Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityTARDISTripping-210It’s high time for another silly Verity! Extra! This week’s topic is inspired by a “Mind Meld” in SF Signal. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we discuss where we’d go if we had one trip in the TARDIS. Who wants to do something historical? Who wants something literary? Who wants the future? Or alien adventures? Perhaps most important of all, who is our very own Meddling Monk? (Spoiler: that one’s Liz. Surprise.)

Where would you take the TARDIS if you had one trip? Let us know in the comments!


Associated links:
MIND MELD: Where Would You Take the T.A.R.D.I.S.?
Dumb Ways to Die (I may never get this out of my head. THANKS DEB. ^E)
Soft Apocalypse by Will McIntosh

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Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – TARDIS Tripping" (21)

  1. Saxon Brenton said:

    I am also one of the people realistic enough to know that I’d be better at taking a vacation than at going on an adventure. I want to go to Saturn’s moon of Titan, then use some of that force field tech that allows you to wander around in space as if it’s a shirt sleeves environment, and go swimming in the lakes of liquid methane. And various science documentaries mention the vast forests of Gondwana a few hundred million years ago, and that sounds interesting enough to warrant a camping trip.
    But come on people, the big one: Why hasn’t anyone suggested going go back in time and across universes to Real Life 1963 Britain, renting out a house for a few years, and using modern technology to record all the lost episodes of Dr Who?

  2. Yes! Get the lost episodes! Heck, get other lost stuff, like TV shows, silent movies, manuscripts, and so on.

  3. *inserts tongue firmly in cheek*

    While I understand the impulse, that sounds like a lot of WORK. I’m a librarian/archivist in my day job. I wanted a vacation! *g*

  4. I would pop back in time and turn over John Bonham before he died of asphyxiation! Then I’d catch the next Led Zeppelin concert that never was! And maybe Woodstock too…

  5. James said:

    Where ever you decide to take the TARDIS, it’s the TARDIS that will decide where you go.

  6. I would pop back in time and turn John Bonham over before he died of asphyxiation and then I’d catch the next Led Zeppelin concert that never was! Then I’d do the same thing with Keith Moon and The Who! And maybe catch Woodstock after that…

  7. I think Clara said it best when she asked the Doctor to show her something ‘awesome.’ If he thinks it’s cool, it’s probably mind-blowing (or at least eye-opening).

    I have little interest in human history. I’d like to see the beginning of the universe, or some really cool galactic forms we can’t see from here, or some really scenic planets. At one time I thought I might like to see how the human race turns out in a thousand years or so, but on second thought that’s far too likely to be depressing. Show me the birth of a solar system, or the inside of a nebula, or something like that instead.

    This was really fun, thank you!!

  8. bekitty3 said:

    I would go back to the BBC in the 1960s, and stop their “tape reuse” policy before it could do any damage. 🙂

  9. James C said:

    I look forward to seeing the manuscripts from the newly renamed Great Library of Liztopia!

    On a Who themed version of Dumb Ways to Die, this is pretty close:

  10. Adrienne Hestenes said:

    Definitely the future! I want to visit a space station or colony, and meet lots of cool, friendly aliens.

  11. Ari B. said:

    My grandfather owned a deli across the street from Yankee Stadium during the sixties and early seventies. It closed two years before I was born. My first trip would be to the Roxy, so I could sample the entire menu. 🙂 Also, I’m the only member of my family who isn’t into sports, so I probably wouldn’t even pop across the street to catch a game…

  12. Great episode. Who doesn’t love indulging in time travel fantasies? When you got to the killing Hitler bit, I was reminded of this time travel bit by Myq Kaplan:

    It’s a bit tangential, but worth sticking with until the end.

  13. Hmm… I thought I’dve been there first one to say that I would go back and steal all the master tapes before they got wiped, and store them in the TARDIS library for a few years, then move them somewhere in Britain where they could be found by the reconstruction team. I also loved the idea of going back and spending a month with Jane Austen, but not in Bath. I’d also see if I could nick any of her letters off of Cassandra before she destroyed them.

  14. I’d like to go back to 1963 to the cast and crew of Doctor Who and show them the 50th Anniversary. Show them that this little show they created has lived on beyond their wildest dreams. I think it would be particularly fun to do right after the first Dalek episode aired – to see how the Daleks exist 50 years later. I probably wouldn’t show them the Adventures in Space and Time movie, because it’s hard to see a movie about yourself without a large distance in time.

    I also think it would be fun to go back to the cast and crew of Terror of the Zygons to show them the 50th anniversary to see the zygons’ second appearance and of course, Tom’s appearance.

    Then I think it would be fun to pop back to the year 2000 and show all the fans missing Doctor Who what they’re in store for in just a few more years. Plus they’d appreciate the Five(ish) Doctors.

  15. Kathryn said:

    A fun Extra! as always, thanks, Ladies!

    The question was posted on another forum I participate in; I didn’t know where it came from. Love it when things get around!

    My answer is simple and selfish – if I could take only one trip, I’d want to go back about a year or so, and talk Matt Smith into staying one more year!

    On a more realistic side though, I think, like Rose, I’d want to meet my father before he died. Sometimes it’s hard to live in the real world with a head full of sci-fi ideas.

  16. Daniel O said:

    I’ve also been fascinated by the Library of Alexandria ever since Carl Sagan talked about it on the original “Cosmos” series. It would be marvelous to be able to recover some of the lost writings of the ancient world. For instance, we know that Aeschylus wrote many, many more than the seven plays that survive. And didn’t Emperor Augustus order any books that didn’t agree with his vision of Roman history to be destroyed.

    But I agree, it’d also be nice to visit the not-too-distant future and see how things turn out for us. There are a lot of scary things hovering over our heads these days, and knowing that we get through it okay would be a load off my mind!

    That said, who could resist a visit to an alien planet?

  17. ShylieB said:

    Nov 1963 and look for clues in the JFK assassination mystery. Go to Egypt while the pyramids were being built and see how that was really done. Go meet my grandmother when she was a girl and find out more about her Native American grandparents that I can’t find info on now and also see what life was like for her. In general, experience history as reality. Then – go 50, 100, 200, 500 . . . years into the future to see what happens next – with technology, the way people live, the way they look back on our time, etc. Go to other planets (or moons) with intelligent life and see what they are really like. Go to the edge of our universe. . . . I could go on and on. Pick one place or time? That would be torture.

  18. Laurissy said:

    I’m going to say save the lost episodes including the feast of steven. While I’m at it I’d probaly save the two lost episodes of dad’s army because dad’s army is awesome. I’d like to solve mysteries like I’d want to solve the mystery of the princes in the tower. That would be interesting I’d be a little intimidated to meet people I admire like Jane Austen I’d be too afraid she think I was an idiot. I don’t know I suppose I ‘d go meet someone like Mary Seacole and tell how important she is in the future that would be cool.

    • Had to pop in here to say, Nev Fountain came up with a BRILLIANT resolution for the princes in the tower mystery in the Big Finish drama: The Kingmaker. Doctor Who is almost as good as time travel, sometimes…

  19. Chuck C said:

    Assuming the TARDIS would protect me, I’d go back to about 10 minutes before the Big Bang.

  20. Korina said:

    As usual, late to the party. If I ever got onto the TARDIS, I always dreamed of getting lost inside her for a month or so. Best. Staycation. EVER.

    Have any of you ever seen the amazing booklet titled ‘A Partial Map of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change)’? It is AMAZING. Here’s the addy…

    Sorry, I don’t know how to make a fancy link.

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