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VerityWhosInWhat-300This week’s Extra! is another fun one. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we talk about the rabbit holes we’ve disappeared down because of Doctor Who. Which actors and creators have we followed from Who? What other shows have we watched because of them? Are we embarrassed by these properties? (Hint: the answer is yes.) See below for some (most?) of the shows and films we mentioned. (Note: There’s some overlap between us, but I only included each link once.)


Christopher Eccleston IMDB
David Tennant IMDB
The Catherine Tate Show
Withnail & I
Life on Mars
(without comment) Shark Attack 3

The Thick of It
Blake’s 7
The Decoy Bride
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

John Barrowman IMDB
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (aired on CBC)
LJ post about getting the autographed book
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Fangirl

The House That Dripped Blood
Hammer House of Horror TV Series
The Persuaders!

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  1. I think I follow writers and directors more often than actors, but there are a few things I’ve tried because of Doctor Who. ‘Broadchurch’ was very highly recommended, but I don’t think I would have tried it if Tennant (and Darvill) weren’t in it. I watched the first few episodes, but haven’t gone back to watch the rest yet. ‘This is Jinsy’ is a better example (Tennant was a guest in the first episode), but it is a bit too strange for most everyone else I know. I did watch a few episodes of ‘The Catherine Tate Show’ as well. And of course I loved ‘Survivors’ and ‘Blake’s 7’ before I knew they were both the product of Terry Nation’s fertile imagination.

    On the other hand, it seems Doctor Who has recently been ‘absorbing’ some of my favorite non-genre creators. I loved ‘Coupling’ years before New Who began, and Moffat’s brilliant writing has made the last three seasons of Doctor Who even better. And ‘Local Hero’ has been one of my favorite movies for even longer, with Peter Capaldi’s boyish romantic role a big part of that movie’s appeal to me. Of course, Capaldi has a tremendous range as an actor, as his performance in ‘The Musketeers’ demonstrates. I never knew Cardinal Richelieu had a slight Scottish accent 😉

  2. Has anyone at Verity watched Womb for Matt Smith? I have. Definitely a movie that’s out there.

    For Christopher Eccleston I actually requested Second Coming from Netflix. It’s penned by RTD and also has Lesley Sharp (from Midnight) and Mark Benton (from Rose) in it.
    I watched Jude, what a depressing movie! (But really good and has a cameo from David Tennant in it)
    I watched GI Joe because of him. Was also excited to see him in Thor 2, but then he wore so much prosthetics and spoke in Dark Elvish most of the time, I felt like they could have had any actor play the villain. 😦

    I watched his mini-arc in Heroes before I came to Doctor Who. He’s in the first series.

    There are probably more things of Tennant’s that I’ve watched than Eccleston’s. I found his Hamlet right before I really got into Doctor Who. I was taking a Shakespeare class and we were studying the play. I may have been more excited to see Patrick Stewart as Claudius.
    I watched Tennant in Takin’ Over the Asylum which was really good.
    Watched Blackpool because of him, but didn’t really enjoy it (don’t like musicals much). But did enjoy Cassanova.
    Netflixed Secret Smile which was like a UK equivalent of a Lifetime movie. Also Netflixed Einstein and Eddington more recently which was really good.
    Found Recovery on Youtube.
    Really enjoyed Fright Night. (Didn’t see the original)
    Tried to watch Spies of Warsaw but found it too boring!

    Loved Broadchurch so much, I’m getting it on DVD. And yeah I’ll watch the US version more for Tennant and to make sure Fox doesn’t randomly cancel it before they reveal the killer!

    Perhaps what I’m most embarrassed to admit that I’ve seen Pirates Band of Misfits in theaters.

    • I, too, would be rushing to see Patrick Stewart as Claudius, but he played Claudius in my favorite version of Hamlet–the 1980 BBC/RSC production starring Derek Jacobi. It’s uncanny how slowly that man ages. He was playing Claudius almost 35 years ago!

    • Ray Adamson said:

      Really enjoyable discussion concerning a subject which should be important to anybody considering themselves a fan.It’s impossible to properly appreciate your favourite actors unless you watch them portraying a variety of different characters.It’s actually the most generous reward for our persistent affection,loyalty and’s a continuous pleasure,for me.

      I have indeed seen Womb or Clone as it was entitled in the U.K with Matt Smith and Eva Green and i liked it a lot.It was a weird,romantic little Science Fiction character piece.Thought Matt was very good in ‘Christopher and his kind’ and’ Bert and Dickie’ too and hopefully they will have served to establish him as a proper character actor as he pursues new professional challenges and ambitions now he has stepped out of his TARDIS and discarded his bow tie.

      As a confirmed fanboy, ‘Thor:The Dark World’ was completely irrisistable to me although i had issues with how Odin the all knowing and powerful was nowhere to be seen when his kingdom was under attack.It was a shame Eccleston didn’t get to share a scene with Hopkins considering the influence he had on his career after working with him at the National Theatre.Thought Eccleston was very impressive anyway and projected the necessary presence,menace and authority needed for the character of Malekith despite practically no help from the screenplay.’Shallow Grave’,Jude and Let Him Have it are my favourites of his film performances.Slightly ashamed i haven’t watched Our Friends In the North but The Shadow Line,Second Coming and Blackout were all very impressive television performances.

