Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraDrStrangeLand-210This week’s Extra! features crossover madness! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy, as we muse over what it would be like to plop the Doctor into other fictional worlds. What makes a good crossover? Which Verity isn’t really comfortable with crossovers? Who coins the term “Capaldi-flicted”? And who observes that Capaldi “gives good cape”? Listen and see!

Then let us know in the comments what fictional worlds you’d like to see the Doctor (and/or his companions) visit. Inquiring Verities want to know!


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Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Doctor in a Strange Land" (48)

  1. I was a Trekkie before I became a Whovian. I thoroughly enjoyed Assimilation Squared which had the Eleventh Doctor teaming up with Captain Picard on the Enterprise D to battle the Borg and the Cybermen.

    But I could always want more! I heard an internet rumor that the two shows wanted an on-screen crossover back in the 60s… and then I believe RTD wrote in his book he wanted to do something with Enterprise. Sadly both times Star Trek was canceled before anything could happen.

  2. Strangely, the first thing that popped into my head while listening to this episode was Max Headroom. There’s a cyberpunk look and feel to the show at times. Max Headroom is, I think, the least grim of the various cyberpunk books and series out there. W. Morgan Sheppard was in both shows; a connection between Blank Reg and the older Canton, perhaps?

    Then I thought about historic events that I’d like to see the Doctor get involved in. Different topic for another time. But that led me to think of the Sharpe series, which I’ve only seen a little of (and not read at all). Yet it would allow Sean Bean into Who, without being doomed. I can even see this line in my head: “Just this once, Sean Bean lives!”

    Okay, so, that was odd and random. I think I need to take a nap soon. I need the odd and random to go away so I can get back to my writing. 🙂

  3. I was thinking this conversation is kinda the basis for the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. Basically, Thursday Next is a detective that has the ability to go into literature and solve crimes that happen in the novels (most of the time its to maintain the integrity of the book and not to prevent the death of a character or anything like that). I can see the Doctor meeting Thursday Next to solve a case where a major character from a book goes missing like say, Mr. Darcy goes missing in Pride and Prejudice and they find him on a whaling ship on the hunt for Moby Dick or something like that.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I love this idea. Or maybe just the idea of The Doctor popping in and out of literary classics. He would be absolutely gleeful! Or super critical of plot and prose. Either way it would be fabulously fun.

      • These are brilliant books! The Doctor and Thursday Next could have brilliant fun together.

      • microtoast said:

        Love that they even discuss DW in them – the excerpt below had me grinning like nobody’s business:

        “Landen said he’d videotape Dr. Who for me, and the Daleks are my favorite.”
        “I’m more into the Sontarans myself,” said Miles.
        “Humph!” said Joffy. “It’s what I would expect from someone who thinks Jon Pertwee was the best Doctor.”
        Landen and I stared at him, unsure of whether we should agree, postulate a different theory—or what.
        “It was Tom Baker,” said Joffy, ending the embarrassed silence. Miles made a noise that sounded like “conventionalist,” and Landen went off to fetch the tape.

        – First Among Sequels

      • I totally spaced on the connection microtoast! I think there needs to be a DW and Thursday Next novel like now. I mean, her dad is basically a rogue time agent! What if her dad is Captain Jack? The fanfic possibilities!

  4. Robert: you beat me to it with the Sharpe idea, which I think would almost be a perfect crossover. I’ve been watching ‘The Omega Factor’ recently & I think you could slot the Doctor in there. The Season 26 McCoy with Ace. I also thought that a ‘Highlander : TV Series’ – Doctor Who crossover might just work. With McGann’s Doctor perhaps. And on a really weird one Doctor Who-Howard the Duck.

    • microtoast said:

      Highlander! nice one! and Howard the Duck just makes me think of Frobisher 🙂

    • raksha38 said:

      Ooh, a Highlander crossover would be fantastic! I can’t decide what I want more, The Two/Zoe/Jamie team where Jamie knows MacLeod, or the Eleven/Amy team (with Rory, if you must) meeting the present day Mac and Methos. Why choose? I think I need to check out Teaspoon and AO3 for both situations!

