Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

I’m totally bummed to have missed out on the Who’s In What discussion, so I thought I’d weigh in on some of the things I have experienced because they have Doctor Who actors in them.

Some of them were excellent, and some of them were… experiences. So, here you go. Benefit from the rabbit holes that I have explored. 🙂

David Tennant (IMDB)

I’m totally a DT fangirl, so I seek out a lot of his stuff. Please contain your shock.

I absolutely loved The Decoy Bride, which I thought was a delightful romantic comedy. I’m a total sucker for romantic comedies, so you have been warned, but hey! bonus Kelly MacDonald in it, too, along with jokes about pretentious authors. I will boldly admit that I rented the Fright Night remake merely to see DT in leather pants, and it was totally worth it for what turned out to be a very entertaining bad boy performance (I fast forwarded through the Colin Farrell bits). If you have not seen him in the Russel T. Davis produced Casanova (the one that basically got him the gig on Doctor Who), you are in for a real treat *fans self*, and you will spot a bunch of other actors who ended up on Doctor Who as well.  His turn as a singing cop in Blackpool was a ton of fun, although it’s also entertaining to watch him attempt to dance, bless. Plus, Blackpool has bonus David Morrissey, who is, BTW, absolutely excellent as Colonel Brandon in the Sense and Sensibility that he did a few years back. One of Tennant’s excellent earlier turns is in Bright Young Things–he’s just heartbreaking. And, of course, we cannot forget the Mrs. Bradley Mystery, in which he co-starred with 5th Doctor Peter Davison.

I’ve not finished his Hamlet yet (mostly because I’m just not as fond of that particular play anymore, so I kind of gave up after Act I). I watched most of Broadchurch before I lost interest because of the storytelling, although I thought his performance was excellent, and Spies of Warsaw just didn’t work well for me for similar (mostly scripting) reasons. He was so good at playing creepy in Secret Smile that I honestly couldn’t bear to watch the rest of it because I was so creeped out.

I’ve seen his episodes of Top Gear and Who Do You Think You Are on Youtube, and enjoyed both, along with a metric ton of interviews. I own He Knew He Was Right but haven’t gotten to it. I also want to see Einstein and Eddington, Single Father, United, The Escape Artist, and his Much Ado About Nothing with Catherine Tate. And Tree Fu Tom, just because (bonus Sophie Aldred!)

Billie Piper (IMDB)

I’m dying to see Secret Diary of a Call Girl. She was excellent in The Ruby In the Smoke (with Baby Matt Smith!) and Mansfield Park, even if that’s not one of my favorite Austen adaptations.

The Barrowman (IMDB)

Yes, I have seen Shark Attack 3. O_o I cannot unsee it, particularly the shower scene…..I’m glad John got paid. He’s doing his best, but this is not a film to see sober. His little cameo in The Producers is a bright spot in an excellent film. Also, he’s got a tiny role in De-Lovely (Kevin Kline as Cole Porter: totally worth your time, especially if you enjoy musicals). I’m just beginning season 1 of Arrow and enjoying it so far. Also, I should note that I’ve read both of his autobiographies, and I own several of his albums. I’m particularly fond of his Cole Porter  and Broadway albums, and I have deep affection for Another Side, which is him covering 1970s soft rock. Truly something to behold. I’ve not yet read his fiction with his sister Carole, but I’m looking forward to it.

Christopher Eccleston

I rather enjoyed him in Thor: The Dark World and Heroes. If you haven’t seen The Second Coming, you are in for a treat, a virtuoso performance, and some additional spot the actor. He’s excellent in Shallow Grave, and Cracker and Poirot. And run, don’t walk to see him as the Duke of Norfolk in Elizabeth. I still need to see Our Friends in the North.

Classic Doctors!

Paul McGann: I’ve enjoyed him in the few episodes of Luther I’ve seen. Also: IDRIS ELBA. *ahem* I think I’ve seen both his Poirot and his Marple. We own the Hornblower films, but haven’t gotten to them yet. He had an excellent turn as a rare book dealer in Forgotten (murder mystery).  And if you haven’t seen him as the dad in FairyTale: A True Story, you really should. Utterly charming.

