Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityEpisode62For the second year running, the kind folks at Chicago TARDIS let us do our thing in front of a live audience of Doctor Who fans. Such fun! Join Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we chat about the con and then talk about topics suggested by the audience!

Apologies for the possibly-incomplete show notes this time around. I was on stage and didn’t take my usual copious notes. If we mention something there’s no link for, leave a comment (or tweet us) and we’ll hook you up with some more info!


Big Finish
Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories (by [among others] Liz!)
The Seeds of Doom
Steven from Radio Free Skaro interviewed Billie Piper

Download or listen now (runtime 51:37) 

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  1. […] Verity! Episode 62 – Live at Chicago TARDIS (The Second Helping) WHOOGLE shared this story from For the second year running, the kind folks at Chicago TARDIS let us do our thing in front of a live audience of Doctor Who fans. Such fun! Join Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we chat about the con and then talk about topics suggested… […]

  2. Another Deb-less episode 😦 And Liz sounds so very tired. But Erika, you did a brilliant job moderating 🙂 BTW, here’s a quick list of all the Big Finish episodes featuring Elizabeth Klein:

    I’ve only listened to ‘A Thousand Tiny Wings’, but it was quite good.

  3. Oh, and here’s the 2MTL episode where Lynne talks about Season 8:

    As Lynne was the only one missing from ep. 61, I think we have to consider this as an ‘honorary’ episode of ‘Verity!’. Lynne, I hope you’ll be on again soon!

  4. Richard S. said:

    Great to hear a live episode with instant fan reactions from the crowd, great to hear the return of Lynne, aka She Who Speaks Truth About Stuff That People Ask.

    The latest Apex magazine has an interesting article about Hollywood Sci Fi’s current love affair with the fans, specifically the spending power of teenage girls at Comic-Con. Got me thinking about the role of fans during the years I attended conventions, from the mid-1980s to early-1990s.

    My first DW con featured prize-giving to fanzine writers including that Cornell bloke, of whom I was more than a tad greenly envious as he could WRITE, dammit, and write WELL. I’ve workd out he must’ve been 17 at the time, and perhaps it’s for the best that I was unaware he was younger than me, by months, dammit & grrr… The other major fan related incident at that convention was DW superfan Ian Levine’s promotion of some kind of charity protest music video or other, I can’t remember the details, or maybe just wish I can’t.

    Other than that… really, at the time I went to conventions, most of the fan discussion & activity took place at the bar or the dealers’ room, so most of the on-stage fans were the moderators of celebrity panels… unless you include the rare celebrity super-cyberfan David Banks on a panel alongside Nick Courtney & Stephen Thorne, or that even rarer instance of a vocal & unashamed fangirl-turned-actress in the form of Sophie Aldred.

    Nowadays, it seems bizarre that fans *aren’t* asked to contribute more often to mainstream media debates. BBC2’s current SF documentary series includes a 30 minute red-button extra, the voiceover for which states: if you want to know the true history of SF, you must “look to the stars” (ho, ho)… those stars being the likes of Keir Dullea, Richard Dreyfuss, Nichelle Nichols, Anthony Daniels, etc, telling anecdotes about sweaty costumes and pushy co-stars.

    In other words, it’s a tried-&-tested crowd-pleaser of blockbuster movie clips & quotes for the general non-SF audience, without the necessary linkage to the present-day cutting-edge of actual current themes in SF content or fan activity. The Daily Mail’s TV reviewers seem continually astonished at the documentary’s main theme that all SF is a reflection of the era in which it is created. Okay, at least they did learn something.

    Note about disabled actors on DW, and advance apologies if I get any terms wrong: on Sunday, December 7th, 2014, 4pm – 6pm GMT, the UK Freeview channel Drama is showing Vengeance On Varos, the Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant story featuring actor-with-a-disablilty & lifelong DW fan Nabil Shaban as the slug-like villain Sil. It’s always interesting to read Nabil’s thoughts on the campaigners who thought he shouldn’t have taken that role and the later Granada TV executives who thought he’d be “too scary for children” in an out-of-costume part.

  5. Thanks for a great live episode. I enjoyed your answering questions and hope you’ll do this more in the future as well. It’s fun to hear your unrehearsed answers. I went to my local Con this fall and had a great time, got to see John Barrowman, and this past spring saw Karen Gillan. Unfortunately, our con is huge (over 100,000) and I have no idea how I’d ever meet anyone, let alone make friends in that confusing mass of people. We don’t have a Who only con here. Chicago TARDIS sounds lovely, and I’m jealous.

  6. lbphilly said:

    As a car-free city dweller, I don’t think I’m likely to be attending many cons; also, I’m rather older than most of the con audience. But it’s very nice to attend vicariously, and I enjoyed both the Verity! and the RFS podcasts featuring live con content.

    As a special bonus, I found photos! of the Verities! conning away! while listening to the podcast. Whose red hair was that????

    • I should note for the record that for many of the conventions I attend, you are not necessarily older than the con audience. FWIW. Most conventions, particularly the fan-run ones (as opposed to professionally run gate shows) are multigenerational. 🙂

  7. Liz is our resident redhead on the panel. 🙂

  8. Fabulous episode as usual! I always enjoy the sometimes quite varied questions/topics that get brought up. Nice job on the family-friendly definition of shipping. 😉

    I so wish I could have been there. We are planning every-two-years for Chicago Tardis, and this was our off year. Already looking forward to 2015!

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