Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraCTLeftovers-300Remember how much fun we had at the Chicago TARDIS live show when we let the audience pick the topics we’d talk about? It didn’t seem fair that we couldn’t all participate, so we saved the last few topics for the rest of the gang! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we clean up the last few ideas submitted by our lovely Chicago TARDIS live audience. We don’t manage to stay on topic terribly well this time either–surprise surprise!


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Tansy’s blog post on Martha Jones

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  1. I have to admit when I was watching series 3 for the first time, I didn’t really like Martha that much. I think the unrequited love story soured me on her in the beginning. But once I got to the finale, and Martha walked out of the TARDIS, I immediately warmed to her. I (belatedly) realized how strong of a character she was all along. Now I will always go to bat for Martha.

  2. Henrik said:

    I would say that Martha is overlooked but rightfully so. Rose was given too much attention and Martha was treated by the show as just not-Rose. That was her main characteristic. She should have been more. She should have been a real new companion, not a replacement companion.

    I didn’t mind Rose, not until she was already technically off the show but still mentioned every other episode and then started showing up in the background, but I was pleased to get to see a new companion. Alas the Doctor and the production team didn’t seem to share my excitement over Martha. Rose was fine but she wasn’t jaw-dropping amazing in the grand scheme of things but even the Doctor acted as if she was irreplaceable and that her absence was the greatest of tragedies.The show dwelled on her. Not just in The Runaway Bride but for the whole of Martha’s run and even into Donna’s and then Rose came back.

    Having re-watched the Russel T. Davies run of episodes recently I’ve come to appreciate just how melodramatic that run was and how moody and weepy Tennant’s Doctor was. Years moping over Rose, who was alive and safe in a parallel universe with her family and a version of the father she never had, and the cherry on top of it all tearfully moaning that he didn’t want to regenerate after having already wasted a whole regeneration turning into just a new copy of the tenth Doctor.

    Gah! I’m getting all upset again. It was just days ago that I watched End of Time and I immediately had to watch The Eleventh Hour to feel clean.

    And yeah. Series 3 wasn’t great, and it might have contributed to Martha’s legacy, but part of that was probably just the order of things, having all the duds in a row bookended by good but not great stories, a slight uptick with Human Nature/Family of Blood and Blink and then the truly horrible finale. If they’d just put the decent Shakespeare Code between the problematic Dalek two parter and the rather awful Lazarus Experiment the middle of the series might not feel like such a chore to watch.

  3. Ray Adamson said:

    Looking forward to Clara’s characterisation getting greater agency this year in the storylines.It’s going to be interesting to see if they’re planning to use the Coal Hill School set up as a regular feature like U.N.I.T headquarters back in the seventies.I think the trick will be to keep a balance between her professional life,her domestic life and how she adjusts to the changes in her relationship with The Doctor after the regeneration.I’ve had the impression that she’s been reluctant to leave her responsibilities behind and commit to her relationship with The Doctor fully because she has a close relationship with her father after the loss of her mother when she was younger.I’d like to see her Gran featuring in a story or two as i think that would help Jenna with identifying with her character more.I’m hoping these storytelling devices don’t invite obvious comparisons with School Reunion and Rose never really recovering from the loss of her father when she was younger.Wondering if Moffat will be revealing who gave Clara the helpline number in any of his stories too.

    I did’nt have a lot of issues with what they did with Martha Jones’ story arc as a character but i did feel there was not as much depth in her character because of the combination of her estranged relationship with her family and the way all the stories developing her relationship with the Doctor usually concentrated on her unrequited attraction to him.I was aware she was capable and quite brave often but i don’t think i knew her very well personally.

  4. AntonB said:

    Clara leaving the TARDIS to explore another planet or time period of her own volition is a good one. The end of Gaiman’ s Nightmare in Silver gave a hint of this possibility. Was I the only one who thought she gave the Emperor’s proposal serious consideration? However I agree that ‘marrying her off’ would be a weak goodbye to her character. She strikes me as the kind of person who, like many of my friends, changes career or goes off backpacking or teaching English in China at the drop of a hat. Let’s see the Doctor Who equivalent of that. I also agree she needs a pal on the TARDIS of her own age now we have an older Doctor. Perhaps another Coal Hill teacher for the complete Doctor, Barbara, Ian call-back.

  5. I snorted when I heard that line in this episode about people viewing the RTD era through “rose-colored glasses” when they criticize the Moffat era!

    I love Martha and will happily defend her character against detractors, but I never felt like she’s overlooked or ignored. Maybe I spend too much time with the New-Who-focused parts of this fandom to feel like any new series companion is really overlooked? Anyways, for me the unrequited love issue doesn’t bother me. I definitely think it’s annoying and shouldn’t have been used, but it makes me dislike the Doctor a lot more than it makes me dislike Martha.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out to Teaspoon this week! And if anyone wants Shalka fic, I recommend checking out our recommendations community, Calufrax.