      Would very much recommend Karen Gillans’Not Another Happy Ending’ and We’ll Take Manhattan on DVD which she made with John MacKay as the characters she played are very different .She also made a horror movie called Outcast with Doctor Who series seven director Colm McCarthy and James Nesbitt which was pretty good,back before she started working on Doctor Who. Also New Town Killers with The Skids’ Richard Jobson.

      Saddened to read that Steve Moore Abslom Daak,Dalek Killer and Laser Eraser and Pressbutton writer has just died,condolences to his friends and family.Will be making sure i read Alan Moores Unearthing again and remembering him.Thank you,Steve Moore.I loved Zirk and Warrior.

      • I always feel that you can’t dismiss an actor as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ until you’ve seen a lot of their work. I am reminded of how the actress playing Olivia in Fringe was dismissed by many as wooden in season 1, largely because the CHARACTER was deeply repressed & suffering trauma. By season 3 though, she was playing 2 versions of herself with a deft touch, plus impersonated Leonard Nimoy when his character possessed her for two episodes. All this while convincing everyone she was actually American!

        Ahem, but yes. Seeing favourite actors in other shows is great fun. Doctor Who’s current wave of popularity means a lot of my absolute favourites have showed up in recent years after I’ve been stalking them for decades.

  3. James said:

    Because of the Master in the Sea Devils, I watched the Clangers.

  4. Not really? Which is very strange to admit, since I’m notorious for “Oh, I like you I’ll go find what else you’ve been in” for some Canadian actors/shows I’ve watched. *hides spreadsheet from Kat* What has usually happened is I’ve encountered Doctor Who actors *before* they’ve become the Doctor and then gone “Oh, him.” Eccleston and Capaldi are the two examples of this. I’d seen Chris Eccleston as Norfolk in “Elizabeth” before his DW run, as well as “Heroes” and “Thor 2”. I *loved* Capaldi in the second season of “The Hour”. Weirdly though I’d forgotten he was in “Fires of Pompeii.” Go figure.

    Non-acting wise, the closest thing might be watching the UK episodes of “Who Do You Think You Are”. I watched both the David Tennant and Alex Kingston episodes. The latter’s episode, especially her reactions to her family’s story, was priceless, if you’re used to the very uninhibited River.

    • I will add that I did watch Shark Attacks 3 at a MediaWest Con room party with much mocking and amaretto involved. When we were cheering for the shark, it’s possibly a bad sign.

    • Spreadsheet AND Canadian shows? Older Canadian shows or newer ones? You’re my new hero! 😉

      • Stacey said:

        Oh, Canada, home of “6 Degrees of Due South”! I have a “spreadsheet” (read: constantly re-printed IMDB page) for Callum Keith Rennie that I have no hopes of ever completing because a) a lot of his early stuff is unavailable and b) he acts in something new every 5 minutes. But, so help me, I will go down trying!

  5. Dan Billing said:

    Have you guys seen BBC’s Hustle. It was a drama about a team of London based con artists.

    Not only did it have Jaime Murphy (Dexter), Adrian Lester (The Day after Tomorrow, and a possible future Doctor)…It has Marc Warren as Danny Blue (Elton Pope in Love and Monsters), Robert Vaughn (Napoleon Solo from The Man from Uncle) but also the brilliant Robert Glenister as Ash Morgan (Major Salateen in Caves of Androzani and brother to Philip Glenister). It’s also had various guest stars who played their ‘Marks’.

    For one season Ashley Walters (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) turned up as a stand in for Marc Warren..

    Some other Who actors in Hustle are:

    Bill Bailey (The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe)
    Indira Varma (Suzy Costello in Torchwood)
    Orla Brady (Time of the Doctor)
    David Haig (The Leisure Hive)
    Tim McInnery (Planet of the Ood)
    Mark Benton (Rose)
    Daniel Mays (Night Terrors)
    Hannah Gordon (The Highlanders)
    Paterson Joseph (Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways)
    Mark Williams (Rory’s Dad)
    Ronald Pickup (The Reign of Terror)
    Keith Barron (Enlightenment)
    Roger Lloyd Pack (Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel)
    Nina Sosanya (Fear Her)
    Shelia Hancock (The Happiness Patrol)
    Colin Baker (erm???!!!??)
    Nicholas Boulton (Gridlock)
    Kenneth Cope (Warriors Gate)
    David Walliams (The God Complex, Doctor Who at 40 sketches)
    Frances Barber (Madam Kovarian)
    John Barrowman (helllllllllllooooooooooooooo?)
    Danny Web (The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit)
    Tamsin Outhwaite (Nightmare in Silver)

    Only 12 actors in the UK…hahahahaha!

    I’m sure I could go on, as the list is endless…this is the first time I’ve written a list. Wow!?!?!

