Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityAskVerity-210It’s another listener-participation Extra! You asked us questions. We answered! Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy as we briefly chat about the 16-second series 8 teaser and then dive into your clever questions. We had a lot of fun recording this one, so thanks to all the listeners who participated! If we didn’t get to your question here, perhaps we will in a future Extra! You never know…

Also, Lynne would like it known that she meant to say she’d sacrifice “The Twin Dilemma” rather than “Vengeance on Varos”. What would she sacrifice it for? Listen and see!


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Download or listen now (runtime 44:51) 


Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Ask the Verities!" (19)

  1. You said my last name correctly. 🙂 And thanks for answering my question! 🙂

  2. Thanks for answering my question, and I’m looking forward to read everyone else’s picks. For me, I’d junk “Love & Monsters” in order to get back “Evil of the Daleks”.

  3. Henrik said:

    ‘A Christmas Carol’ is pretty upbeat. Sure whatsherface dies and whatshisface grows up and lives most of his life as an angry douchebag but it ends with them actually being happy for a spell. Best x-mas special ever.

    And I’d trade ‘Paradise Towers’, worst story ever, for any still missing story, but specifically I’d like to see ‘The Myth Makers’ or maybe one of the entirely or almost entirely missing second Doctor ones.

  4. I would not give up one minute of RTD’s era for anything. Same for Neil Gaiman’s eps. Otherwise, I’m prepared to give up a fair amount of Matt Smith in exchange for Patrick Troughton.

  5. Rodney said:

    Thank you lovely ladies for answering my question (favourite VAM) on the podcast. I just want to know if Kat listened to the Five Doctors hidden commentary yet…..

    • Rodney said:

      …sorry, meant Lyn of course…..

      • and actually, the hidden commentary is on disc one (broadcast version), not disc two (special edition). go to special features, highlight “companion commentary” and then hit either the right or left button to reveal the green Doctor Who logo, then click enter.

      • It turns out, I had indeed listened to it already, and enjoyed the commentary. And then forgot that I had done so, because I have a memory like the proverbial sieve. SO…clearly a rewatch is in order!

  6. Daniel O. said:

    I’d trade “Love & Monsters” for any serial featuring Ben and Polly.

  7. microtoast said:

    I’d trade all of series 6 (after the first two episodes) for Power of the Daleks, Highlanders, Wheel in Space, and/or episode 3 of Web of Fear. I just love new character introductions.

    I’d throw in Paradise Towers, if it would help. Also Evolution of the Daleks and Angels Take Manhattan.

  8. Thanks for another enjoyable podcast! 🙂

    I would happily sacrifice seasons 23-26 in order to get all the missing 60s episodes back. Let’s face it, a lot of the missing 60s stuff is probably at about the same level of quality as a lot of the late 80s stuff so that seems like a very fair exchange to me.

  9. Also, you can pry Paradise Towers out of my cold, dead hands. I LOVE THAT STORY. ICE HOT!

  10. Laurissy said:

    So a part of my thinking here because of course I’ve over thought this. I assumed that we would still get to keep the soundtrack of which ever episode I picked so I started to think of stories that could work or maybe even work better as audio. So I’d trade the sensorites for the massacre. Warriors of the deep for evil of the daleks. If the soundtracks couldn’t be saved probably journey to the centre of the tardis for anything really because all the missing episodes are frankly worth more than that but I’d probably go for Marco Polo.

    So my question is slightly related to this one but slightly different spin. We all know Doctor who is a show where imagination is constantly struggling with budget. So do you think any television stories would work better as audio stories? Also because a lot of you are big finish fans are there any audio stories that you wish you could see on TV? Great podcast.

    • microtoast said:

      As a huge Big Finish fan, this is an AWESOME question. Unfortunately I have no answer, but I shall think on it deeply 🙂

  11. I’d Still want Marco Polo. I’m willing to give up, oh, 2 episodes for it.

    But for real pain…I think finding stories that would cause me anguish is better. So, I’d give up Revenge of the Cybermen and the Ambassadors of Death.

    Make the sacrifice matter and hurt!

  12. Reverendjacksmith said:

    So I’m going big: here:
    I would sacrifice 50% of the 80’s episodes to get the missing episodes from the 60’s back.
    On a smaller scale, I would gladly trade The Christmas Invasion for The Power of the Daleks in a regeneration swap.

  13. Sarah B said:

    I would trade Colin Baker’s era for Pat Troughton’s entire oeuvre. Oh yeah, I’m going there. It’s not personal, it’s just the way he’s written. 🙂

  14. averypleasantpineapple said:

    The moment I heard about the hidden Five Doctors commentary I stopped the episode, went to eBay and ordered the DVD. Soon I will be a happy owner of my first classic Doctor Who DVD. Thanks, Tansy.

    • So glad I could share the joy! Also, I’m starting to think they should pay me a commission on those DVDs…

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