Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraIDO3RounsRapid-210It’s been a while, but once again, we’re making good on our promise to defend Doctor Who. Those bits you think are dodgy? We’ll find something good in ’em–even if it kills us. Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy for our most ridiculous Extra! yet. Deb springs a last-minute rules change on us, and it results in consternation and hilarity. Can the Verities keep their defenses to two minutes? (EXACTLY two minutes!) Listen and see!


Download or listen now (runtime 36:28) 


Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – In Defense Of… 3 Rounds Rapid" (14)

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for this episode. I’m going through a health issue at the moment, and I needed the distraction of Rose’s eye makeup and the Myrka. Thanks!

  2. I wouldn’t describe Rose as a ‘chav’, but both her character and Eccleston’s Doctor are distinctly ‘working class’ (to use the American euphemism). Their accents are not posh (unlike almost all characters in classic Who), and both wear costumes which would be familiar and ordinary to average English people of the mid-00’s. I think RTD must have done this to set a different tone for New Who, hoping the principal characters would be more appealing to a contemporary audience.

    I think a ‘chav’ is someone likely to be subject to an ‘asbo’ (an anti-social behaviour order), and I just don’t think that applies to Rose (or Mickey either). They do live in a council flat, and Rose did wear a lot of track suits (as did her mother), but I think this reflects the fashion of the time and their limited financial means.

    Oh, and the Myrka is basically a deep-sea pantomime horse. If you’ve seen ‘Blood, Devastation, Death, War and Horror’, you know what I mean 🙂

  3. Henrik said:

    1. Rose’s style of make-up seems entirely appropriate for that character. A character like Rose is supposed to look and act like Rose does. That’s entirely in character for that character.

    2. The Myrka suffered unfairly from poor production planning, lighting, acting, core concept etc. Poor Myrka. It’s not its fault it was created by people in over their heads and then put on TV in a show that turned out to have a life long after the episodes aired. What could it have done? It’s fictional!

    3. Eric Roberts’s Master is a perfectly serviceable Master stuck in a pretty terrible movie. The characterisation isn’t really any more camp than Ainley’s. Indeed I would venture to say that Roberts played the Master rather well given the constraints of the role. It’s perhaps jarring to hear the character have an american accent but one quickly gets used to it. Even the costumes and all that seem fine. The TV movie has plenty of issues and they tend to rub off, much like the skin of a Myrka, on the good bits that surround them. The Eric Roberts part of the Master is fine though, I probably prefer his take to Simm’s, and you really have to blame the writing for the snake nonsense and the stupid trial crap and the convoluted crazy that is the whole needing humans to open the thing in the TARDIS because the Doctor is secretly half-human. That’s not Eric Roberts’s Master being terrible, that’s Eric Roberts’s Master being in something terrible. Paul McGann doesn’t become a terrible Doctor just because of all the Doctor related terribleness in the TV movie.

    OK. So maybe not all of those are much of a defence (sorry, Myrka, and I even like the almost equally derided creature from The Creature From The Pit) but I really do think that Eric Roberts gets far more than his fair share of blame for what’s wrong with the TV movie.

  4. I loved the two minute format. What a hoot!

  5. I think I have that exact same stopwatch app on my phone (or maybe they all have the same exact alarm?) and I use it ALL THE TIME for various things (workouts, household tasks, etc). So when it first went off in the show and I was listening with headphones on since my husband is asleep in the other room, I immediately lunged at my phone to turn off the sound, wondering when I’d accidentally turned on the timer! That’s given me a great laugh for the evening! Thanks!

  6. Oh wow. This is off-topic, but very cool. The current books Humble Bundle is 60+ Doctor Who comics from IDW, including ‘The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who’:

    Plus, you get an unlock code for ten Doctors in ‘Doctor Who: Legacy’! The Verity! ‘cameo’ makes it relevant to the blog, right?

  7. Laurissy said:

    Very funny extra and a lot of fun to listen to I will try to give my opinion on all of these topics. Firstly Rose Tyler’s eye makeup I was a teenager when doctor who came back so I never noticed it and there were people in my school who were far more elaborate and I think Rose Tyler can wear as much make up as she wants. Secondly the myrka I’ve only watched warriors of the deep once and I thought it was terrible and I though the myrka was rubbish but I do agree with Matt Irvine in that I think it could have worked in a darker enviroment and better camerawork. It probably would have worked quite well in the black and white era. Thirdly Eric Roberts as the Master I’ve only watched the tv movie twice and I think you make a good point the scene where he kills his wife is probably the scariest he has ever been and while he is very silly, I think he has good chemistry with mcgann and the Tso and I believe him as a credible threat.

  8. I’m only a few years older than Rose was, and I thought her makeup very typical for what 19 year olds were wearing at the time. Regardless of socioeconomic group, I don’t know that very many girls in their late-teens are known for their subtle makeup. 😉

    The 2-minute format was excellent- so funny to listen to, and I kept wanting to come straight here and post all my thoughts immediately. I had to remind myself that *I* wasn’t being timed.

  9. Clare said:

    I am poorly sick at home, and I swear this latest cast was more efficacious than the antibiotics! Has definitely perked me up. Loved the two minute format and hearing the consternation it caused.

  10. Saxon Brenton said:

    Entertaining episode. This is a great variation for the show’s format.
    Is it too idiosyncratic that I like the Myrka because of the Oodcast’s Myrka-doing-a-poo-in-the-Oval-Office gag? It is? Okay then, I’ll try another tack…
    I run an occasional Dr Who game in my RPG group, and I like to throw in old monsters. Particular the ones where lack of budget and/or rushed production values mean they often get dismissed by fandom at large, lulling the players into a false sense of security. My reasoning is that monsters that on TV are men in rubber suits with wobbly heads can be reimagined as fast and dexterous and very dangerous when described at the gaming table. When an Ergon (lifted from Arc of Infinity) turned up as a guardbeast, I made my players flee in fear from the anti-matter chicken.
    Now, think about the Myrka from that angle. You could have lots of fun with a Myrka in games, in fanfic, or even reintroduced into the modern show with CGI effects (it worked for the Macra). The big question is: Is it fast and barrels down the corridor at you, dodging gunfire by alternately running on the floor then walls then ceiling, before grabbing a victim in its forearms and ripping them apart, perhaps smearing other victims in passing with toxic paint-like ooze (that for extra meta mutates the victim into green bubble wrap)? Or does it slowly stalk down the hall, too tough to be hurt by any sort of weapon except for its particular weakness, and although you can dodge it physically you still have flee before the life-draining enervation powers. Decisions, decisions…

  11. nick tulloch said:

    Really enjoy listening to your wonderful podcast.really cheers me up.wat more cud a guy ask for than 6 smart,sassy ,sexy girls talking DOCTOR WHO.keep up the good work x

  12. No other podcast I listen to ever puts such a big smile on my face like Verity does All. The. Time. Other drivers probably wonder why I’m grinning like an idiot – “No, really, I’m not crazy, I’m listening to these women talking about Rose Tyler’s eye makeup!”

  13. That was lovely and highly amusing! 🙂

    Next time I want you to defend Colin Baker’s costume during his tenure. Or better yet, Nicola Bryant’s…

  14. Sarah B said:

    I was 30 and I wanted to do Rose’s makeup, but then, I went to goth clubs then too.
    And I love the idea that the Myrka was the resurrected Loch Ness Monster from the Goodies. 😀

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