  5. What would seem to work great, with a number of the Doctors, would be a cross-over with the Avengers. The Doctor, and companions, working with Peel and Steed.

    What ought to be interesting is a visit to the Muppets. Or, for the puppet-Doctor, to Thunderbirds.

  6. Henrik said:

    I don’t like this at all.

    It’s messy trying to tie properties together. It might work with ‘Firefly’, as it is just a splinter of the human race off to colonise and terraform a solar system somewhere. You could squeeze that into Doctor Who no problem without it messing up either shows really. Maybe Indiana Jones?
    But it’s hard. Even stuff like ‘Torchwood’ ended up chafing after a few seasons so having the Doctor show up in ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Stargate’ would just wreck both involved series.

    BSG is a terrible fit. And Cylons aren’t the least compatible with Cybermen. Cylons are robots moving toward being more human and Cybermen are people trying to become more robotic. They’re freaking opposites!

    It all has to add up! It must all be in order! It has to fit! Otherwise my brain and the brains of other horrible nerds everywhere will break!

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Henrik meet Erika. Erika, Henrik. 😉 In other words, you are not alone! This idea is definitely not for everyone.

    • laurissy said:

      I quite like the idea of a firefly doctor who crossover. I’m sure I remember a fanvid of the doctor recruiting Mal for demons run and I’ve found it. I quite like the idea of something like that the doctor recruting Mal. The only problem is that they’re are no aliens in the firefly universe but I supposed for the purpose of fanfic that could be retconned. I guess it would just be interesting to have firelfy exist in the whoniverse and that the doctor could appear on the serenity any time he wants.

  7. microtoast said:

    I was talking about exactly this question just the other week, when I learned that the fifth doctor makes a surprise cameo in a book I read waaaaaaay back when I was about ten, long before I even knew what Doctor Who was. He isn’t mentioned by name, but from the description and what he does…it’s definitely him. Basically he distracts the evil aliens chasing the heroine through a space station bar. (The book is High Wizardry by Diane Duane.)

    I often balk at the idea of crossovers, if the universes don’t mesh in terms of atmosphere and feel. I think the book mentioned above totally works, but that’s kind of rare. But I also really love crossovers, if the idea is right. It’s much easier to ask the question of which character you want the Doctor to travel with, rather than which fictional worlds you want to mesh with the world of Doctor Who. I was thinking about it for a while, and I came up with a really, really, really super obscure character answer: there is a specific guest character from a season ten episode of Stargate (Cicero, from ‘Bad Guys’) that I desperately want to travel in the Tardis. If you’ve seen it, I hope you agree…he is clever and takes the initiative and he even wanders off! Plus, he just plain deserves to travel the universe, and I want him to get a happy ending.

    • Omg, are you me? I came here just to post something mentioning High Wizardry! I also read it when I was about ten before I knew about Doctor Who. When I found out that that random mysterious stranger was supposed to be the Fifth Doctor, I was so happy, because it’s like Doctor Who was following me through life even before I ever knew what it was :’)

      • microtoast said:

        Yay!! When I found out, I immediately scrounged up a copy and reread it, and it was fantastic. I was practically bouncing off the walls in glee…so glad I’m not the only one to know about it 😀 😀

    • Willow said:

      Oh my gosh! I was just going to post something about High Wizardry!, it is such an awesome little crossover. (and an awesome book, one of my childhood favorites)

  8. A couple – I want the Fifth Doctor to play cricket with Lord Peter Wimsey. Just one game together at some point. And I know this is absolutely done to death in fandom, but I would like the Doctor and Sherlock to meet and try to out-brilliant each other, while Watson and maybe Donna get to have lots of fun mocking them.

    • I too thought of Lord Peter Wimsey, but I missed the obvious cricket connection…

      Because I love Harriet Vane (later Wimsey), I would need the Doctor to meet Peter & Harriet after they are married. Which means that the companion is also important, because Harriet and the companion need to bond – most likely over the shared experience of being career women hanging around with men who feel an obligation to investigate mysteries & thus restore order to the universe.