    • I love Hustle! Though I didn’t watch it because of Doctor Who. I came to it separately because I like British drama. Love and Monsters left such a small impression on me that I didn’t even realize Danny Blue had been in that one. I just know him as Danny Blue. (And am I the only one who thought of him immediately when they announced “Danny Pink” as the new recurring character? Danny + a color seems like a weird coincidence. I’m sure it IS a coincidence, but it’s weird.)

      I also adore Hotel Babylon, which starred Tamzin Outhwaite, who later appeared in “Nightmare in Silver”. There are TONS of shows I’ve noticed Who actors in, but very very few I’ve watched because of Who.

      • Dan Billing said:

        Hustle, and latterly Hotel Babylon became one of those shows that people turn up in because they get good jobs, visibility on popular shows.

        Doctor Who appears to be at the centre of a massive Venn Diagram of tv programmes including the likes of Hustle and Hotel Babylon, where you get a lot of overlap of actors and behind the camera talent.

        The Musketeers, and comedy programmes like The Mitchell and Webb Look, TwentyTwelve and Peep Show are all part of that network of shows. It even includes some US shows, like Heroes (Eccleston) and 24 (Mark Shepperd)

        I’m glad you enjoyed Hustle. Its one of the only shows that Rae and I can enjoy together, as she tends not to share my fandoms. (She is however asleep on the sofa, so I might put some Doctor Who on for a change)

      • Dan Billing said:

        And on the ‘Danny + colour’ thing…I thought of Danny Blue too. Sure, its a coincidence, but a fun one. I think of myself as a Dan or a Daniel, but if I was a Danny im not sure what colour I’d choose…Silver probably.

      • Actually, my mind went to Mr. Pink, the John Buscemi character in Reservoir Dogs. Nothing to do with Doctor Who, but there you go.

  6. I’m willing to watch just about anything David Tennant is in. I watched Much Ado about Nothing from Digital Theatre for him and C. Tate. What’s more – I read the play for the first time to prepare for it. Loved it! I want to watch his Hamlet too but I’m forcing myself to re-read the play first since I haven’t read it in 15 years.

    I thought Decoy Bride was kind of cute, but I’d heard that it was stupid so I went into it with very low expectations.

    Adored Broadchurch to the point that I watched most of the episodes multiple times. I also watched The Escape Artist which was a bit cliched but still good.

    Also started watching Foyle’s War, because he guest starred in an episode. I now love that show. I just watched the first episode of Twenty Twelve today, which he narrates.

    Like a lot of you, Doctor Who has made me aware of British television in general which has been loads of fun.

  7. Has anyone watched Luther? I know Paul McGann was in quite a few of those episodes. I’ve been interested in that series but haven’t watched it yet. McGann also guest starred in an episode of Ripper Street. Anyone watched that?

    • I loved Luther. From start to finish it was brilliant.

      The absolutely stunning (I’m not going to apologise for that opinion) Indira Varma (Suzy in Torchwood) played his ex wife, who I think was living with Paul McGanns character in season 1

    • marty said:

      Luther was the first thing that came to mind actually. I also watched “Collision” because of McGann – the six part BBC series. It’s worth watching, but probably won’t blow your socks off. and I’m in the “Withnail and I” camp too.

  8. Question for you all –

    I noticed that in the early days of Tennant’s Doctor Who reign, he did lots of appearances on reality shows like Ready Set Cook, Who Do You Think You Are, etc. He still does that occasionally like with the Comedy World Cup thing and his appearances on Absolute Radio, but there seemed to be a lot more in 2006-2007.

    Do you think he was asked/required to do this by the BBC as a way of marketing Doctor Who?

    I’ve noticed that Matt Smith hasn’t done any shows like this, so that makes me think that Tennant enjoys it (and probably enjoys a little extra money too). Which makes Smith’s lack of extra shows interesting, because I assume Tennant’s Doctor Who salary was a lot higher than Smith’s. But money certainly isn’t everything.

    And then of course you have the king of reality TV – John Barrowman. I get the feeling that he really gets a kick out of doing all of that and also likes the money. He seems like the type of person who needs to work continuously.

    On the reading side, I read both of John Barrowman’s autobiographies recently. Such a hoot.

    • I would actually assume that Smith was the better-paid actor of the two – the show was still on shaky ground when Tennant came aboard, but a certified hit by Smith’s time.

      I think Tennant and Barrowman are driven to perform. Both of them work constantly – though I doubt either is in great financial need – and both seem to enjoy it immensely. I read one of Barrowman’s books, and he certainly seems to fit that description.

  9. Paul Cornell. His S1 episode Fathers Day remains one of my all-time favorites, and Human Nature/Family of Blood ranks highly too. Because of that I discovered his novel London Falling, one of the best mysteries – and by far the best supernatural mystery – I have ever read. Also because of Paul Cornell I bought my very first comic – The Girl who Loved Doctor Who – and having once entered a comic shop, I now find it difficult to leave.

    I generally don’t follow actors around; there is so much garbage out there that even the best have trouble avoiding it. I don’t like to spend my time on movies and television I don’t enjoy. However, if something comes otherwise highly recommended, a DW actor is another factor in its favor. I likely wouldn’t have watched Life on Mars if not for John Simm, and I loved it. The sequel and the American version, both lacking John Simm, are both terrible.

