Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraGunfightersThe moment you’ve been waiting for (if your name is Liz, anyway) has arrived! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we do the second of our listener-voted commentaries. This time we take a trip to the inconsistently convincing old west with 1966’s “The Gunfighters”.

So queue up your DVD (or Hulu+), hit play when we do, and then pop into the comments below and tell us what you think!


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Download or listen now (runtime 1:52:46) 

Comments on: "Verity! Extra! – Johnny Ringo’s a Jerk!" (10)

  1. Richard S. said:

    Wow! I saw “The Gunfighters” just last week. Pretty sure I did, anyway. There it was, on the shelf in the HMV store in Bury St Edmunds, the nearby town I was visiting for the first time in over a decade.

    Pretty sure my heart was tempting me to buy that DVD. Pretty sure my brain then stepped in — the part of my brain that deals with ***Received Fan Wisdom*** — and said: “Yes, yes, it’s Lynda Barron… but it’s Lynda Barron WITHOUT the Sailing Ships in Space or Colchester. I mean, really, where’s the fun in that?”

    So, I bought Orphan Black: Season 1 instead. (Come on! It’s got Tatiana What’s-her-face, Being Erica’s Sarah Wexler, in Multiple Roles! And a Hugo nomination!)

    I’m sure I’ll get another chance to buy The Gunfighters sometime in the next ten years, probably in the Complete Ultimate Classic Season 3 Ultra-Def 5G Neural Direct Download (Amazon only) Edition.

  2. So, I am currently halfway through The Robots of Death. Over this past summer I began with The Unearthly Child and have been watching in order (of this I am very proud!). The only story I skipped, so far, is The Gunfighters. I just couldn’t do it. However, you all have inspired me. I stopped your commentary about 5 minutes in and am planning on watching The Gunfighters, for the first time, while listening to Verity! Thanks for providing such an amazing Doctor Who education.

  3. I adore The Gunfighters. I wrote a long blog on it which is here that explains why I like it and tries to put it a little in context. Eventually there’s going to be a longer blog on its historical accuracy. Or lack of it. 🙂

    But really enjoyed the commentary btw.

  4. I recon I should thank you fer this fun commentary. No really, I haven’t watched much classic Who and I have never watched The Gunfighters. I doubt I would have gotten through the whole thing watching by myself, but listening to your commentary made me feel like I was watching with a bunch of girlfriend and made it not just palatable but enjoyable.

  5. Clantons are best! / Earps are best! (delete as appropriate)
    [Verities are best!]

  6. Paul A. said:

    But I don’t think it’s true that “The O. K. Corral” was the last episode of Doctor Who where a multi-part story had different titles for all its episodes. Wouldn’t that be “Death in Heaven”?

  7. laurissy said:

    Great commentary and this episode is excellent. Also more gunfighters trivia Charlie Barman is played by the same guy who was parker in thunderbirds. I don’t know about you but that makes Johnny Ringo more of a jerk. How could you kill someone who played charlie the barman and Parker.

  8. AbsolomDaak said:

    Well the Gunfighters was an OK story but there was a few things that bugged me. 1) that Doc Holiday was never an old man. He died of TB when he was about 36 year old. So if the TARDIS brought the Doctor there because he needed to, was it because he needed to be exposed to TB for some reason.
    the 2) issue is with Johnny Ringo, his death was supposed to have been ruled a suicide.

  9. Paul B. =:o} said:

    This is a deligbtful commentary! =:o}

    I have watched the story before, way back when UK Gold ran allof surviving Who in order (mid-90s?). I found it more fun than fan lore suggested, but not memorab!e.

    Fast flrward to 2020, and during !ockdown I have watched all 3 seaslns (so far) of Wynonna Earp. I’ve also since about 2002 been introduced to the delights of sbipping, and of spotting potential ships. So to hear you guys commenting on Dodo and Doc Holliday, with WE’s handsome, immortal, womanising Doc Holliday in mind, is awesome.

    Tha myou for cheering upa gloomy 54 (but *almost* 55, honest!) year old guy this Sundaynight. =:o}

  10. Paul B. =:o} said:

    P.S. excuse my many typos, but I’m using a wobbly touch-screen keyboard, and I’ve also been consuming (appropriately enough) some whisky. =:o}

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