. I recently read her novel Dark Horizons, and I really enjoyed it. If I’m honest, I actually listened to Neve McIntosh read it in audiobook form. In any case, the novel was highly entertaining, with an interesting historical setting. I’ve been aware of Doctor Puppets for a while, and I have a lot of respect for the talent and humor evident in Alisa Stern’s work.

  2. Mr Axon said:

    Thanks to the Verity team for the interviews. I also enjoyed Dark Horizons. A big thumbs up to the Doctor Who books team for getting Jenny Colgan to write for the line, and in general for having enough nerve to have a heterogeneous group of writers working for them.

  3. Enjoyed both interviews very much. My 11 year old daughter and I started watching Doctor Puppet together. We limit ourselves to one episode per week and now she really looks forward to Doctor Puppet day.

  4. Sarah B said:

    My daughter (2.5) is hooked on Doctor Puppet. I think she loves it even more than the bong-de-bongs (the “real” Doctor). 🙂

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