    I tried following David Tennant, especially into nice safe things like Shakespeare. I can’t say I liked his Hamlet, though I was glad I saw it because Patrick Stewart is spectacular. And I was really disappointed in Much Ado about Nothing. (I got a download from Digital Theater; it was probably more fun in person.) I have seen that play done so much better, and the character played much more believably; I’m not a fan of caricature and overplaying, and there was so much of it in this production that I’m sure the problem was directorial. The only thing I liked about it at all was Catherine Tate: in the dramatic part near the end, she’s wonderful.

    I watched Delovely because of John Barrowman; it’s mostly bad but he’s great. I watched some of Catherine Tate’s show, and mostly don’t like it. I will probably watch Broadchurch, at least the original, because it comes highly recommended by my very reliable brother. I might even watch Blackpool, because a) David Morrissey and b) it’s a musical!! But I’m so particular about my TV – and there is still so much good stuff out there to watch! – that I’m not going to spend a lot of time following actors around.

    • Speaking of novels – I read Mark Gatiss’s novel The Vesuvius Club, the first of his Lucifer Box books. Not the kind of thing I would normally like but it amused me enough that I want to read the other books.

      Too bad you didn’t like his Much Ado. I really enjoyed it, although it was the first production of that play I’d ever seen.

      • I forgot about Vesuvius Club – I did read that because of Gatiss, and though it was amusing I thought it was very poorly written. I will not be picking up any more of them. 🙂

    • Hear, hear on Paul! He’s also the reason that I started listening to the SF Squeecast.

  10. Oooh, I like this game. Although given how many Agatha Christie and Jane Austen adaptations I’ve seen, it’s often more like “Where have I seen that person before?”

    In terms of finding things directly from Doctor Who, I had a David Tennant kick for a while, which led to me watching Casanova, Hamlet, Fright Night (despite my distate for Horror – sorry Liz!) and going to see Much Ado when I was in London. Also, I tend to explore Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss’s work histories. That’s what led me to Sherlock (I saw their names on the DVD cover), Coupling, League of Gentlemen, Nebulous etc etc… Although I also freaked out when I realised I had seen mark in a Marple and not even realised it. The Moffatt thing did backfire when it came to Jekyll. I never made it past the first episode *shivers* Mark Gatiss is also in the most recent version of Sense & Sensibility as well, which makes me deliriously happy, even if he is playing John Dashwood.

    There are probably a lot more that I can’t think of off the top of my head. I like the IMDB game, though I tend to only watch what interests me.

  11. *squeaks* Totally forgot to mention that I discovered Tennant was in the second St Trinian’s film but it hadn’t been released on DVD at that point so I watched the first one and completely fell in love. His Lord Pomphrey is utterly delicious.

  12. I think I follow writers or directors more often than actors. I was *excited* about Sherlock because Moffat (and Gatiss) created it, but probably would have watched it anyway because I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes fan (Sherlock is my favourite of the modern adaptations, with Elementary a very close second because Joan Watson is awesome, but I also dearly love Robert Downey Jnr’s interpretation of Holmes – even though I find the 2 movies as a whole pretty awful…). Although I might not have even tried Elementary if I hadn’t enjoyed Sherlock so much.

    And because of Sherlock, I now adore Benedict Cumberbatch and in my opinion he was the only reason to see the most recent Star Trek film 🙂

    …. But I digress. I haven’t get got hold of Paul Cornell’s London Falling but it’s on my list for 2014. And I definitely wouldn’t have found that without Doctor Who. And I now read Paul’s blog now and then, and he seems to be a truly lovely man as well as being very talented.

    Tennant’s Hamlet is also on my “I should watch that someday”. Now I know Patrick Stewart is also in it, it will move up higher on the list!

    But by far the best things I’ve found because of Doctor Who are podcasts! Verity! and Splendid Chaps have led me on to Galactic Suburbia, the Oodcast, and many others. Thanks!

  13. I bought the novel The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss which I absolutely adored. Lucifer Box is a wonderful character.

    I watched The Secret Diary of a Call Girl because of Billie Piper and also Ruby in the Smoke. Both also had Matt Smith in it before he became the Doctor.

    I kinda regret watching Desperate Housewives because of John Barrowman, only because the story was intriguing and his character ruined it with how he played it. Also I hadn’t watched the show in awhile so it also influenced my decision.

    If I do follow actors I tend to watch stuff I know I will be interested in. I watch a lot of British drama thanks to the ABC (Australian Broadcast Corporation) so sometimes I stumbled upon actors by accident. So I’d seen Peter Capaldi in the Thick of It and the Hour long before he was announced as the Doctor.

    • Also I’ve been watching The Musketeers. Peter Capaldi is great as Cardinal Richeau. Tom Burke who was in S2 of The Hour is also in it and great as Athos. I noticed that two episodes was written by a woman, so that made me happy.

