Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraBFWriters210We at Verity! often jabber on about Big Finish, but this time we thought we’d let some experts do the jabbering for us. Join Deb, Erika, and Liz (who is actually one of the experts in question) as we chat with a couple special guests. Yes, we have not one, not two, but three Big Finish writers in the house! Una McCormack makes an overdue return, and we’re delighted to welcome Caroline Symcox to the podcast!

If you’ve ever been curious about what the Big Finish process is like, this is the Extra! for you. And if you have a favorite BF audio, do tell us in the comments. We’re always all ears for recommendations (and specifically, recs for where to start)!

Also, do you like free stuff? Well, then be sure to enter our Big Finish giveaway! Three people will win download codes for three different stories (Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories, The Council of Nicaea, and Starborn [by Jacqueline Rayner]), and a fourth lucky winner will win codes for all three!

Twitter entries are preferred: use “#BreakingBubbles from @bigfinish” to enter! If you’re not on Twitter, we’ll accept comment entries here as well. (No other social media though. Two entry sources are enough to comb through. Wouldn’t want to miss anybody!)


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Download or listen now (runtime 44:57) 

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  1. […] of Caroline, she’s a guest on the new Big Finish Round Table edition of the Verity! podcast, talking about her Doctor Who audio plays!  Do give it a […]

  2. Excited to listen to this. I’ve only heard a few Big Finish so far – there’s so much out there it’s daunting, but I’d rather have too much Doctor Who to explore than not enough.

  3. Liam Wardlaw said:

    Another great podcast and very insightful. Wholeheartedly agree with all points raised. Just hope Mr Moffat does too and does something about it.

  4. Love Big Finish! One thing I think makes the audios consistently stronger than the show in terms of plot (imho) is the very restrictions imposed by the format. Because you can’t get distracted by visuals and special effects, the real power comes in the resolution. And I love a good twist/reveal!

  5. Nice extra, Verities! Admittedly, I haven’t listened to Big Finish in quite some time, but I love the diversity of products they produce and think it’s amazing they’re still going 15 years on from The Sirens of Time. It’s still a bit shocking to me that we haven’t gotten more female writers on screen (hint hint, Mr. Moffat), but at least Big Finish is representing!

  6. I would like to enter the contest! 😀

    Great interview!

  7. averypleasantpineapple said:

    I’d like to enter the giveaway as well!

  8. I’m a bit of a Big Finish addict I must confess. I won’t enter the competition as I already own the three aforementioned stories (and have blogged my review of Breaking Bubbles & Other Stories). Another excellent Verity though.

  9. Phil Hansen said:

    Awesome podcast and would love to win the giveaway!

  10. Great podcast – thanks – and it allows me to join the chorus once again (singing) that there really isn’t an excuse that there are no women writers on TV Who. As mentioned in the podcast, it’s to the detriment of the show, especially if one subscribes to the idea that the show needs to stay fresh and always be moving forward (although that is only one of many reasons). Cheers to Big Finish for publishing and promoting the obvious fact that the TV production team seems to miss: There are experienced (experienced writing for DOCTOR WHO, and writing in general), talented women writers who could tackle TV Who. Do they all have experience writing for TV? Maybe not all… but dialogue, plotting, pacing for audio are relatively similar and… here’s my final point… if the lack of experience excuse is drummed up again, then why not pair a new writer with an established writer who can help iron out the TV specific necessities. Maybe that was less metaphorical choral singing I just did there and more ranting… apologies for the indulgence.

  11. Clare said:

    One of my favourites of your excellent podcasts, I hooted at the agenda question. Kudos for asking this. Can we have more authorial interviews? I was so overjoyed that apart from #BreakingBubbles I had heard all the audios discussed. Ms Myles – please write some more – if only for the joy of hearing your toes curl with angst as you are on the spotlight and being interviewed!

  12. Clare said:

    PS Can I enter the giveaway too please?

    ALSO BigFinish have a sale going on to celebrate their 15th year anniversary. It looks like one bargain book a day.

  13. You all always ask such insightful questions of your guests! And I must say, Liz’s fangirling about Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant saying her lines was adorable! I would be doing the exact same thing, if I were in her shoes.

