Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraTakeOver-210WARNING: While this episode of Verity! has no swearing, we do refer to some rather grown-up concepts, so if you usually listen with your children, you might want to take a swing through this Extra before you bring the kiddies on board–either that or fast-forward through Lynne’s answer to this question.

For this Extra!, we turn to yet another silly what-if-type question. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, Liz, and Lynne as we plan how we’d each take over the world/galaxy/universe. Which Doctor Who villains would we recruit as henchmen? What kind of evil master-plans would we employ? Would any of us stand a chance of successful conquest?

How would you go about taking over? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Verities Take Over" (7)

  1. I like Lynne’s plan best, but that’s all I’ll say about THAT…

    My plan? I will start with conquering the Earth then spread out from there and see how far I can get before I get stopped by some meddlesome renegade Time Lord…

    I would form a dark alliance with the Zygons, the Draconians and the Sontarans. The Zygons would be ideal for infiltration, and the other two would be good battle troops. They both have quite honourable cultures, so there’s a fair chance they wouldn’t double-cross me before I double-crossed them.

    So first, the Zygons would go in secretly and pose as various heads of state and assorted big-wigs and undermine the Earth’s defenses. They could also amuse me by putting Nessies in many of the world’s waterways. Then my Draconian & Sontaran battle fleets could sweep in and take over. They would probably squabble a bit about which of their glorious Empires the Earth was now part of but I’m sure we could do some sort of time-share deal. Then I’d move on to the next planet, and repeat! I think that should work quite well. 🙂

  2. ADipose. I am taking over Canberra (and there for Australia, because seat of government) with Adipose. Everyone will be entranced by the utter cuteness, so I can step in and put my own policies in place.

  3. I call my plan “Doctor Who and the Multi Seasonal Story Arc ”

    My campaign to be a Doctor Who villain and take over the galaxy will has humble beginnings. I start as a high-ranking Captain in one of the Verity’s regimes, with my own rag-tag team of loyal soldiers and enough power to know secret strategies and weaknesses, but not enough to mean I’m super evil and responsible for a lot of cruelty (yet).
    When Clara and The Doctor eventually arrive to overthrow whichever Verity overlord I serve, they convince me that what I’ve done is wrong, I gain their trust by claiming I only joined the Empire to spare my village and share vital information to help bring down the Verity dictatorship. The second episode of this two-part season opener ends with me having to choose whether to save my home village or my rag-tag group of rebels in a death trap like situation. The rebels sacrifice themselves in an emotional end, which brings all the feels, and The Doctor invites me to join him and Clara as the new TARDIS team (Clara embraces the term and the Doctor looks at us funny when we refer to ourselves as that).
    In the next few episodes we travel from future worlds to ancient civilisations, in each instance I lay the subtle groundwork for my eventual evil take over. I take note of the failed strategies of an arrogant warlord behind a secret government plot. I learn of an ancient magical artefact/fallen alien weapon in medieval London (Cardiff). I remember the secret entrance Clara finds to a maximum-security prison planet. Standard TARDIS adventuring.
    By the end of the season, The Doctor finds Gallifrey, is captured by renegade Time Lords and is saved by the team up of President Romana (played by Helen Mirren), Leela and Clara. I used this as a chance to steal a Time Lord ship (sadly not a TARDIS, they’ve tightened security on those since the Time War) and escape to lay my plans to rule the Galaxy.
    The Doctor has been too distracted by his own cleverness in his search for his lost home to notice anything awry in his new companion, but Clara had her suspicions from the start and uses her notes in her travel diary to deduce my dubious deeds and dealings on our previous trips and travels.
    This leads into the next season where The Doctor, Clara and a newly regenerated Susan have to track down my newly formed army of escaped prisoners, the worst that every species has to offer, that I freed with the magic space weapon from earlier.
    The hunt for the fallen companion…
    [Cue credits]

  4. Lynne’s plan is better than anything I could come up with.

    Still…sending a bunch of ice warriors and quarks to amass an empire based on mining planets without life, so that I can then build a massive fleet of warships to enforce my will from orbit? Yeah, I could do that.

    No Daleks or Cybermen–no need for uppity minions!

  5. Rodney said:

    Lynne you bad, bad girl! Someone warn her husband to be wary of any…er….plastic in the bedroom….

    My plan to take over the world? Killer Kardashians….

  6. Terrence Keenan said:

    Enjoyed the current podcast. Lots of fun. I liked Liz’s plan the most, because its very Liz like and silly and therefore genius.

    My own plan would be to turn all of Earth into the Remote from the Faction Paradox, then control them through bad television. From there I would expand to the universe, planet by planet. Bad TV would keep everyone bickering about all unimportant things and allow easy manipulation.


  7. Laurissy said:

    Loving see the evil in the comments section. My plan would be to get a team together and go around in a spaceship recruiting all the alien species to stand up against the greater threat the daleks I guess. I will have the meddling monk as part of my crew because of his time travel knowledge and he’s be helpful in convincing aforesaid alien species. I would have Morgaine running this operation as I figure being able to throw lightning is a pretty convincing recruitment tool. I would have the doctor robot from the chase because I figure having a copy of the doctor around to fix things would be quite helpful. The Rani to come up with weapons and scientific discoveries to help defeat the daleks. Tlotoxl from the aztecs to be in charge of killing people and he seems pretty good at politics and controlling people in a little finger kind of way. Drax to scam people make sure robot doctor stays in good nick and to fix the ship which would of course be the enterprise from next generation which I will steal from the cybermen and later subdue them with it. I will have the minotaur form the time monster to act as muscle. I will be doing the important task of making tea for everyone and when the empire has been established and the daleks are beaten. I will then ask the meddling monk to take me to the beginning of the universe and kill the black and white guardian so I can make sure the empire I have created will never be overthrown because I will control everything. Don’t quite have the how on killing the guardians but I’m sure I will find something on my mad voyage recruiting all these alien species.

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