  14. I would urge anyone who has not seen ‘The Hour’ to do so. Capaldi gives a very strong preformance in the second series and it’s a brilliant show overall. I don’t think I’d watched The Musketeers if it wasn’t for Capaldi, well, him and Tom Burke actually.

    I think I’m mostly a bad consumer of TV. I have a large to-watch list which includes Single Father and Broadchurch but hasn’t really gotten around to it. Then again, if I want to see something already and there’s a Doctor Who actor involved I’m more likely to Watch it.

  15. Wow, I’ve apparently got some rare cheesy-comedy gene or something, because I’ve never disagreed with you ladies like I do on The Decoy Bride. It was so over the top and hilarious. I watched it the first time, and watched it a second time later that night. My husband, my mom, and my best friend all loved it. It felt so tongue-in-cheek to me, and I loved that about it- like someone sat down and said “let’s put ALLLL the most absurd rom-com tropes in this one movie and see what happens.”

    But moving on. Following Doctor Who folks is why I finally had to buy a region-free DVD player, because some of my favorites weren’t on Region 1, and I need special features.

    Everything Tennant has been in- TV, film, theatre, radio. My favs for Tennant possibly being:
    -Single Father- Murray Gold did the music, and it also has Suranne Jones (Idris) and Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra).
    -Much Ado (my favorite Shakespeare comedy, and I feel like I’ve seen SO many productions of it, but it was the combo of Tennant/Tate that I enjoyed about this one); and -Blackpool (I love a good musical. Hell, I love a bad musical. I just love musicals.)
    -Double Income No Kids Yet on radio- mostly light-hearted and silly.
    Broadchurch of course, although I’d have got around to that eventually anyway.

    -UK Queer as Folk for RTD and Murray Gold (I’d only seen the US/Canada one previously.)
    -Secret Diary of a Call Girl for Billie Piper.
    -Going for Gold/Bert and Dickie for Matt Smith.
    -My kids watched Tree Fu Tom for David Tennant and Sophie Aldred (although they voiced over her for the US.)
    -The Ruby in the Smoke (Billie Piper and Matt Smith)
    -The Thick of It and In The Loop.
    -All the Doctor Who podcasts I listen to, which led to blogs I follow.

    I’m just going to stop listing things. What was I doing with all my time before this?!

  16. Thanks for another lovely Verity!Extra! 🙂

    I can certainly echo Liz’s recommendation of The House that Dripped Blood. My partner and I watched it just the other week and the Pertwee segment is a hoot. Pertwee fans will love it. It’s not the only Amicus anthology from the 70s to feature a Doctor – Tom Baker appears as a mad artist in The Vault of Horror, but his segment is not as fun (or as camp) as Petrwee’s.

    Watch pretty much any 60s-70s Brit TV serial and you’re bound to see a few Who faces pop up. Recently we were watching The Sweeney and Patrick Troughton popped up as a nasty Cockney villain.

    Speaking of Troughton villains, there’s an odd little children’s drama from the early 70s called The Feathered Serpent, about murder, intrigue and political machinations in ancient Mexico. Think The Aztecs meets Game of Thrones and you wouldn’t be far off. Troughton steals the show as Nasca, high priest of the god Teshcata who demands LOTS of blood sacrifices. It’s probably historically dubious and might be racially questionable too, (although the entire cast are Brits pretending to be Toltecs, so I think it kind of cancels out) but is really rather good. It has at least one other Who cast member in it too – Adric’s big brother!

    • Oops. I was wrong. I just checked and The Feathered Serpent ran from 1976-1978. I was right about Adric’s big brother though. 🙂

  17. I watched All Creatures and Campion because of Peter Davison.

  18. In my last post I forgot to mention A Very Peculiar Practice, which also featured Peter Davison.

    • Ooh, I’d forgotten A Very Peculiar Practice. My then-boyfriend (now husband) showed that to me when we were first dating – and I’m sure he only watched it because of the Doctor Who connection. It’s a great (if a little off-beat) series and I enjoyed it a lot.

      …. But I think the reason I never really took to Peter Davison as the Doctor is because in my eyes he will ALWAYS be Tristan from All Creatures Great and Small 🙂

  19. Rodney said:

    My partner recently showed me “Notes on a Scandal” with Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench. There’s one scene in the staff room and I literally pointed at the screen going “Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who….”.

    I think it’s a mark of respect to the casting agents on DW (both old and new) that having a Doctor Who credit no matter how small will get you into further work. You could say the same thing for Star Trek and Stargate.

    Blake’s 7 is great fun for finding all the actors from Classic Who appearing in it (including Colin Baker being so over the top it hurts). Alm ost every episode has at least one actor from Who in it.

  20. Kyle Miller said:

    Tom Baker is in an episode of Remington Steele as a thief and he gets to wear a stocking over his head. Jon Pertwee and Nicholas Courtney are both in episodes of The Avengers. Peter Davison is a Magnum P I story with Angela Lansbury from Murder She Wrote and he had hoped he could go to Hawaii, but the episodes were filmed in the UK. Jean Marsh is in an episode of The Twilight Zone as an android and of course in Upstairs Downstajirs. Patrick Troughton is in The Omen.

