Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraGally2014-300Have you ever been curious what four exhausted, happy, giggly Doctor Who podcasters sound like as they approach the end of a truly wonderful convention? Now’s your chance to find out! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as they recap their Gallifrey One experiences and marvel at how strange (and fun) it is to record while sitting in the same room! Expect some fun anecdotes, talk of interesting panels, and occasional ramblings/brain freezes. This was recorded Sunday evening, after all.

(Post-con brain fog is also my excuse for re-using the “one-derful” gag. I apologize for nothing!)

Huge thanks to everyone who made this another in a long line of fantastic Gally experiences. And to everyone who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you there next year!


Pertinent links:
Gallifrey One
Radio Free Skaro Gallifrey Stands (live show kickoff video)
Charlie Kirchoff
London Falling
The Severed Streets (preorder)
The Hamilton Stories
Upstairs, Downstairs

Special thanks to Steven Schapansky for acting as our Location Technical Producer for this ep!

Download or listen now (runtime 33:03) 

Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Gallifrey One-derful" (10)

  1. Ray Adamson said:

    Just expressing my gratitude for this general overview of how events transpired in the panels as i happened to muse elsewhere about how this was missing from Radio Free Skaros’ otherwise brilliant coverage of the convention.Thanks.I knew a Scottish person had to be ill somewhere during the convention.Am currently enjoying Mark Shepherd and Melinda Clarke in Soldiers Of Fortune running on British Television,much excitement and action.

    • I wasn’t ill! It was the only Gally I’ve been to where I wasn’t ill! I was, however, exceptionally tired on Sunday due to getting far to close to the ‘all-nighter’, which is clearly A Mistake these days.

  2. Next year I’m going to have to clone myself. I sadly missed most of the panels you guys were on due to waiting in line for a photo op or because I was at a different panel. I did manage to get to the Tumblr panel but was late. Thanks for talking about them.

  3. Stacey Ellsworth said:

    I attended Deb’s two discussion panels and Liz’s Eleventh Doctor panel. A better person would a) gush about how great they were (which would totally be warranted) or b) offer insightful commentary of her own based on what she’d gleaned from said panels. I am not a better person. I am the type of person who has spent the last 20 minutes jumping up and down, squeeing “OMG, Liz liked my costume!!!” (I’m the femme Troughton she mentions at about 29:30.) I’m going to be insufferable at work tomorrow. And probably a good chunk of next week as well.

    If I have one regret about this year’s Gally, it’s that I didn’t listen to Episode 35 until the flight home. Had I listened sooner, I would have gladly procured a libation for Liz and donated some ribbons for Tansy. Maybe next year.

    • PICTURES PLEASE, STACEY! I’d love to see your costume.

    • Ah, bless you! I’m so sorry I wasn’t chattier in person. I was sitting there, after one hour’s sleep that night, trying to imagine how on Earth I was going to get through the panel when I was clearly going to throw up any moment (not drink! merely nausea from lack of sleep!)

      It was an excellent costume though, yes. The earrings, delightful!

      • Stacey Ellsworth said:

        No “sorrys” necessary. I overheard you talking to Deb about your lack of sleep. That fact–combined with my own reticent nature–meant I was just going to sit quietly and leave you be. But then the gentleman came over and started in, so I figured, well, barn door open, horse long gone…You were much more gracious than I would have been on an hour’s sleep. Plus, you noticed the earrings, so I can forgive you anything;-)

  4. bekitty3 said:

    I just went to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, which was based off last year’s Doctor Who at the Proms concert. It was AMAZING. They had most of the New Who monsters roaming around the audience, the conductor had a “sonic baton” which he threatened Daleks with, and the MCing was done by Peter Davison! And Tom Baker recorded a few messages as well!

    So yeah. Lots of cricket jokes, a cameo appearance by Handles (!), and some extremely blatant emotional manipulation. Which I didn’t mind a bit. Not even slightly. I started getting weepy during the Companion Suite, and didn’t really stop until the very end. so I was sitting there with tears running down my face and a huge grin.

    Also, I got to chatting with the woman sitting next to me, and apparently she listens to Verity too! Yay! \o/

    And next door to the concert, they had a free exhibition titled “50 Years of Doctor Who”, which had all sorts of memorabilia from the series. Stuff like Bill Hartnell’s cane, Tom Baker’s scarf, a full-size Dalek, and the TARDIS will apparently be materialising there soon too.

    If you’re in Wellington, NZ, you should go to the exhibition. It’s in the TSB Arena building on Queen’s Wharf, and runs until April 12.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection CD.

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  6. […] forward to doing another live Verity! recording at Gallifrey […]

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