Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraTARDISRooms-300We’ve had silly Extras before, but perhaps none that went quite this (delightfully) far off the rails. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we talk about our favorite rooms in the TARDIS–both the ones that exist, and the ones we wish did! Come for the TARDIS talk, stay for the space monkeys.


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A guinea pig in battle armor

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Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Time and Relative Dimension in Space(monkeys)" (18)

  1. Matthew Kilburn said:

    Excellent! This will be seriously useful for an article which I’m writing right now…

  2. This episode is a delight, thank you. 🙂

    The library is my favorite. I imagine its books are impervious to water, fire, Magic Marker, or any other sort of defacement.

    I too would like to see the kitchen. I expect it’s full of cabinets so overstuffed with dishes and mugs and canisters of tea that they don’t quite close, and a huge sink piled with more dishes until someone gets around to loading the automatic dishwasher. I imagine Clara standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips, shaking her head in disappointment at the mess. She would soon have it back in souffle-making shape. 🙂

  3. Saxon Brenton said:

    Re: protecting library books. Small tags (smaller and more discrete than current RFID tages) that generate a personalised force field envelope around the book whenever danger threatens.

    A compelling variation of personal rooms: Why should the TARDIS be the one to design them? In Logopolis the 4th Doctor shows Adric that there’s the option to deliberately design an exterior shell for the TARDIS rather than allowing the chameleon circuit do it automatically. In Invasion of Time Borusa complains that the Doctor should stabilise his pedestrian infrastructure, implying that at least part of the TARDIS’s internal configuration is under the pilot’s control as well. Wouldn’t it be *fun* to have the option to design your own room, making small tweaks or major revisions with all the ease of adjusting the air conditioning or playing around with a graphic design program?

    And… It’s been said a number of times that rooms can be deleted to generate thrust (Castrovalva, The Doctors Wife). Well, one obvious extrapolation is that afterwards the TARDIS goes to energy source (like a star) gathers more energy to convert into matter and grows more rooms for itself to replace the ones it’s lost. (Which leads to the ideas of evil, renegade TARDISes driven mad in the Time War going around, eating tsars and growing cancerously…)

    My favourite room: library.

  4. Kathryn said:

    What a fun discussion!

    I’d like to see the butterfly room, as occasionally mentioned and at least once used in the early Eighth Doctor Adventure novels (now out of print, but I’m working my way through them). It sounds like a lovely, restful place.

    As to the kitchen, I can’t decide what it might look like. Grand and stocked beyond imagination, or simple with just what you need? In one of the Sixth Doctor audios, Evelyn discusses the kitchen, being amazed that every morning there are always six eggs, no more, no less; there’s always cream (I think) and a loaf of bread that she swears was freshly baked. The Doctor, being distracted, doesn’t have an explanation for her.

    The library as shown to us recently makes me very happy.

    Looking forward to more, as always.


  5. Henrik said:

    There should be a scene in the kitchen because the companions need somewhere to have breakfast and that could be fun to see; just imagine a grumpy companion desperately trying to get a cup of coffee in the morning with the Doctor bouncing around waiting to go out on adventures!
    More importantly though we really ought to see the companions’ bedrooms. I think that could really flesh out the companions rather economically, screen time wise, through set dressing alone. Most of them basically live aboard the TARDIS so it’d be neat to see how they’ve made themselves comfortable (without too much magical help from the TARDIS, I want to see not what the ship thinks they’d like but what they actually decided to keep around from their travels or from home).

  6. I have a solution to the class problem – an android butler! Sort of like Kamelion, but not as crap. Maybe this was a role filled by Handles before his head fell off?

    A room I’d like to see is in the Tardis is a bar of some sort – personally I’d go for a sort of 50s lounge bar but I suspect the Doctor would have something like a very traditional and cosy British pub. I think this room would have seen a lot of use during the fourth Doctor’s tenure…

    It would also be nice to see a proper science laboratory. The Doctor is always cobbling gadgets together, but we never get to see where. He has to have a lab/workshop full of sciencey equipment and odds and ends, which would be like an Aladdin’s cave for mad scientists.

  7. There has GOT to be a Chinese Scholar Garden in the Tardis, somewhere. A peaceful spot, maybe with a little waterfall, or a water stone. A place of peace to relax, mediate, and read a book in between crazy adventures on the latest alien world the Doctor has dragged me to.

    • In the books there was a hill with butterflies inside the TARDIS, which I always thought was sad they haven’t shown in the TV version – after all, it’s not like it gives the same problems of a standing set! Location, location…

  8. I so needed this lighthearted discussion this week. This was great! My favorite: definitely the library.

    My room in the Tardis would be packed with books, yarn, and knitting needles. But organized. Like a bookstore meets a yarn shop meets California Closet.

    I do like Saxon’s suggestion above that we design our own rooms in the Tardis, but first I’d like to see what the Tardis came up with- what kind of living space vibe I give off. Then I could step in with my SketchUp and AutoCAD and modify to my little designer-heart’s content.

  9. AbsolomDaak said:

    I have always thought that each room in the TARDIS has it’s own localized gravity so that no matter what happens to the TARDIS everything is always up right. and when the pool ended up in the library it was a case of the pool merging with the library so the books didn’t fall off the shelves.

  10. AbsolomDaak said:

    I would like to see more to the kitchen than what we saw on the Key to time episode where the Doctor was hiding one of huge segments of the key to time.

  11. In “The Bells of St. John,” when the Doctor suggests to Clara that they go get breakfast, I thought for a moment that we were finally going to see the TARDIS kitchen… nope.

    • The audios and books have always been a bit more bold about “showing” the TARDIS – one of my favourite scenes in the audio play “The Settling” sees Ace and Hex recovering after a traumatic adventure by making tea in the kitchen, but the lack of milk means they have to go hunting a lemon tree… in the library!

      • Sarah B said:

        There are trees in the library in Newcastle, NSW! Not lemon trees, admittedly, but trees all the same. 🙂

  12. Ann-Marie said:

    So, I’ve listened to every Verity over the last two months (give or take). You ladies are the best. ❤

    This might be a candidate for "the opposite of penguin" for the Zero Room; flying squid.

  13. Sarah B said:

    Speaking of silly, I fell asleep listening to this and dreamed I was gardening with Liz and Erika in a Cloister garden full of cats and battle guinea pigs. It was a beautiful garden.

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