  21. This is very much how I shop for new creative media. Back when I was a lad, Yes to Genesis to Brian Eno to Robert Fripp to The Roches and on and on.

    For me I HAVE to include Big Finish audio in this category. I listen to at least one Big Finish story each week.

    Recently, and specific to the topic at hand, here is a short list with brief comments. These are television properties I decided to check out specifically because of Doctor Who.

    Broadchurch (David Tennant) – superb police drama
    Luther (Paul McGann + Neil Cross) – My god Idris Elba is amazing, and the writing is perfect, also in the cast: Indira Varma from Torchwood.
    Torchwood (Barrowman + RTD + duh)
    Sarah Jane Adventures (Lis Sladen)
    Life on Mars (John Simm) – incredible police drama, with a metaphysical twist
    Mad Dogs (John Simm + Marc Warren) – black comedy series
    The Escape Artist (David Tennant) – dark family crime drama
    State of Play (John Simm + David Morrissey + Marc Warren) – political thriller
    Exile (John Simm) – psychological family drama with Olivia Coleman and Jim Broadbent
    Danger Man, a.k.a. Secret Agent Man (Patrick Troughton in two episodes) – 1960s spy adventure with Patrick McGoohan
    The Thick of It (Peter Capaldi)
    The Mitchell & Webb Situation (Mitchell & Webb from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)
    Campion (Peter Davison)
    All Creatures Great and Small (Peter Davison)

    There are a much larger number of programs that have cast and other creative crossover, but I didn’t choose to watch them because of Doctor Who. Here is just a list of programs with creative crossover from Doctor Who actors, writers, directors, and producers. These are all programs I recommend highly, and would be watching regardless of any connection to Doctor Who.

    Ripper Street, Hustle, The Walking Dead, UFO, Blake’s 7, Game of Thrones, Withnail & I, the Harry Potter films, Poirot, Marple, Brother Cadfael, Case Histories, Foyle’s War, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Sherlock, Neverwhere, Coraline, Stardust, Mirrormask, Spooks (a.k.a. MI-5), and more than I can possible list.

    Hard to believe nobody mentioned Worzel Gummidge!
    (No, I’ve never seen it either.)

    • Ray Adamson said:

      Considering how much Jon Pertwee valued looking good,i think it’s something of a miracle he didn’t decide he needed a cape again when he played a scarecrow!Peter Davison’s attitude towards his first work in the Tomorrow People story’A Man For Emily’seems to have softened slightly recently as i think he quite enjoys it’s non P.C sensibilities now.He was really great as David Braithwaite in ‘At Home With The Braithwaites’,i thought.One of the most singularly useless characters,i have ever seen on television.He even made Adric look intelligent.

      Big fan of Paul McGann’s portrayal of Percy Toplis in ‘The Monocled Mutineer’ and he also played another soldier in Ken Russell’s adaptation of ‘The Rainbow’.Peter Capaldi also made a film with Ken Russell called ‘The Lair Of The White Worm’.It’s pretty quirky.I liked it,it’s weird and daft.

  22. One I didn’t see mentioned (and I thought I’d fever-dreamed this until confirming this on imdb) is a B-movie from 1987 titled “Three Kinds of Heat” which features Sylvester McCoy just before he appeared in Doctor Who. He was only in a few scenes but ends up being the “heavy” and gives a performance not unlike the manipulative 7th Doctor. The movie also features Mary Tamm playing a high-society character and also a baddie IIRC.

  23. archergal said:

    Back in the 80’s when I was absolutely wild for Tom Baker, I read somewhere that he had a nude scene in Pier Pasolini’s version of The Canterbury Tales.

    One weekend I drove home to visit my parents. When I got there and saw the paper, I noticed that The Canterbury Tales was playing at one of the art house theaters that still existed then in Atlanta. I hopped back in the car and drove back 1.5 hours just to see that movie, to see Tom Baker naked. Then drove 1.5 hours back to parents’ house.

    That’s probably the most extreme thing I’ve done to see a Dr. Who actor in something else. 🙂

  24. I could actually ship Ten and Donna after watching their Much Ado about Nothing. Found it fast and furious fun.

    I downloaded Together, a 15 short film with Matt Smith (purely because Mr. Smith was in it). It is well worth the download (only CAN$1.99). Oh my he is a youngster in it, but it is only ?4? years old.

    About three years back I lucked out and bought a video of the Silver Chair in an estate sale – and it has Tom Baker as Puddleglum a gloomy and pessimistic Marsh Wiggle. He was superb.

  25. I watched (and enjoyed) Death Comes to Pemberley on BBC over Christmas. Mainly because Jenna Coleman was it in, but it’s also beautifully shot and it’s quite interesting to see how they wrap a murder mystery into a sequel to Pride and Prejudice.

    • Clare said:

      And it is completely available on YouTube (or at least it was two weeks ago). Yes I started it for Jenna (oh she played the silly empty headed beauty to perfection) and stayed for the wonderful drama.

