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VerityEpisode44-210On this week’s episode, we begin by talking villains, but quickly discover that our topic goes far beyond them. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we discuss how Doctor Who has never quite recaptured the lightning-in-a-bottle that was Dalekmania. Or did it? How did merchandising factor in to subsequent villains (and non-villain characters)? What show elements do we wish had taken off more than they did?

Listen and see! Then tell us what you think in the comments!


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  1. Hello! Regular South Korean fan here! I was just listening to your most recent episode and was absolutely THRILLED when Deb mentioned the world tour! Despite the fact that both my sister and I currently am attending a dorm school, our parents have agreed to let us go (and consequently missing school which is a huge deal here haha)
    I’ve been following the podcast for about a year now and it’s been my little nugget of joy each week 🙂 Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and delight in each episode and such insightful conversations not only from the female perspective but on Classic Who as well – as I had only seen the Unearthly Child and the 1996 TV movie prior to listening. Because most (and I’m pretty sure it’s true) Korean Doctor Who fans don’t really grow up watching Doctor Who as many of you guys did, the fandom mostly stays within the boundaries of New Who and rarely branches off. Thanks to Verity! my sister has started the Eighth Doctor audio series and was squealing all throughout Zagreus 🙂 So thank you so much for all that you do and I really hope everything goes well for all of you in all your endeavors in the future!
    – your avid listener from Seoul

    P.S. Since I stepped into the world of Doctor Who, I have brought along many of my friends with me, one of whom made an amazing 11th Doctor Tardis popup card for me!
    Juuuust thought you guys might be interested 🙂

    • I discovered DW in South Korea too! Did you watch it on that one channel that shows random English shows? I am not in Korea anymore so I’m suitably annoyed that it is NOW coming there!

      • Well, hello! I was actually a tumblr user and regular viewer of youtubers before I started watching Doctor Who and kept hearing things about how great the show is! But I personally do know some people who have actually gotten hooked on the show through the channel you’re talking about 🙂

  2. Besides Daleks, the only thing I see with any regularity here in the States is TARDIS stuff. Just the other day I saw a blue car that had a “My other car is a TARDIS” license plate holder.

    And thinking about other fandoms, the only thing I could think that comes close to what you all are describing could be the minions from “Despicable Me.” I have never seen the movie and have no idea what its about but I see those minions everywhere (clothes, toys, party supplies, school supplies, costumes, candy, and even Doctor Who crossover tshirts: and I know right away its from that movie. I don’t see merchandise with any other characters from those films but that’s probably because the minions are fairly similar to one another and very graphic in terms of design and color, making them very easy to mass produce. And they are pretty cute.

    And I’m like most of you in that I don’t like to have much stuff but when I do buy stuff I try to support artists and crafts folk who sell because they are probably fans and/or its a significant source of income. I rather have my money support them than any major corporation. Its so unfortunate that there have been crackdowns on this type of production. Fandoms can be so capitalist-driven and classist sometimes and if you don’t own certain amounts of X then you’re characterized as not a true fan, sigh. Fandoms shouldn’t be spaces of privilege or oppression but spaces for everyone to share their love and appreciation for whatever they’re into. I have a lot more to say on this because its been something I have been thinking about for while randomly when I encounter fandom materials in my everyday life (instead of working on a book chapter that’s due this summer, blergh).

  3. I’m pretty drawn to quotes. One of my favorites is my t-shirt from Hot Topic in the shape of a TARDIS with all these great quotes from all Doctors. I also like the stealth geek images that are not as well know so I know it as Doctor Who that others don’t like old high gallifreian and seal of Rassilon. I also collect digital stuff like ring tones, apps that make the TARDIS appear anywhere etc.

    As for the Daleks, had anything gone so wild in the merchandising before in British Culture?

  4. I’ve just finished listening to the episode (which I enjoyed as always) and wanted to share a link to the pattern for some Christmas tree ornaments I made last year, after someone (sorry, I don’t remember who) mentioned converting the K9 bag pattern into an ornament.

    TARDIS, dalek, K9 and adipose ornaments

    I’m sure I took some photos of the ones I made, but I can’t easily find them right now.

    It’s mostly TARDIS things at my house. I haven’t bought a lot, but if friends see TARDIS things they think “Doctor Who” followed by “Kerry” (or possibly the other way around). So I guess, as was said on the podcast, that’s the other main thing that is very much in the public consciousness.

    My 10-year old son frequently comments on things in a dalek voice (often completely unexpectedly) or threatens extermination. “Delete” comes up quite often too, so maybe catch phrases are a thing that have come much more out of the new show than the old one.

    For myself, I’m a crafter and do enjoy sneaking my fandoms into my craft work, sometimes stealthily, sometimes not so much. There were some lovely quilt patterns made by fans for the anniversary last year and I now have two Doctor Who quilts I love by need to find a use for. I’m also working steadily but slowly on a hand-stitched stealthy Doctor Who hexagon quilt that was inspired by Tansy. I will get it finished one day. Really I will. Although the hexagon that says “Hexagons are cool 2013” may be pretty out of date by the time I do.

    I would love a “stealth geek” extra. Could you consider a craft one too. I don’t think you’ve done one of those, although I can’t remember for sure.

