Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


Once again, we bring you a Gallifrey One-based Verity! that we recorded while in the same room! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we giggle over convention fun and revel in the rare experience of recording face-to-face. This year’s Gally saw many of the Verities on stage (interviewing!), on panels (being erudite and awesome!), and wandering the lobby and halls of the LAX Marriott (having a lovely time!).

In addition, Deb has a great interview with director Rachel Talalay, who was a bit of a rockstar at this year’s convention.


Bonus thank-you link:
Roam Mobility (who made it possible for Erika and Kat to stay in touch while conventioning!)

Download or listen now (runtime 47:33)  

Comments on: "Extra! – Gallyriffic!" (9)

  1. I wanted to reassure Erika that the “Twelfth Nights” panel did go fine with the four of us who were there. 🙂

    Truth be told, though, I think the best comment came from the audience, when someone said she figures this Doctor is suffering from what the medical community would call compassion fatigue. (Pretty much the whole room let out a thoughtful “ooh!”)

    Anyway, there’s no reason to rehash a panel in your comments section, but I wanted to put your mind to rest once and for all. 🙂

  2. Richard S. said:

    Sounds like a terrific convention, wish I’d been there. I haven’t even attended my “local” mid-February SF convention, PicoCon at Imperial College London, for a couple of decades. I was lucky enough, in the mid-1980s, to see Sophie Aldred at (I believe) one of her very first con appearances, the Imperial College WhoDay, where she won loads of support with her fangirl cred & her engaging personality.

    Great discussion with Rachel & Alyssa. Some interesting points about the need for tried & tested writers thanks to the pressures of showrunning vs. the need for new & diverse creatives.

    I’m trying to avoid sounding like, “Rachel’s career FINALLY took off when she directed Who,” but maybe for a less experienced female writer or director, the exposure brought by a credit on the show could be as beneficial to their career as it seems to have been for a young performer like Ellis George or Catrin Stewart.

    I’m glad one of my favourite New Who writers is back next season for an episode or two, but he’s a bloke, and I guess there’ll be two or three Moffat-scripted eps too .. It’d be nice to have at least a couple of female writers next season, to possibly kind-of make an attempt to vaguely try to avoid charges of single-female-author tokenism: Jenny Colgan & Malorie Blackman perhaps. And L.M. Myles, if she’s available.

  3. So great to hear you all podcasting in one room. I have also enjoyed seeing all the Galli pictures on Twitter. Great interview with Ms Talalay, Deb. What a generous woman. If her commentary on Dark Water available somewhere?

    • I’m afraid the only Gally panel that’s recorded is the RFS live show. Other than that, you need to be at Gally to experience the fun. Sorry!

      Not sure if there’s any other Dark Water commentaries floating around there anywhere else.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I wish it were available as well, Becky! Kyle Anderson of The Nerdist did a great job talking to Rachel and lots of great insights were uncovered. Although this happened in another conversation we found out that the “Oh Missy you’re so fine…” moment of singing was all Michelle Gomez. Rachel had a momentary panic attack about whether or not they’d be able to get rights to the song. “Then I said – wait – this is Doctor Who. Of course we’ll get the rights!” 😉

  4. Dear friends, This is my first time listening and I enjoyed it very much. I agree, the lack of women writers on the show is quite shocking. In the 1960s in Britain women writers for drama were a minority but nobody could say that now… I will definitely be listening again , kind regards, Michael Herbert (watching the Doctor since 1963…)

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Welcome to Verity! Thanks for leaving a comment. While this episode is a bit of an anomaly we hope you enjoy the show going forward. And we have two years of back episodes if your curious. Our first year focussed on a countdown to the 50th Anniversary by taking an in-depth look at each Doctor. Last year was our Year of Villains and this year we’re focussing on the companions. Lots of stuff to chew on!

  5. Great podcast again. Listening to the women in the workplace discussion, I can’t help but put out a question, wondering if anyone has some advice. My daughter is out in LA trying to eventually be a movie producer. Right now she doing music videos and commercials and building her network of contacts. What advice would anyone have for her in continuing to build her career? Thanks.

  6. […] of many things, including Doctor Who’s Dark Water/Death in Heaven.) And you can hear her on last week’s Verity, and I totally managed a whole sentence at her that came out in words. Ye gods. I am TERRIBLE at […]

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