Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


Gallifrey One is almost upon us! Deb, Erika, Kat and Liz will be there interviewing, panelling and catching up with friends old and new (also known as “LobbyCon”). As always, we’d love for you to say hello and let us know what you think of the show. (<—unintentional rhyme!) and maybe grab a ribbon or one of our awesome Verity! wristbands.

Verity! Spotting at Gallifrey One:


12 p.m. Program D: Truly Impossible Girl with Deb Stanish

4:30 p.m. Program C: Torchwood: Still Waiting with Katrina Griffiths

6:30 p.m. Program D: Rivers and Captains with Erika Ensign

8:30 p.m. Program E: Why Doctor Who Matters with Katrina Griffiths

9:30 p.m. Program E: Changing Faces of Doctor Who with Liz Myles


10 a.m. Program B: Gary Russell interviewed by Erika Ensign

10:45 a.m. Program B: Frazier Hines interviewed by Erika Ensign

12:30 p.m. Program A: Writing Doctor Who moderated by Deb Stanish

2 p.m. Program B: Ellis George interviewed by Deb Stanish

2:30 p.m. Program B: Adjoa Andoh interviewed by Deb Stanish

5:30 p.m. Program B: Janet Fielding interviewed by Deb Stanish

6:15 p.m. Program B: Sophie Aldred  interviewed by Deb Stanish


1 p.m. Program C: Twelfth Nights with Erika Ensign

2:30 p.m. Program B: Danny Hargreaves interviewed by Katrina Griffiths

3:15 p.m. Program B: Nick Robatto interviewed by Katrina Griffiths

4 p.m. Program C: Missing Companions with Liz Myles


Can’t wait to see everyone there!


Comments on: "Gallifrey One! Where to find us" (5)

  1. Quite a lineup. As I said on twitter, wish I was going.

  2. […] you can see all the Verities’ schedules over here, and the whole Gallifrey schedule here. My main aim of the con is to be v brave and say complete […]

  3. So incredibly jealous! Have a great time everyone-can’t wait to hear the panels you put in the cast. Get all the juicy bits for those of us out here in the wilderness!

  4. Laura D said:

    Can’t wait to see all the great panels and interviews. Y’all are really busy this year!!

  5. […] ***If you’re curious what my fellow Verities will be up to, look no further! […]

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