And, of course, the excellent cult classic Withnail & I, with Richard E. Grant.

Peter Davison: We are dying to see The Last Detective. We loved Campion, a mystery series that was his first post Who gig. We’ve also seen the beginning of At Home With the Braithwaites, which was decent.  I will also mention The Airzone Solution, which is a straight-to-DVD production that features several of the classic Doctors, including Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Jon Pertwee, and a scene in which Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant make out. Which I will NEVER EVER UNSEE.

I’ve heard Tom Baker in Little Britain (he does the voiceover, and hey, Anthony Stewart Head from Buffy is on it, too!), and if you haven’t seen BlackAdder, you should totally do so, and he even turns up in one, as does Nicola Bryant!

So, that should keep y’all busy for a while. 🙂 Happy hunting!

Comments on: "Lynne’s Two Cents: What I Did For Love" (7)

  1. Daniel O said:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t make it all the way through Broadchurch.

    • It’s an interesting drama, but it didn’t work terribly well for me as a MYSTERY. I watch too many proper mysteries, so it seemed a bit predictable and drawn out. I loved DT’s performance, but the plot just… didn’t work for me.

  2. For some reason, your post showed up on my RSS feed but isn’t at the top of the main site. I actually watched DT’s Who Do You Think You Are episode in Youtube last night. Very interesting. I started watching Alex Kingston’s episode too but got a bit bored.

    Do you know where to access Blackpool? I’ve seen clips but haven’t found the real thing and don’t know if it’s available on Region 1 DVD. I may have to buy myself a multi-region player.

    You should definitely watch The Escape Artist. There were a few moments where I rolled my eyes at some ridiculous plotting but DT did a good job.

    Have you seen clips of his attempt at an American accent in the Rex is Not Your Lawyer pilot? The first thing that popped in my head when I saw it was “Aww…sweetie, you sure are trying hard.” Hopefully he’s worked on his American accent over the past 4 years or Gracepoint will not go well.

    John’s biographies are fabulous. I get a real kick out of him. It makes me wonder whether we’d be friends in real life. He’s so entertaining, but sometimes I find people with that much charisma to be intimidating. Regardless, he seems like a good guy.

    • Hi Alison,
      I don’t think Blackpool got a US release, so you’ll need to use “alternate methods” to hunt it down or get a region free player. I’m looking forward to Escape Artist. I have indeed seen the initial clips of Rex is Not Your Lawyer, and my response to his first attempt at an American accent was “bless”. 🙂 I’m hoping that it’s gotten better for Gracepoint.

      I’ve met John in person a couple of times at events like C2E2 and bookstore signings. My impression overall is that he’s very much a good egg and a kind person. And a wee bit intimidating in person, yes, because he is even *more* charismatic in person than on screen. There’s a pic of me at one of his bookstore signings on facebook, where he put his arm around me to take the pic. I will not confirm or deny the high pitched EEP that may have emitted from me, but you can certainly see the deer-in-headlights response well enough.

  3. Ray Adamson said:

    Hey!Lynne,good call on Fairytale: A True Story,i did love that too and Paul McGann is excellent in it.It also has a young Florence Hoath from the Empty Child in it.I suspect it appeals to your literary bent with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and J.M Barrie involved in it’s story.Should have mentioned that my favourite version of The Importance Of Being Earnest,i’ve seen is the Paul Mc Gann BBC studio version with Amanda Redman.Hope domestic circumstances are improving now after your hospital concerns with the youngling.Best wishes.

    • Thanks, Ray. The youngling is healing up nicely, which is a great relief to us all.

      …I’m a sucker for historical anything, so that was what got me into FairyTale, along with it being something we could watch with the youngling. 🙂 I haven’t seen that version of Earnest, but I clearly need to hunt it down (I’m rather fond of the Colin Firth one, though!).

  4. Valencia said:

    You should update this 🙂

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