Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraIDO3That’s right! We’re back with another edition of In Defence Of! (And yes, now that I live in Canada, I’ve started spelling it with a “c”. Sometimes.) Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy as we try (oh golly do we try) to defend the topics and concepts our dear sweet CRUEL listeners have suggested. “Dimensions in Time”? The eyebrow agenda? The Dalek episodes with the pig people? And even more! This wasn’t easy, but it sure as heck was fun!


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Comments on: "Extra! – In Defence Of…" (29)

  1. something I like about DiT is the attitude, it’s a mess put at least they try to put all the living Doctors in it. They even come up with a typical “time is being messed up” as an excuse to include as many companions as they can. It reminds me of an episode of DS9 where Dr. Bashir is trapped in his own mind, it’s essentially a haunted house story.

    I even think it has a better attitude than Day of the Doctor, seriously that special featured hallucinations and a dream sequence with all the Doctors and they still only bothered to feature the most popular Classic Doctor.

  2. I had to go watch Dimensions in Time for the first time. First the Gun Fighters, now this. Thank you for expanding my Doctor Who horizons.

  3. For Daleks of Manhattan, I can’t believe you all missed the obvious point that by creating a story set in 1930s Manhattan, the writers opened up a wide world of opportunity to mix Doctor Who with Little Orphan Annie. Picture it: Instead of Sandy the dog, Annie rescues a a Dalek. Instead of taking Annie to Radio City Music Hall, Daddy Warbucks takes her to see Tallulah perform. Most importantly, it raises the possibility of Annie singing a dramatic rendition of ‘Tomorrow’ for the Doctor and teaching him that while Gallifrey and her double suns may be gone, the sun of Earth will always come up tomorrow.

  4. Richard S. said:

    The sonic has an eyebrow setting! You can probably grow an entire new Capaldi from the clippings. And thank you for reading my mind about holding back that question for Liz.

    I was wondering if you would, ahem, accidentally forget to call time on Lynne, just to see how long she could keep going.

  5. I have managed to avoid DiT until now, but between today’s “In Defence Of” and the recent (as yet unheard) RFS commentary, it seems like something we might enjoy watching this weekend. (Or perhaps “enjoy” is not quite the right word?)

    • Despite all Defence comments (which we genuinely meant) keep your expectations super low.

      • Henrik said:

        I would say low as in something like one of those Children In Need specials.

        Not like ‘Time Crash’ but like the one that had Captain Jack bursting into the TARDIS and there was some spare monster costume lying about and I think they broke the fourth wall maybe? Did that happen? And of course with early 90’s production values and made at a time when there wasn’t actually a ‘Doctor Who’ production crew around to make it.

        ‘The Curse of the Fatal Death’ is infinitely better as a short throwaway ‘Doctor Who’ celebration.

        Still ‘Dimensions in Time’ is at least interesting as an historical piece of ‘Doctor Who’ after the show got cancelled.

  6. terminuspodcast said:

    Hooray! I’m just started to listen to this. It’s funny you mentioned how two minutes is ‘longer than you think it is’ and that is so true! Randomly, from a roller derby perspective, each ‘jam’ is up to 2 minutes long and I’ll tell you that 2 minutes in that case can seem like EONS. I’m not at the level of play to do that myself yet (well, not outside of the recreational league level), but as an official it can be just as long! So, yeah, I know all about that!

  7. Dave S. said:

    Re: “Daleks in Manhattan”, I have a defense. The Daleks are so iconic that they risk being overused or considered obligatory. Therefore it is actually valuable to have them feature in a real clunker of a story every now and then, just so we don’t grow too fond of them. It evens out the rankings.

    Furthermore, the Daleks are sometimes a bit limited in their function, so it’s nice to see a writer attempt to do something new and different with them. In this case, that new and different direction was also totally crackers and risible, but the point is they *tried*.

  8. Matthew said:

    Very funny! But surely the pre-Capaldi pinnacle of eyebrows was Pertwee who could speak an entire language with them. It doesn’t help with the anti-eyebrow defence, but hey.

    Suggestions for future Defences:
    In defence of the destruction of the BBC archives
    In defence of the 1989 cancelation of the show

  9. Okay, another defense. (It can’t be worse than my last one, right? Right?)

    In Defense of: The Web Planet!

  10. In defence of: Very bad special effects.

    And one which would be a real test of debating ability – in defence of: the Doctor being male-only.

    While listening to this rather enjoyable episode (some nice points but also some excellent floundering) I did wonder whether an occasional ‘Just A Verity Minute’ episode would work. Based on the long-running radio game show (almost as long as DW) it requires someone to attempt to speak on a Who topic for 60 seconds without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

  11. Daniel O. said:

    A few possibilities come to mind

    In defense of the Sixth Doctor’s costume
    In defense of Kamelion
    In defense of K9 & Co.

  12. Henrik said:

    Have you tried defending “The End of Time” yet? That must surely have come up already. “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”? There was the commentary for “Paradise Towers”, so you’ve already covered that crime in a way.

    How about defending the common practice of stretching stories out over anything between 6 to 10 parts? I mean, people actively commend stories like “The War Games” and some of the season 7 stories for not seeming interminable despite their lengths.

    “Yeah, that story is great. To my surprise I wasn’t bored by the time it finally ended.” High praise indeed.

    Or have you already defended that? I can’t remember! I can’t remember…

  13. Korina said:

    I always wanted someone to defend ‘The Power of Three’. I still find it odd that everyone derides the invasion story, while completely ignoring the amazing character study, which I adore.

    • Henrik said:

      It also looks amazing! The whole production from sets and lighting to post processing and editing is just gorgeous. But that is mostly true for that whole series so I guess it doesn’t quite stand out as much in ‘The Power of Three’.

      My only real gripe with it is that it might have been more suitable with a pretty low key alien invasion story since that really wasn’t the focus anyways. The alien threat in ‘The Lodger’ or in ‘Closing Time’ are probably good examples of how I wish it had been handled in ‘The Power of Three’. As it stands I think it unnecessarily undermines the really fantastic bits about the story like, as you mentioned, the character work but also just the production and the rather wonderful concept of a slow threat playing out over a year’s time.

    • I love The Power of Three, I think it’s a great story which contains many of my favourite Amy Rory Eleven moments! My only gripe is the square-mouthed henchmen who do almost nothing useful for the narrative but are so terrifying to my daughter that she refuses to watch the otherwise awesome episode.

  14. mptskies said:

    In defense of: Donna’s fate.

  15. laurissy said:

    Great episode I was listening to this on the bus and I was laughing so hard the two ladies in front of me had to turn around and see if I was ok. Anyway I want you to defend the creature from creature of the pit. Not the episode but the actual creature. A special effect so bad that the special effects guy got a bollocking from the bbc. Have fun.

  16. I thought Tansy was the hands down winner until…the Eyebrows. Sorry, Lynne wins the no prize.

  17. How about… in defence of: the 10th Doctor as “The Lonely God”/Messiah/Jesus figure.

    Alternatively: defend the Doctor’s repeated tendency to spare the Master/Mistress, no matter what he/she may have done.

  18. Just playing catch up as I’m still a few episodes behind. I’ve just listened to this one and I can’t believe that during the defence of the Daleks in Manhattan two parter nobody picked up on what seemed an obvious point…. it was written by a woman! Indeed, if memory serves it was the first new-who episode to be written by a female writer.

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