Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

As discussed in episode 51, we want to do something nice in honor of all the generous folks who have supported our Patreon campaign. To that end, we’re giving away a $25 gift code to Spreadshirt! They make t-shirts and phone cases and tote bags and such with nifty logos on them–like ours, for instance!

We’ll randomly draw a winner the morning of Monday, September 15th (US time), so get your entries in before the end of the day Sunday, September 14th. All you have to do is comment below, so have at it!

Note: If you contribute to us via Patreon, you’re automatically entered to win! (So please don’t comment here–one entry per person!)

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner Zachary Hall!  And thank you to everyone who has contributed to Patreon, left a comment here at the website, rec’d, retweeted or left a review on iTunes. We appreciate ALL of our support!



Comments on: "Verity! Thank-You Giveaway!" (31)

  1. Jessica said:

    I absolutely Adore the fabulous women of Verity! Podcast!!! Always witty, funny, and very insightful!!

  2. misssbgmail said:

    I feel bad about commenting to win when I haven’t Patreonned but I ALSO feel bad about not leaving a comment so everyone can see how popular and great you guys are…

  3. I love you guys, verity is a highlight of my week; I’m sitting outside between classes right now and listening to the new episode and it’s just so wonderful and peaceful.

  4. Thank you for being exactly the right length this week to accompany an afternoon blackberry jam making session (and subsequent scraping off the kitchen of purple stickiness)! As entertaining and insightful as ever.

  5. #winallthestuff! 🙂

  6. General happy giveaway!

  7. Emily said:

    This podcast is great.

  8. microtoast said:

    Happy giveaway! #1 podcast in my queue, long may it reign 🙂

  9. Long time listener, first time winner? You guys are awesome.

  10. Stephanie R said:

    Love your podcast. The perspective you bring is so amazing, I look forward to hearing from you every week!

  11. Haven’t got myself organised to Patreon-ise your fabulous podcast yet, so I guess I will have to enter the competition here. (There are a few things I want to support on Patreon, but I need to set a budget first…)

    I listen to other Doctor Who podcasts, but Verity is my favourite & my best!

  12. Kimberly Bea said:

    Would love to add to my tee shirt wardrobe with a shiny new Verity tee! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. When your podcast drops each week, it doesn’t matter the order on my playlist, I skip straight to you.

  14. Love you guys! I look forward to hearing you every week!

  15. Dylan Vega said:

    Love your podcast, and I think it’s awesome that you do these kind of giveaways! 😀

  16. Happy happy giveaway! Love the podcast and would love to have some swag 🙂

  17. Jaime said:

    I love the podcast and I would love to sport a Verity T to my next local con!

  18. Please enter me in the episode 51 “Thank You” giveaway – merci! 🙂

  19. Love your show. Been binging on it lately. It’s been great fun and now I’m trying to infect my friends with my enthusiasm for the show.

  20. Verity is already my favourite podcast, having a give away only makes it better! Thank you, keep up the terrific work!

  21. Chris said:

    you Gals make the most balanced Dr Who Podcast downloaded them all they are great !!!

  22. I love you guys and I feel bad about not being able to donate to your Patreon. Sadly, yours started right after I’d signed up for another one and I’m too poor to do more! I’m trying to make up for it by recommending your podcast to anyone who might be interested.

  23. ccarol said:

    Hello! Love your show.

  24. I’d love to win! You’re one of my favorite podcasts!

  25. Kynnys said:

    I would love to win a little gift that would always remind me of your fun podcast!

  26. sostorm said:

    You’re such a great podcast. I really have to get around to check out how that patronius thing works.

  27. Keighley said:

    I’m a new listener of yours and i CRAVE your upcoming episodes and listen to old ones to fill the time in. Love you ladies!

  28. Big fan of the show, and I’m particularly glad to get the current episode stuff!

  29. Here to win the voucher, but I HAVE been listening so episode 1 so yeah no cheating x3 can’t wait for the Listen review xD

  30. Laura D said:

    Y’all make Wednesdays awesome!!

  31. Graeme L said:

    You are my second favourite Doctor Who podcast (but that’s because I’ve been listening to Radio Free Skaro longer. )
    You bring a different angle and style to Doctor Who discussion, and make me think about it at a deeper label.And you taught me Watsonian/Doylist.

    Most of all though, I can in hear in your voices how much you enjoy it and that’s infectious.

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