      So I was going to suggest the Tenth Doctor and Martha in this adventure (Martha being the companion of my heart), or alternatively the Eleventh Doctor – or the Twelfth! – and Clara (Clara being the companion I desperately want to love, but haven’t connected with yet…). But if we want the cricket connection, then it could be Tegan with the Fifth Doctor (I would also suggest Nyssa, but I wouldn’t want to freak out Erika by borrowing her favourite companion and putting her into a situation that would make Erika feel ‘itchy’!).

      I imagine that Peter & Harriet would take any alien aspect of the mystery at the heart of the story in their stride. Providing that the evidence of alien involvement is there & irrefutable, of course. They are practical people who look for evidence.

  9. I think the Doctor should meet up with J.B. Fletcher from “Murder, She Wrote”. Especially if it’s 5, 6, or 11. Having an older female companion worked well in the audios, and JB’s warm but no-nonsense competence would be a good dynamic. Plus: Angela Lansbury. So.

  10. I really like making crossovers, but it bothers me to no end if they don’t work together properly in every way. Doctor Who is actually surprisingly difficult to cross with other science fiction, because it’s so wide-ranging that there are probably contradictions somewhere. (There was never life on Mars in this sci-fi canon? I can’t put it with Doctor Who because OMG what about Ice Warriors!! Even if they only mentioned Mars briefly in that other show and this crossover fanfic didn’t show Ice Warriors at all, it would still bother me SO MUCH)

    I did come up with one though! It was actually inspired by something that really happened. The X-Files was filmed in the 90s in Canada, and so was the 8th Doctor film. On the dvd commentary for the movie, Paul McGann actually tells a story about running into the X-files stars because they were shooting in the same location, and wanting to say hello, but being too intimidated “because they’re from the X-files, which is so famous, and we’re just Doctor Who”!! It made me laugh really hard when I first heard it but since then I actually started watching X-files for the first time myself, and it got stuck in my mind…

    just imagine, Mulder and Scully fly out to investigate some mysterious occurrences that were reported around a hospital in San Francisco on New Years’ Eve. People were killed by weird acid and an ambulance driver disappeared after murdering his wife in an unexplainable manner. Scully interviews Doctor Grace Holloway and they bond over being awesome red-haired science ladies or something, and eventually persuades her to open up about what she knows. But Grace’s story about a time traveling alien man is so crazy that not even Mulder can believe it, so they give up and declare this X-file closed… but maybe they can meet the Doctor again someday, who knows? And that’s my crossover 🙂

    • microtoast said:

      love it! that’s the kind of crossover I like…one that doesn’t actually change anything canon-wise, but just explains how two stories can peacefully coexist alongside one another.

      and speaking of Paul McGann, I like to watch Hornblower and pretend that Mr. Bush is actually the doctor, stranded in the nineteenth century, suffering another bout of amnesia 😀

  11. microtoast said:

    Oh oh, I know what I want! The Scarlet Pimpernel. I don’t even care which doctor, it would be perfect.

    In fact, I want to see the Doctor, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Sherlock Holmes, and Chrestomanci (from the Diana Wynne Jones books) all in a room together, because I think my brain might explode from the sheer volume of awesome.

  12. I really enjoyed when Eureka and Warehouse 13 crossed over. And I think the Doctor would be fabulous in both. Just imagine the 11th doctor being terribly clever in a town of geniuses. Plus Wil Wheaton is on the show so Trekkies can smile too.

  13. Anne of Green Gables! She’d have no trouble believing him and would be game for anything. They could try to out-quirk one another. The young Anne would be great with 11 since he meshes so well with kids. The older Anne might be better with 10. Although I’d love to see what would happen if you stuck Anne in a room with 1 or 3.

  14. Lizzy said:

    Would love to a crossover with the Temeraire books series written by Naomi Novik. I think that would be excellent.

    • “Who coins the term “Capaldi-flicted”?”

      I already have been using the term “Capalderdash” for outrageous rumours and untruths about Peter Capaldi.

  15. I loved Mary Robinette Kowal’s tuckerizations, as you mentioned on the podcast

    It seems that characters are what count. Not what properties the Doctor wanders through–but who he *meets*.

