Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Hello good Verity! listeners! As you heard on this week’s ‘cast, you get to help us plan our schedule for the year! What 12 companions would you like to hear us talk about? Please vote! (One time per person please!)

We know some of you will disagree with our selections – after all, even the Verities can’t come to a consensus! But this is the list we’re going with for planning purposes so take a deep breath…and cast your vote. Be bold! Be courageous! Is there a companion you’d like to know more about? An underrated favorite? This is your chance to kick-off a discussion.

We can’t wait to see your selections!

Comments on: "Listener Poll – Companion Query" (39)

  1. Can we include some Big Finish companions? I was hoping for Evelyn – and there are the ever interesting Lucie Miller and Charlotte Pollard too.

    • sostorm said:

      I can only agree, that would be very interesting. There are a lot of things to say about Evelyn. Lucie and Charlie as well.

    • CinnamonOpus said:

      Agreed! Multi-faceted companions (and even multi-“Doctored” in some instances!) Big Finish companions are often longer-serving than some of the video companions (sorry, Grace, you know I love you, but…)

    • Justin Fun said:

      I have to agree with Evelyn – or perhaps we could have an episode on non-tv companions covering audio , comics and NA?

      • Fear not! We already have an episode planned to cover audio companions. (Possibly others as well, but we’re less familiar w/books, comics, etc. And I’m sorry to say, we simply don’t have the time to do enough research to get caught up on that many years worth of publications!)

        For the record, we’re also planning an ep on “one-off companions” so even though they’re not on the list, they won’t be entirely forgotten.

      • Look forwards to hearing the audio companions episode – as well as the shows on this theme for the rest of the year!

  2. Henrik said:

    Something must be wrong with the poll. Liz, Tegan and River should be at the top of the results as they are clearly the best, I mean, most interesting companions in the show’s history.

    I may perhaps be confusing “most interesting” with “my favourite”. Those terms are interchangeable, right?

  3. PS there is a lot of love for Ace – if you act fast you could get the Paul Cornell/Jackie Raynor Big Finish Ace story “Love and War”. It is a stunning listen. And only 2.99 for another 12 or so hours!

  4. bekitty3 said:

    I voted for all the companions that I haven’t heard you talk about during the series, and those who I’m unfamiliar with. For example, I know next to nothing about Ben and Polly except that they were companions of the First Doctor. And I’m always getting Vickie mixed up with Victoria. Was it Vickie who stayed in Troy, at the end of “The Myth Makers”? And Victoria who is sampled in the Orbital’s version of the Doctor Who theme?

    I’m glad to hear you’ll be doing an episode about audio companions, since Evelyn is definitely my favourite.

    • Orbital + Doctor Who = The Best Ever. Not long ago, I figured out that Orbital started at the beginning of the wilderness years, then took their hiatus right about when Doctor Who was coming back for the new series. The two seem linked in my head.

      While I am generally happy with Murray Gold’s Doctor Who scores, I also sometimes wish experimental electronic stuff happened more often. The Radiophonic Workshop inspired a lot of electronic music acts, so if they were to give back in some small way, that’d be awesome.

      Also, Paul Hartnoll (half of Orbital) did a remix of Malcolm Clarke’s Sea Devils music, which I adore.

  5. Richard S. said:

    Just for the sake of gender imbalance, I’ve voted for 8 male and 4 female companions, including a few TV icons of my 1970s childhood: Peter Purves, Bernard Cribbins, NIck Courtney & Mary Tamm.

    If I had to narrow down to a top 6, it’d be: Mickey, Steven Taylor, Wilf, Romana I, Turlough & Tegan.

  6. Why isn’t the Paternoster Gang higher? This could be the beginning of the campaign for them to have their own spin-off series.

  7. When doing the companions this year, perhaps an extra or episode on the Master’s companions? I’d love to hear your take Chang Lee and Lucy Saxon, and the differences and/or similarities between the Doctor’s companions and the Master’s.

  8. James C said:

    A thought on the not-quite companions. There are potentially a few different types: the one offs (Jackson Lake, Adelaide Brooke et al), the intended to be but didn’t quite happens (like Ray from Delta & the Bannermen) and the “meanwhile and never-were’s”, those people who lots of people thought could be a companion but were just cool characters in a particular story (Sally Sparrow, Journey Blue, Todd from Kinda & Shona spring to mind).

    This last group is the one that interests me: what is it about them that we thought would be good? Is it just that we respond to well realised characters, or was it their dynamic with the Doctor that caught our attention? Would they have worked? My answer is yes they would have: see Nyssa. Not designed as a companion, but drafted into the team.

    • Jamie McCrimmon too was written as a one-off, but everyone loved him so he stayed. 🙂

      Top of my list would be Nasreen (Hungry Earth/Cold Blood) and Rita (God Complex).

    • Korina said:

      Oo!Oo! Professor Rumsford! When I saw Stones of Blood as a teenager, I was desperate for the good professor to run off with the Doctor and his Scarf, and was bitterly disappointed (but not surprised) when she didn’t. She would have been BRILLIANT.