      • Fantastic! I didn’t know they’d done a BBC drama of this… Will definitely check it out, because I do love Jenna Coleman (even if I’m not a huge fan of how Clara has been written, I think Jenna is terrific).

        Although I will try to go in with not-so-high expectations; I found the novel a bit of a disappointment, probably because my expectations were so high – Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite novels EVER, and P.D. James is one of my favourite authors… and the novel didn’t really match the best of either of them, sadly.

        But as Kat says, even if I don’t love the show as a whole, I know I will love Jenna 🙂

  26. SusanC said:

    This was a fun podcast and it has been fun reading the comments and lists here too. I will not list the shows I have watched because of Doctor Who because the list would go for pages.

    Generally speaking I follow actors around, particularly the Doctor actors and the main companions. I love it when they meet each other again even if it is timey wimey and filmed before Doctor Who discovered them. For example, I watched Ruby in the Smoke because of Billie Piper (and yes, I even downloaded some of her music, not really my thing!) and was excited when Matt Smith got the role as he was in that too!

    There are endless television series and films that I have watched just to see these wonderful actors in other roles, sometimes series that I would not think to watch. I am quite an Anglophile (in Australia) and love British shows generally, but Doctor Who points the way to go.

    On a non-DW bent, I am a huge fan of the quiz show Q.I. The number of different comedy shows I have seen while following comedians who appeared on that show is a ridiculously high one!

    I think I am not alone either in watching a show with a Doctor Who actor in it, and then enjoying it so much that I start following a separate actor around as well! Ah, the wonder of IMDB.

    Thanks as always,

    • I am a fan of QI too and have also followed many of the guests. My absolute favourite followed from QI is David Mitchell, who has of course appeared on Doctor Who as well 🙂

      I have also followed QI regulars into radio – I started listening to the BBC Radio 4 News Quiz (in podcast form; I’m also in Australia) solely because it is hosted by Sandy Toksvig! I highly recommend it. Many of the same guests turn up, but there are far more FEMALE comedians [gasp!] on the radio show than ever show up in QI.

      [Side note: I just went to the official News Quiz website to check I’d spelt Sandy’s name correctly, and found a video about how the News Quiz was started, by original producer John Lloyd… who was also the original producer of QI. I think there might be only 20 directors and producers in England, too!]

      I am starting to be afraid of disappearing down an IMDB rabbit hole after reading about everyone’s follow-the-actor journeys…

  27. Mandy said:

    I’m not sure I’ve followed a Doctor Who actor to other shows but I did watch _Gangsters_ after hearing Philip Martin talk about it on the _Vengeance On Varos_ commentary. It’s completely bonkers but the first series may be the best thing British TV ever produced (except _Chorlton And The Wheelies_, obviously) and it does have Maurice Colbourne in the lead.

    BTW, if you want Pertwee at his best, listen to _The Navy Lark_.

    • I’ve always meant to check out Gangsters, the bits I’ve heard and read about it through various Doctor Who things made it sound really interesting.
      Also, you’ve reminded me of a cassette tape I had when I was a kid which had clips of BBC radio sitcoms on it. I remember listening to the Navy Lark part and being like “hang on! That’s The Doctor!”

      • I forgot about The Navy Lark! Chief Petty Officer Pertwee is excellent in that.

      • Mandy said:

        _Gangsters_ is well worth a look, as long as you’re OK with the less than PC nature of life and stand-up comedy at the time. The Play For Today is excellent in itself and the first series is certainly some of the most original TV this country ever produced.

        Your mileage may vary on whether it’s the best and I would limit that description to the first series as I think Martin got carried away with himself in the second; it all gets a bit wilfully bonkers by the time he makes his appearance as the White Devil.

        As a cultural document it’s interesting too as it does represent much of the city’s diversity but, again, it is a long way from Doctor Who Podcast standards of political correctness so brace yourself. If you know the city at all, just looking at the location shots can be fascinating as well.

      • Mandy said:

        _The Navy Lark_ is a wonderful radio series and the whole cast is top-notch; you can’t go wrong with Pertwee, Philips and Barker. The spin-offs aren’t quite so good but when are they ever?

        The Beeb’s determination never to waste a classic series means that you can still listen to the show on Radio 4 Extra and online. The last episode aired is available on the iPlayer and the next episode goes out three times on Monday (I think international listeners can tune in via the web site) –>

  28. felicemorigel said:

    I’d like to recommend the wonderful 1996 state-of-the-nation series Our Friends in the North (an awesome Christopher Eccleston *and* my hero, David Bradley). Just fantastic. No pun intended.

  29. felicemorigel said:

    Also, the film Let Him Have It (Eccleston, again). Superb.

  30. Great episode. I was a fan of the short-lived US Life on Mars attempt (until the final episode that is). I tried to get into the original, but lost interest after episode 2. However, John Simm’s stint as The Master convinced me to give it another try, and I’m glad I did as I ended up loving the series.

    I did enjoy Broadchurch, but I think I would have been drawn to that one even if Tennant hadn’t been cast. My DW fandom does make me want to re watch Danny Boyle’ Shallow Grave. I loved the film the first time though (before I’d ever watched DW), but might get a little more out of it seeing a young pre-doctor Eccleston.