    Therefore, who do I want the Doctor to meet in the Land of Fiction? I think The Doctor tangling and getting mixed up with DB Jackson’s Thieftakers in 1760’s Boston would be a lot of fun.

    Ooh, and what about the Doctor…and the Supernatural boys (I believe tumblr is already “on this” though(

  16. Daniel O. said:

    One can certainly imagine the humorous possibilities of the Fifth Doctor setting down in Darrowby and interacting with James Herriot and the gang from “All Creatures Great and Small.” “Tristan! Why are you in that ridiculous getup? You’re supposed to be up at Mr. Brown’s seeing to those piglets!”

    The first thing that popped into my head was Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan novels, though as straightforward space opera, it falls squarely in the “too obvious” category. Still, Miles’ hyperactive nature and devious mind would be a terrific foil for Four, Six, or Nine.

    On a more surreal note, what would happen if the Doctor were to meet Dream of the Endless?

    • I am in the middle of watching “All Creatures”, and would love this crossover. Make sure it is into that episode where Troughton appears (and would include confirmation that Troughtons’ character was also the Doctor)

    • I am now imagining Miles and Ten just talking at each other a zillion miles a minute, full of glee about their terrible, awesome plans to save the universe, and Cordelia, Quinn, Ekaterin, all the other ladies are just ‘sigh, Clara we feel your pain, want to come over here and talk to sensible people at an ordinary speed?’

  17. I was a “Land of the Lost” fan in the mid 1970s… when I should have been watching Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee! There are some similarities (time travel booths bigger on the inside, for example), and the Land itself is a mysterious pocket universe, not unlike those seen a few old and new “Who” episodes.

    I’d love to see the Doctor drop into this place, and help the human “castaways” and the hapless intelligent lizard-man who can’t get his time travel machinery to work properly. The series continued, and ended with definite unsolved problems. Style wise, Tom Baker would fit in well, and he could solve the problems.

  18. raksha38 said:

    Way late to the party as usual, but I think a crossover with Farscape would be fantastic! The Scarran/Peacekeeper political intrigue is just the sort of craziness that the Doctor always finds himself in the middle of. Add in the incredible variety of aliens on that show, and the ragtag nature of the Moya crew, I think it would be a great mesh for Doctor Who!

  19. Bouncing off of microtoast’s comment of a crossover with the Scarlet Pimpernel, how about a crossover with Lauren Willig’s “Pink Carnation” novel series? Napoleonic France, English spies with flower names, and lots of interesting women who take charge of very tricky spy operations. I’d love to see the Eleventh Doctor and Clara wind up crossing paths with the Pink Carnation, and Clara just blending in effortlessly.

  20. Okay, this is way out there, but I can totally imagine Matt Smith’s Doctor in Winnie the Pooh… Just to see what Ernest Shepard would have done drawing in him and the TARDIS.

  21. microtoast said:

    Having just seen it…Guardians of the Galaxy 🙂

  22. Willow said:

    Forget about the Avengers, I just want the Doctor to go to Asgard. Imagine Jane and the Doctor going around geeking out about all the science/magic together, not to mention he and Loki snarking/angsting really hard at each other. It would be beautiful. Ten would be the best Doctor for this of course.

  23. Sally Jordan-Peck said:

    Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: Twelve and Clara. Twelve can see Death and The Death Of Rats. He follows The Death Of Rats somewhere because ‘wow what is that?!’ He has to be rescued by Clara and Susan. Hijinks ensue and they end up with a grumpy Mr Vimes. Twelve meets Vetiniari. Vetinari knows who he is and advises him to steer clear of Ankh Morpork in the future.

    I’d also love to The Doctor visit one of Dianna Wynne-Jones’s worlds. I can see Ten staring at Howl’s castle and saying “what? what?!”

    Possibly also the world from Dark Lord of Derkholm/Year of the Griffin. I could see Eleven, Rory and Amy with lots of excited/confused flappy hands @ the griffins or maybe Thirteen and her fam with The Doctor scanning a griffin with her sonic and getting all interested in the difference between the engineered griffins and the natural ones. Complete with Graham in the background going “But Doc… magic?”

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