  14. Carl Olsen said:

    Great interview. Liz was hilarious and charming, and I’m fascinated to hear more from all three authors (Seasons of Fear is an early favourite, but I’ve not heard any of the other stories). Please may I enter the competition? Thank you.

  15. Please enter me in the contest. I haven’t tried Big Finish, but I’ve been wanting too. This would be a great way to start!

  16. Great podcast as always. I’d love to win the contest!

  17. microtoast said:

    Great interviews! I’ll recuse myself from the contest, as I already have them. Love Big Finish!

    BUT what I would love, love, LOVE to see is that list of suggestions for writing audios. That sounds absolutely fascinating, not to mention useful. Any chance of seeing those, for us mere mortals who haven’t been so fortunate as to write for Big Finish officially?

  18. raksha38 said:

    I would love to win these Big Finish stories!

    I always love these discussions of Big Finish you have. I’ve listened to as many as I could get my hands on, which isn’t that many as I am very broke and my local libraries don’t have much of a collection. So anytime I get to have some vicarious Big Finish enjoyment through other people, it’s super fun for me.

  19. destructivedesmond said:

    I want to enter the give away! Haven’t listened to any big finish yet, but really want to give it a go!

  20. Jennifer said:

    I would love to be entered into the the Big Finish giveaway. I haven’t listened to any yet. I’ve got to check out my library before looking elsewhere.

  21. Chuck C said:

    Been picking up a few of the Big Finish 15 offers (hard to beat for $1 each for some of them!) and really enjoyed what I heard here. If I’m not fortunate enough to get a code, I may well have to pick up the ones mentioned in the podcast. They all sound excellent (especially Council of Nicaea — I love historicals). Keep up the excellent work!

  22. Pouwel said:

    I would love to win one of the copies! I have listened to a few Big Finish stories (but not much, since I’m only a poor student), and they’re wonderful. The Council of Nicaea was especially great and handy, since I listened to it right before I had a test on early Christianity/late roman era.

  23. Angela Lee said:

    Love the Verity Podcast and Big Finish Doctor Who audios! Congratulations to Liz on Breaking Bubbles. Please consider this as my entry into the contest.

  24. […] handy link to the episode: Verity! Extra! Big Finish Round Table (and if you’re entering the competition, please enter on the Verity! blog, not over here, […]

  25. Shane Donald said:

    Really enjoying the podcast. Please count me in for the giveaway

  26. Eek – I don’t mean to sound offensive in the face of a noble intention but I’m wondering what the team would think of my upcoming spin-off series from Big Finish, it’s called “Turlough Tales” and it concerns Turloughs misadventures at Brendons Boys School in the early 1980s. The first episode is a touching story regarding his arrival at school and the bullying, cruel nature of late 20th century boys schools and how he forms a strong friendship with a newly qualified male school nurse who is also under attack purely for not being a woman. The two form a strong friendship and with other friends create an undercover fraternity forced to band together to resolve a deadly space pathogen that has mysteriously begun to spread through several local villages.

    I’ve written this story partly as I have notes a lack of strong, positive masculine roles in the series lately and feel that a story with an all male cast and especially one that promotes the many positive attributes of growing up into manhood (while also being careful to address the differences between simply being male and actually being a man).

    – – – –

    I do take the point that historically there has been a masculine bias throughout all aspects of society. However, I worry that elements of your (excellent and I really enjoyed) Podcast sometimes lean towards readdressing the balance through the exclusion of men. I always find these ideals very worrying as it skates close to the advocating segregation and that scares me. I am a strong believer in equality irrespective of social or biological groupings and while I have no issue with the idea of a well written play that features an all female (or male) cast I think it is unworthy to promote the idea that the play was written in part so that it would exclude a particular biological group.

    Could I point out again that I love your podcast and really appreciate how much makes me think about stuff (not just Doctor Who). It’s like the “Any Questions / Any Answers” podcasts but with a lot more Doctor Who.

  27. Reverendjacksmith said:

    Yet another lovely Extra. I have listened to a few Big Finish audios and have enjoyed most of them. It’s nice to be pointed towards some others to try.
    Yes, I would love to win a download.

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