  7. Chuck C said:

    Great episode, as usual!

    If you want to watch some more Paul McGann (and yes, he was supposed to be Sharpe before Sean Bean got the role), check out the excellent Hornblower series (A&E, with Ioan Gruffudd as Horatio Hornblower).

    • Emily said:

      I always pretend Mr. Bush IS the Eighth Doctor, going through one of his relatively frequent bouts of amnesia 🙂

  8. First time listener, and I’ll definitely be back for more! I’d like to comment on Martha, as I’m in the middle of re-watching S3 right now. I hated her on the first pass; I thought she was annoying and whiny, and the crush storyline is one that I hate in any environment, but especially in sci fi/adventure. I also didn’t think that the Doctor was any meaner to her than he has been to other companions, though I can see how people might feel differently. I almost didn’t want to re-watch the season because of her. Almost.

    I’ve thought about her role quite a bit since I first saw her; read others’ thoughts about her; set aside my feelings about the romance storyline, which is admittedly small. I went into the re-watch with as open a mind as I could manage. And I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

    Yes I still cringed when she lied to him about her feelings, and assumed that he was lying to her. Yes I want to punch her every time she whines about him not noticing her. But looking past all that, she is actually a great character. In The Lazarus Experiment, for example, she follows along with the science brilliantly. She jumps over a table in cocktail dress and heels to get the doors open and save people’s lives. She gets what the Doctor is doing and helps him get it done. I LIKE this Martha.

    I just want to rewrite the season to leave out the crush. Then she’d be every bit as fantastic as the companions around her.

    • Well said! You may have convinced me to re-watch Martha with a fresh eye.

      So glad you found us. Hope you like our regular episodes as much as you enjoyed this Extra! Thanks for giving us a shot!

  9. This is a bit off topic, but I couldn’t find a more appropriate blog entry (and the information is only relevant for the next week). iPlayer has another Big Finish audio play this week, ‘The Whispering Forest’:

    This is a fifth Doctor story with Nyssa, Tegan, and Turlough. I’m listening to the first episode now, and hearing a new story with all the familiar old characters is definitely appealing. iPlayer will have each episode available for a week, with episode 1 up until March 17th

  10. Laurissy said:

    So Shalka doctor. I am going to use my big hammer of cannon and just smash the war doctor and shalka doctor together. It makes sense to me at the beginning of shalka he’s sad about loosing a companion and it would make sense even though he’s the war doctor he would still have need for companions and it would be one more thing that would make the doctor consider the action he decides to take yet ultimately decides to follow through with. I also like the idea of the doctor and master fighting together against a threat and the time war provides a perfect canvas for that. The Doctor pulled him out of the eye of hamrony, put him in a robot body and eventually the timelords decided he’d earned a fresh one or stole one. Actually I know there’s a big finish master I don’t know where he fits in but it doesn’t mateer doctor+master+tardis=awesome. It all fits together nicely and I’m really attatched to the idea, it gives the war doctor more depth and it gives the shalka doctor a reason to exist. Come on who doesn’t want robot master to be cannon and with the doctor and master travelling together figthing the time war. Also it doesn’t really matter the war doctor and the shalka doctor are played by different actors because they already did it with the first doctor. So from now on they are officially one in the same. They are both 8.5/ war doctor. So linking back to the actual question I think there is room for novels with the war doctor. I think audios might be a bit optimistic but there are definately some good stories that can be told within that gap.

  11. fierceturtle said:

    A bit late to the party, but I have to speak up for both Shalka Doctor and Martha. I agree that Shalka can now be a bit hard to watch because of pacing issues and the limited animation possibilities of its time. And I also agree that there is no longer room for the Shalka Doctor in the main continuity of Doctor Who. I have read some great Shalka fanfic, but where I really think that Tardis team would shine is as a comic book. That I would support 100%. And if anyone knows of a fan made Shalka comic, please please share.

    As for Martha. I started watching with Season 3, so she will always be MY companion. And I have to say if you started watching then, you got the whole 10/Rose relationship only from Martha’s perspective. Learning about Rose from only the things the doctor chose to tell Martha about her, makes Martha’s reaction much more understandable. And I always got the feeling that Martha-the-character didn’t like the unrequited love story any more than fandom did. She seemed to cotton on early to the fact that this was a very bad idea. She didn’t want to feel that way, she knew it was a complication and a likely heartbreak, she just couldn’t help herself. Being with the Doctor was still better than not being with him. Until it wasn’t, and then she left. How much more grown-up about her feelings were we expecting her to be? To use Verity language, I don’t think people take the Watsonian view of Martha nearly enough. They get hung up on their Doylist beef with the creators over how the Doctor and romance should be/not be related and overlook the awesomeness of Martha as a character within the story who has to play with the hand she was written to have.

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