  5. I would love Sontaran potatoheads (“Ida-HO! Ida-HO! Ida-HO!”)…and yes, I would consider Quarks.

  6. microtoast said:

    The nerd swag I really like is the stuff I can make myself. Scarves, of course. But the Tardis is great because it’s so simple but instantly recognizable. I made a police box ipod case…I have a thumb drive that, being blue and rectangular, was easy to disguise as the Tardis…etc. But I also have an old gumball machine that I plan to turn into a dalek sometime 🙂

  7. pfh64 said:

    Not sure which lady said if l had a yard & a garden, I would own a “weeping angel” and be scared to death of it, and my thought was, just how much more scared would you be if one of your friends snuck in that yard and occasionally moved that statue around that yard at night, until one day it was right at the door. Great practical joke.

  8. I think the Cyberman head logo from Tomb of the Cybmen is an excellent but underappreciated and uderutilitzed bit of graphic design. I was always more of a Daleks fan, butseeing it in he David Banks Cybermen book even before I got a chance to see Tomb was a revelation, and I was tracing it out and drawing it in my school notebooks.

    And while, yes, we absolutely need Quark action figures, I’m not sure where I’d place that on my list in relation to the Candyman, which is something that would make an excellent addition to my shelf.

  9. Donna said:

    In regard to TARDIS merchandise there was an interesting development mentioned here Also my favourite piece of merchandise is this awesome Etsy listing at

  10. Bow ties. It’s a shame the BBC couldn’t get the rights to bow ties.

  11. I would like more Gel Guard stuff please. Notebooks, post it notes… I have a thing for stationary, can you tell?
    I do love weeping angels, but I also tend to be a wee bit nervous about having an image of an angel… The closest I’ve got so far is a rose quartz angel. It’s not as scary when it’s pink. 😉

    I’m also a fan of stealth geek jewellery – like my question mark shaped ring and my bow tie shaped earrings. 😀 I have a lot of Harry Potter related stealth stuff – owls, snakes, lightning bolts.

  12. You invoked Cousin Oliver!!. :Twitch; :Twitch:

  13. Hello, Verities and listeners!
    There’s my opinion from Russia: russian-speaking fandom is a bit jealous to the countries which are in 2014 DW World Tour. There are so much whovians in here, but Capaldi&Co are just passing by so we are a bit offended. A bit – because some of us are looking forward to watch an episode in series 8 connected with our history. The whofandom in our country is fastly growing with new stories and 11th Doctor’s fans, but there are enough like me – knowing and appreciating Doctors both new and classic (oldschool as we call it). We have very few conventions and a handful of merchandise comparing to the huge amount of stuff in UK or US even to that in Australia. Most of fans are joung and haven’t money to offer fanstuff from abroad, espesially in distant cities as the one I live is. So I dream of some daleks of course and Tenth Doctors’ action figure, and a sonic, but now I’m saving money so I prefer to make whovian stuff with my own hands. I’ve sewn my own little TARDIS as a tablet-case and some earrings with TARDISes made of beads.
    Thank you for your podcast – I’ve joined listening a few days ago and delighted every minute of your show. I’m going to make my own DW podcast by the way, I hope it would be a thousand part as good as yours.
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english, through watching DW it become much better, but i’m still better in listening and reading than in writing and speaking.
    Bye then, I’ll be looking forward your news episodes. Lots of lowe and jellybabies from Russia, Anastasia.

  14. Hooray for merch! My Achilles heel is the kitchen stuff – especially for theme baking. I have quite a collection now, from the homemade and fanmade (my special Dalek cookie cutter, 3D printed cookie stamps) to the officially licensed stuff – my Dalek apron was probably my first new Who tat (a gift), and my most recent was a mug and a TARDIS teapot. My biggest shopping coup for Christmas baking was last year’s acquisition of a set of icing shakers shaped like Sontaran, Cyberman, Weeping Angel, etc – which also could be used as cookie stamps, leading to beautiful crumbly shortbreads with scary angels printed on them.

    My dream merch therefore would be a wider range of old school villains as kitchenware. Robots of Death cookie stamps! Gel Guard sugar dish. Rani power mixer.

  15. Laurissy said:

    I remember last year a radio dj was asking people to send in doctor who cocktail names and someone sent in one to do with the weeping angels and the Dj was like you’ve got to be a fan to understand that one. I don’t know if radio dj’s are an accurate barometer of pop culture but it is interesting.

    I guess I’d like to see more bessie merch. I know it must already be out there but I want toys, a bessie board games, socks, scarfs, t shirts and a roller coaster ride because why not? I suppose bessie merch must already exist but I don’t see it as much as other stuff.

  16. Paul A. said:

    This makes interesting companion listening to the episode of The Writers Room podcast that came out the same week, which coincidentally looks at several stories which featured creatures that their creators hoped would be the Next Big Thing, and talks a bit about why they weren’t.

    The Dominators isn’t one of the the featured stories, but Galaxy 4 is, and the chumblies have a lot in common with the quarks from a Next Big Thing perspective. One thing in particular that Erik and Kyle highlighted was that rather than characters in their own right like the Daleks, they’re just the non-speaking sidekicks to aliens that really aren’t that interesting. To bring back the quarks, you’d also have to bring back the Dominators, and who wants that?

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