    Your episode has made me want to track down other roles of some of the classic Doctors, especially Troughton. However, I intend to steer clear of Worzel Gummidge.

  31. I have a sort of odd one but it is by far my favorite discovery…Community. Now you may ask “why on Earth weren’t you watching that all along?” Well, there’s a very simple answer…because I was dumb. It is fabulous and I owe my checking out and falling in love with the show to Karen Gillan for tweeting about Community and specifically about Inspector Spacetime.

    I discovered that I love British quiz shows because of a David Tennant YouTube search. Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and Big Fat Quiz in particular. All because of the Doctor Who episode of NMTB which I have watched at least 23 times since.

    Of course there was also Fright Night which was a side of Davd Tennant I was not entirely comfortable with, Broadchurch which was very good, The Catherine Tate show (agree with Liz that it is hit or miss but, I enjoyed a lot of it) and I of course watched The Thick of It but, I think that’s it.

  32. Stacey said:

    I’ve certainly been led down some dodgy pathways trailing after “Doctor Who” stars. I’m looking at you, “Carrie Diaries”…or I was for a couple of episodes, anyway. I also came back to the U.S. version of the “The Office” when Catherine Tate turned up (verdict: both Catherine and I should have stayed away). And, while I’ve never actively sought it out (and I’ve never had an iota of interest in any U.S. iteration of the show*), if I come across a “Law & Order: UK” marathon on BBC America, I usually settle in for the duration (it has the Fifth Doctor! And Martha! And bonus Lee Adama for us Nu“Galactica” fans!).

    I’ve also seen some perfectly enjoyable stuff following “Who” actors around: “Ruby in the Smoke” and its sequel, with Billie Piper and Matt Smith, and “Christopher and His Kind” with Matt. I never would have looked for them if not for the “Who” connection.

    David Tennant is the reason I came back to “Doctor Who” in the first place (I first saw him in “Viva Blackpool” and decided on the spot that I’d follow him anywhere), so I actively seek out his work. Not just things I’d undoubtedly watch regardless (“Broadchurch,” “Harry Potter,” the Shakespeare stuff), but also things like “Fright Night” that I may not be into otherwise (and which I actually rather enjoyed). I haven’t seen “Decoy Bride” yet (romcoms are my least favorite genre in all of creation), but I’m not to proud to admit that it’s only a matter of time. My favorite Tennant finds so far are “Takin’ Over the Asylum,” which is absolutely lovely and well worth the hassle of watching it in fits and snatches on YouTube, and his episode of “People Like Us.” (VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Tennant or no Tennant, “People Like Us” is brilliant and everyone should watch it!)

    As many others have mentioned, there are a bunch of actors** whose work I knew and enjoyed prior to seeing them in “Who.” Eccleston is the big one (“Shallow Grave,” “Jude,” “Cracker,” that haunted house movie with Nicole Kidman that I can’t remember the name of), but there’s also Alex Kingston, Simon Pegg, Mark Sheppard, Bill Nighy, Mark Corden and Joanna Page, John Simm, Richard E. Grant, Sophie Okonedo, Pauline Collins, and so on…I’ve watched a lot of British stuff over the years.

    *Okay, that’s not completely true. When Detective Munch from “Homicide: Life on the Street” migrated to “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” I gave it a try. But not even the presence of the Belz was enough to make me stick it out.

    **Not just actors–it took a while before I started thinking of Russell T. Davies as the “Doctor Who” guy rather than the “Queer as Folk” guy.

  33. felicemorigel said:

    Just watched the film Tom’s Midnight Garden and spotted David Bradley, Penelope Wilton and Florence Hoath (Nancy in The Empty Child). Those Who actors get everywhere!

  34. Laurissy said:

    I don’t follow actors that much but there are a couple of products I’ve consumed because of doctor who. Confessions of a call girl. My sister and I wathced 7 episodes in a row just to get to the one where billie Piper sleeps with Matt smith. Oh yeah. I think GI Joe because of christopher eccleston in my opinion he one of the few good things about that movie then again that might be fangirlism. Of course I;d have to rewatch it to figure that out and I am so not doing that. I guess the most embarassing is the nativity 2 and you can tell from the title what a mistake that was. The only classic ones I can think of are is actually a book. I bought william hartnell’s biography because of doctor who and it was a great read. I’m not sure that counts but I did enjoy it. Also one that was dissapointing was the white queen I looked up the credits and saw Arthur Darvill was in it and I was really excited about it so I waited for him to show up and then he’s rather one dimensional and gets killed rather easily.

  35. lbphilly said:

    Lost in Austen! With Huge Bonneville (pirate captain in the episode with the siren) AND as Downton Abbey’s Lord Grantham plays Mr. Bennet — married to Alix Kingston. As Mrs. Bennet she channels her inner River Song in her single-minded devotion to marrying off her daughters.

    • lbphilly said:

      Wish I could edit out that superfluous “with.” And I watched All Creatures Great and Small partly because of Peter Davison.

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