Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraRegenerationIt’s Extra!-time again. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we get a little silly (and tangential…surprise, surprise) while talking about regenerations. What makes a “worthy” regeneration for the Doctor? Which ones make us uncomfortable? What would we like to see in the future? (Besides a better Skype connection…grr.) What would we like to see from the past? All this plus lots of giggles!

What are your thoughts on regeneration? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Extra! – Regeneration Critics" (9)

  1. Richard S. said:

    Thanks for the interesting new perspectives on a familiar subject, there. I’ve watched nine regenerations at the time of broadcast, including the 10-to-10 fakeout and the War Doctor. I think my own feelings tie in with how I feel at the time about the show, the regeneration plotline and the incoming actor.

    My favourite changeover used to be the very first one I saw on night of first broadcast, Logopolis part 4, because I really enjoyed that storyline and the new Master, and I was looking forward to Peter Davison… but that one was blown out of the water by the next one, The Caves Of Androzani, thanks to IMHO the overall excellence of the Davison era, the unimaginably thrilling penultimate ep cliffhanger, and yes, I’m shallow, the stunning swirly companion graphics and overload sound FX in Peter’s goodbye scene.

    Same criteria for my least favourite, Time And The Rani’s Colin to Sylvester, with IMHO the show going downhill, slightly dull writers, a problematic companion, and an actor best known for zany kids’ stuff or alternative cabaret.

    Last week, for my birthday, I was lucky enough to receive The Tenth Planet on DVD, a story that I read as a Target book almost 40 years ago, but which I’d never seen in as-complete-as-possible form on TV, apart from the famous Hartnell-to-Troughton clip. The DVD animation of the missing fourth episode was okay, although the animators didn’t manage to show enough visual difference between the faces of Bill & Pat. In fact, I preferred the DVD extra ep of the VHS telesnaps version, because I didn’t realise it included a few tantalising glimpses of moving cine-film footage throughout the episode. Another DVD highlight was the behind-the-scenes stuff about how that first regeneration effect was achieved by ingeniously doctorish use of a faulty mixing desk’s screen flare.

    That first (ignoring Morbius) regeneration (as it was called years later) was arguably the most important & influential, followed by the truly poignant Eccleston one. Before you mentioned Gary Russell on the podcast, I had been thinking about a Capaldi-lite episode that could double as a female Doctor tryout. And I wondered about Michelle Gomez in the role. But, given that the UK press seems to think Martha was the first ever person ofcolour in the TARDIS, I don’t know whether a female Doctor story might need to be more of a headline grabber, with an A-list star in the role, Judi Dench or Helena Bonham Carter, or perhaps a Canonical Joanna Lumley!

    • Richard S. said:

      Should be person of colour (color), and “Colin” to Sylvester, of course.

  2. Ok. I blame you Tansy for lodging the Capaldi-Gomez body swap in my brain. How fantastic would that be? I too shall be disappointed if that doesn’t happen now.

    • Korina said:

      You’re not the only one; it’s wedged in there like a sesame seed. I’ve spread the idea around, but it hasn’t helped. The more I try to dig it out, the deeper it wedges itself.

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  4. Paul A. said:

    If memory serves, the idea that the sixth Doctor was done in by the seventh was introduced to the New Adventures by Steve Lyons, though some of the other authors played with it once it had been introduced.

    The important thing to remember about it is that it ended up not being true: in The Room With No Doors, one of the last NAs, Kate Orman had the seventh Doctor take stock of his life (which by then we all knew was about to end), in the course of which he admitted to himself that his previous self’s demise had in fact been caused by something entirely beyond his control, and the whole self-murder thing was a lie he’d subconsciously convinced himself of because his new “always got a plan” self-image wouldn’t let him accept the truth.

    • I can’t decide if that’s comforting or less interesting or both!

      Either way, I’m very pleased to know more of the story. Thanks for filing us in!

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  6. If we are evaluating regenerations I just have to state for the record that I found the Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi regeneration to be thoroughly appalling. I felt that Moffat was flouting continuity in a number of ways. New Who regenerations are *supposed* to include golden light streaming from the body, even River’s was thus. So this more subdued regeneration really fell flat, and did not fit in with the “rules” established by the show itself. It also made no sense for the Doctor to age, Matt Smith himself has gone hundreds of years without physical aging as evidenced by the age difference between the versions of 11 who show up in The Impossible Astronaut. 10 said in School Reunion that he doesn’t age, he regenerates. So for 11 to get wrinkly and bent makes no sense, and it makes even less sense for him to then rejuvenate before regenerating. Finally, the Time Lords shouldn’t need to grant him extra regenerations, since River already passed all her remaining regenerations on to him in Let’s Kill Hitler. I thought this regeneration was just full of holes.

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