Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraNicolaBryantNow that new Doctor Who is done for a while, it’s time to bring back the Extras! And we’re kicking them off in style–with an interview! Deb chatted with Nicola Bryant at LI Who, and she had some interesting things to say, both about Big Finish, and about being a female actor through the years.

Before the interview itself, join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy as we talk about Peri’s evolution throughout the course of her Big Finish appearances. Want to check out Peri in audio form, but don’t know where to start? It will come as no surprise that we have suggestions! (Also favorites!)


Where to start:


Download or listen now (runtime 50:49) 

Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Pleasant, Unpusillanimous Peri" (9)

  1. “Pleasant, Unpusillanimous Peri”


    You mean “I’m Perpugilliam Brown, and I can shout as loud as you can!” Peri? 😉

  2. BTW, Big Finish has several full audios up on SoundCloud, including ‘The Veiled Leopard’:

    It’s nice that they made this episode available, since otherwise it’s a bit hard to find as you can’t actually buy it. There are seven more full Big Finish audios on SoundCloud as well:

    None of them are among your favorites (or starting episodes) though.

  3. That was a lovely interview. Nicola was as witty, charming and intelligent as always.

    But it’s a damn crime that she’s being offered so few decent acting roles. It must be incredibly disheartening for actresses to have the doors of their profession closed to them just because of their age. I’ll be 45 in just over a month and I certainly relate more easily to characters in the 40+ age group, male or female! Wake up, producers, executives and other people of limited vision!

    Steven Moffat could show the way by having Peri make a return appearance in New Who. Come on Moffat! Until then, I will satisfy myself with her audio appearances. I have The Piscon Paradox on disc but have yet to listen to it. I must remedy that, and I like the sound of the post-TV adventures. To Big Finish I go!

  4. […] Verity! Extra! – Pleasant, Unpusillanimous Peri WHOOGLE shared this story from Now that new Doctor Who is done for a while, it’s time to bring back the Extras! And we’re kicking them off in style–with an interview! Deb chatted with Nicola Bryant at LI Who, and she had some interesting things to say, both about… […]

  5. Richard S. said:

    Excellent interview, really brought home the gap between the general media perception of characters (female, 50ish) and the actual reality of real actual people.

    Don’t know how much of a time limit you had for your interview, but thank you to Deb for allowing Nicola the space to give full & complete answers to the questions. IMHO it’s the biggest advantage of podcasts over the rigidly scheduled format of the TV or radio interview, especially the “7 minutes to tell your life story before the end of the BBC Breakfast” situation.

    Been looking through my 1984 diary. Nicola’s first DW episode was broadcast Thursday, February 23rd. Two days later, I joined the Doctor Who Appreciation Society.

    Okay, not quite that simple:

    Thursday February 23rd: PLANET OF FIRE 1
    Bought Planet of Evil, Leisure Hive, Visitation [as it was half-term holidays in my area]
    Sent off letter to DWM

    Saturday February 25th: Sent off letter to DWAS [requesting an application form]
    JN-T on [Saturday] Superstore [co-hosted by future Cryon Sarah Greene]
    Bought ‘Relax’ [!!] & ‘Bird of Paradise’ [by Snowy White, I believe]

    Wednesday May 9th: Finally received application & reply from DWAS

    Tuesday May 22nd: Sent off application to DWAS

    Tuesday June 26th: Second AO Maths paper.
    Finally got CT issue 7 [DWAS newsletter]

    Monday July 2nd: …and finally got membership card

    Reason for all this navel-gazing, it’s 30 years today since my application interview for college, during which my, what you’d now call, USP was that I write stuff for Dr Who “fanzines” (sic).

    It’s possible I concentrated a little too much on writing for Dr Who (sic) “fanzines” during my, what you-all would call, senior year of high school. Barely scraped through my A-levels having been more interested in writing Season 22 episode reviews than actual proper Physics revision. So, I owe a lot of credit to those zine editors, and everyone connected with the show in that period, for enabling that USP of mine, and hence my acceptance into three treasured years of university. (Breaks into Gwinnie Paltrow Oscar night sobbing.)

    Maybe the mid-1980s weren’t the best time to be a casual or critically concerned viewer, but for the dedicated Whovian, those years were just so tremendously exciting, due to the continuity-laden plots and the willingness of the stars to hop on the JNT bandwagon and roll on into town.

    And maybe some of those mid-1980s dedicated Whovians were proprietorial to the point of outright rudeness, which would be [has been] grounds for any actor to be dismissive of their time on an SF show or movie. It demonstrates how professional and level-headed both NIcola & Colin are, that they are still so closely connected and so obviously determined to give their best to the franchise.

  6. Nicola Bryant seemed lovely, but has dashed all my hopes of breaking into TV at my age. I guess I’ll have to wait until I retire to give it a try. Thanks for the great interview. Now I’ll have to go and dip my big toe into some Big Finish audios and see if they are for me.

  7. Ashford said:

    Enjoyed the interview. Thanks.

  8. microtoast said:

    I’d be interested to hear her thoughts on doing the accent and playing an American. Honestly that is a big stumbling block for me, trying to appreciate the character. Anyway I was glad to hear Nicola mention the Lost Stories – I thought Peri was great in them!

    Personal Favorites: Piscon Paradox, the Kingmaker, the Reaping, Exotron/Urban Myths, the Church & the Crown, Paradise 5

  9. Fantastic interview, Deb! Nicola’s perspectives on her character, her creative work, the industry’s ageism and sexism, and life in general were fascinating and inspiring. Those of us at or near our 40s and 50s can certainly relate.

    I also love that she took the time to talk to you “offstage,” resulting in a more intimate and deeper interview than I think would have been possible on the con stage. Excellent work; looking forward to more such talks in the future!

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