  9. Ashford said:

    The Romanas, Liz Shaw, and Vicky are companions I’m must eager to hear about in 2015. I wonder what they are going to do with Clara in series 9.

  10. temporalparadox said:

    I’m afraid I can’t see the poll itself, just the post body and the comments. I expected the poll to be based on upvoting comments (a feature WordPress doesn’t actually have, I now realize), but people are talking about a proper poll that I don’t see here.

    • Oh no! Perhaps try it in a different browser?

      • temporalparadox said:

        Ah, just figured it out. I use Disconnect to block tracking sites, and sometimes it screws up embeds. Disabled the extension and there it was.

  11. How about a “Before and After” episode that looks at the companions who have been most improved in the expanded media. Nyssa, Peri and Mel come to mind.

    I’d really like to see Nyssa get a show, I love the idea of quiet strength that doesn’t always get enough credit. I’ve always thought the character suffered and survived so much it’s incredible she wasn’t a gibbering wreck by the end.

  12. I saw something in passing on Tumbler that said Ace paved the way for the modern companion, so I’m interested to hear more about that.

    For those of us with limited exposure to classic Who, could you post a representative episode for us to watch in perpetration? Maybe a week in advance? 50 years of Who is a lot to catch up on.

    I would also be interested in a discussion about the fate of the companions. What happens to them in the end. Is traveling with the doctor a good or bad thing overall? Maybe compare those with “happy” endings to those who leave more tragically.

    Also, maybe a discussion about how the different doctors need different sort of companions. What do they offer to the Doctor, and which companions really worked and which didn’t.

    • Katrina d said:

      Some members of Ace’s family appear in a story and she discusses her relationship with her Mum with the Doctor (not spoilers as these are parts of bigger stories). Until then we’d usually only seen companion’s family as victims of a crime or mentioned in passing.

      Here’s a list that’s a good sample to start with. They’re stories that give a feel of the era without you having to know what came before or after. One thing that’s funny about the classic series is they often told you who the ‘baddies’ were in the name

      William Hartnell – The Aztecs, The Romans

      Patrick Troughton – The Tomb of the Cybermen (referenced a lot in Death in Heaven), Seeds of Death

      Jon Pertwee – The Silurians, Terror of the Autons (First appearance of The Master)

      Tom Baker – Lots and lots of choices. I suggest – Ark in Space, Sontaran Experiment, Genesis of the Daleks (these stories are all separate but linked. You should watch them in order. If you’re up for even more episodes the 4th story in the sequence is Revenge of the Cybermen)

      Peter Davison – The Visitation, Black Orchid and Earthshock … in that order

      Colin Baker – The Mark of the Rani, Revelation of the Daleks.

      Sylvester McCoy – Battlefield, Curse of Fenric

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      BeckyB – that’s a great idea. Wherever possible we will try to give listeners a bit of prep time if they’re interested in watching an ep or two prior to our discussion.

  13. Jesse Morris said:

    One suggestion for a companion-themed related discussion: all of the different incidents and events where an error made either by the Doctor or the Companion (related to info or actions taken by one or the other) had an important effect on the results of the story…and how the Doctor and/or the Companions responded in turn…

  14. I found myself interested in hearing about the lesser-known or divisive companions. The results so far point to the well-known and well-loved, which is also cool. I like them all, really. But I am definitely curious about the Verities opinions on companions that I know less about (mostly those in the black and white era), and those who many Whovians seem to love to hate. Received Fan Wisdom can go soak its head. 😉

  15. Neil Cave said:

    I’d like to pitch in for a “missing” companions ep. This would be really helpful for those of us who would like to know more about regulars whose work was junked but who have not yet ventured into audios or recons. I’m guessing that Ben, Polly, Steven and Dodo will get lower votes in part because we don’t have the opportunity to experience their whole story arcs despite them appearing in a significant number of episodes and that many viewers will feel less attached to them as a consequence. I’m curious to know whether their contributions changed the show or whether they were the expendible victims of fickle production eras. For example – was it a crowded tardis with Jamie, Ben and Polly? How did Dodo arrive into The Massacre? How did Steven make his exit during The Savages?

  16. One theme which might be worth exploring is the ‘transitional’ companions ie the ones who had to convince the audience to accept a new regeneration. So Ben/Polly, Sarah-Jane, Adric, Tegan and Nyssa, Peri, Rose and Clara.

    Also, for a representative spin-off companion, then Benny seems the best: NAs, audios and comics all in one swoop.

    And Absalom Daak. And Frobisher.

    Maybe not those last two…

  17. Alan Jeffrey said:

    I voted for both Romanas, but really I think of her as being one character. One Romana episode would be perfect. (And this is why putting together a poll like this is hard!)

  18. Okay voters, I love Clara as much as the next fan, maybe more, but can we talk about someone else? We’ve been talking about Clara for months.

    • Enlightbystand said:

      And will take a three month break in this to talk more about Clara once Season 9 rolls around…

  19. All about the Harry Sullivan.

  20. Ari B. said:

    While I don’t think she’s going to make the cut, I have a small request. If Dodo gets picked, please try and get a hold of a copy of Who Killed Kennedy. She has an interesting role in it.

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