Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityEpisode45-210It’s another villaintastic episode of Verity! This time we’re talking about machines–computers, robots, and androids who want to do very bad things. Join Deb, Erika, and Liz as we use “The Robots of Death” as a jumping-off point for our discussion. It’s a great place to start, as it deals not only with robots themselves, but their integration into society. From there we jump to their integration into stories, and after that, we’re all over the map: WOTAN! BOSS! Tara! Smilers! And much much more!

There’s also a wee bit of irony at work in this ep. A technical issue prevented the excision of some coughing. (Deb had a cold.) This would be merely unfortunate, but it’s catapulted into the realm of irony when Erika boasts of her cough-muting prowess…and then can’t mute the coughs. Such hubris. Never tempt fate in front of the podcast gods. Lesson learned.

(That same technical issue accounts for the somewhat iffy sound quality in this ep. We thank you for your patience, and will try to have things back to normal next week!)


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The Incomparable #193 – Murderous Roomba

The Resurrection Casket

Radio Free Skaro #423

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Comments on: "Verity! Episode 45 – Mechanical Meanies" (8)

  1. Not much to say on this episode, except that it was another fun podcast. I do have some suggestions for other characters in pop culture that might be Time Lords:

    TV’s Frank (MST3K) – how many times was he killed, and kept coming back?

    Lorien, Captain Sheridan, Commander Sinclair – hey, somebody from B5 has to be a Time Lord, right? Oh, maybe Ivanova…

    Spock – Long life, came back from death, strange anatomy (okay, probably not, but still)

    That’s all the silliness I can think of now. Cheers!

  2. Scott K said:

    Miz Frizzle, no question, is a timelord. The magic schoolbus is able to travel in time and space, change its appearance, withstand any and all “attacks” (lava, white blood cells, etc) much like a tardis.
    She is also very Doctor-y in her enthusiastic approach to exploration and unflappability in the face of any danger.

  3. Hi! just wanted to tell you how awsome you guys are! I just gave you a review on the swedish Itunes, is seems to be the first, by the way…
    Also, on the topic of charachters in popular culture that might be timelords, I’m pretty convinced that Skalman from Bamse is The Doctor. if there, by chance, are people on this blog who are not familiar with swedish childerens cartoons, I present the evidence in this link:

  4. Ron Retherford said:

    Mr. Peabody could very well be a Time Lord. He has WAYBACK machine. Has a companion boy named Sherman. Wears a bow tie and one time a fez. And like Snoopy, he is a white male!

  5. Bill Woodrow said:

    I’ve always thought that Guinan was/is a Time Lord/Lady.

    I think her outfits always looked very Time Lordish and my theory is that 10 Forward is her TARDIS, similar to Professor Chronotis’ TARDIS in Shada. After all there was no 10 Forward in Series one and then it appears in Series 2! Coincidence?

  6. Paul A. said:

    About the Sydney Newman anti-bug-eyed-monster/robot issue: The famous quote was definitely about bug eyed monsters, not robots. The evidence suggests that he had no problem with robots — The Masters of Luxor, the story for which The Daleks was a hasty replacement was about robots.

  7. […] GBBO epOur previous ep covering “Robots of Death”Big Finish Robots rangeErika playing “E-84” on Total Party KillExtra-special thanks to […]

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